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Officials Discuss Plans To Reroute Traffic And Crack Down On Illegal Parking In Bali’s Busy Ubud

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Police and community leaders in Bali’s busy Ubud have announced a crackdown on illegal parking in the center of the town. The news comes as the artistic capital of Bali prepares to open the newly constructed market that is set to attract even more visitors to the area.

Jalan Raya Ubud Highstreet Ubud Rental Mopeds Parked On Bali Street

While Ubud was quiet and free from traffic for the duration of the lockdown, traffic jams have returned to the area as prevalent as ever. Local leaders have noticed a rise in illegal parking, which not only creates hazards for other road users but is an inconvenience for residents who need round-the-clock access to their homes and businesses. 

During a meeting held at the Ubud Palace late last week, Tjokorda Gde Putra Sukawati chaired a public discussion. The meeting was also attended by the Head of Ubud Traditional Village, Tjokorda Raka Kertyasa, the Head of Ubud Police Commissioner IGN Yudistira, the Gianyar Regency Transportation Service, community leaders, and other local stakeholders.

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The discussion started around the issue of the mounting traffic jams in central Ubud and touched upon plans to restructure the traffic management system in the ever-busy town. AKP Muhammad Bhayangkara Putra Sejati from Gianyar Police proposed that one key factor in the issue of regular gridlock, aside from the volume of traffic, is the issue of illegally parked vehicles.

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AKP Sejati revealed that during his patrols of central Ubud, he frequently observed no parking signs being disregarded by locals and visitors alike. He said that Monkey Forest Road (Jalan Hanuman) is a particularly sore spot for parking violations and that he and his teams will take ‘firm action’ against those that disobey the rules. 

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With all parties in agreement that action must be taken against illegal parking, the discussion moved on to a dialogue focused on the restructuring of traffic management in central Ubud. Currently, there is a series one-way system in place that is designed to keep traffic flowing around the very center of the town. However, local leaders have agreed that the system needs to be looked at and made to be as efficient as possible given the increasing volume of traffic.


AKP Sejati continued, “we are studying cooperation with the Department of Transportation. After that, we can evaluate [the traffic structure]. In the near future, we will definitely take action. [We will have] standby personnel from morning to night. The patrol team will comb the Ubud area in coordination with the Polsek.”

He concluded, “After Covid, we hope that Ubud will be neat, organized, loved by many people, and orderly”, sharing his hope that Ubud will long continue to be a world-famous tourist destination. 


Speaking later in the meeting, the Head of Ubud Traditional Village, Tjokorda Raka Kertyasa, also known as Cok Ibah, said that the traditional leadership council will create parking ‘pockets’ for local residents. These parking spaces will be for local residents only, and tourist vehicles and local staff will have to park in other dedicated areas.

He noted that parking along the hard shoulder of Ubud’s busy streets, like on Jalan Raya Ubud, makes it hard for two cars to pass safely. Cok Ibah suggested that once the parking situation is resolved, traffic will flow more easily. He summarised, “In Ubud, everyone is looking for food. It just needs to be arranged, arranged so that it becomes a comfortable Ubud to visit.”


The crackdown on illegal parking in Ubud town center is accompanied by a crackdown on ‘naughty’ foreign drivers. Across Bali, traffic police are coordinating ‘The Great Safety Operation 2023’. In Gianyar Regency, where Ubud is located, traffic police have confirmed that they are taking a stand against foreign drivers who are violating the rules of the road, namely not wearing a helmet and not carrying an international driving license.

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Pan Demi

Saturday 18th of February 2023

make it as a traffic jam tourism than the problem is solved. that is the one and only way to solve.don't expect or theorize any else this inherent problem and worse.


Thursday 16th of February 2023

Leave it the way it is, it makes it more desirable. Do we want to live in another Singapore?


Saturday 18th of February 2023

@Raymond, 200% true!

Frederique Hauselmann

Wednesday 15th of February 2023

Outside parking and public Electric transport might help, just an dreaming idea...


Thursday 16th of February 2023

@Frederique Hauselmann, agree


Thursday 16th of February 2023

Good idea. Parking out in the rice fields areas supported by EV shuttle circling central Ubud. This can work if implemented correctly and fair price! Oh wait did I say fair price?


Wednesday 15th of February 2023

OMG. Non of these official have been to Singapore? All they need to do is go there to see how traffic should be delt with. Ubud,Kuta,Ligian,CANNGU!!! Are all a super mess. At some point they need to understand that Bali's tourism can not grow anymore unless they fix the infrastructure. Buy land/homes from people and build roads they may have to knock down some homes and reroute the traffic. I have been here for 40 years now and I seldom leave my house cuz I do not want to sit in traffic. Bangkok had the same problem 30 years ago but they built subways under and over the ground now it is easy to get around. They need to fix the problem NOW!!! They all bitch about where the money will come from but in reality there are many very wealthy businesses/people here that will prosper from the visitors being able to get around and visit the sites. TIME TO WAKE UP AND FIX THE ROADS. Proper turn lanes on the bypass, large round abouts needed in places like Canngu would fix the traffic jams there. Just think of the fuel they could save if cars are not stuck in traffic.


Wednesday 15th of February 2023

Quote "With all parties in agreement that action must be taken against illegal parking, the discussion moved on..."

So no action? The solution to the illegal parking problem is obviously to allocate land for legal parking areas. But I guess nobody is willing to give up valuable land. So illegal parking will continue by just paying a little bit more to the "parking attendants".