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North Bali Hotel Occupancy Reaches 20% After Being Zero For Months

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Northern Bali reached a hotel occupancy of 20% over the holiday weekend after being at zero since the start of the pandemic.

Head of Tourism Awareness Group Segara Giri Pemuteran, I Ketut Sutrawan said that the there were many tourists who visited the Pemuteran area, especially around the coral reef conservation area.

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“The majority of the visitors were domestic tourists. The number has been increased by 20% after having zero occupancy since the Covid-19 Pandemic started,” Sutrawan said on Saturday Oct 31st 2020.

Tourists started coming on Oct 26th 2020 arriving from Jakarta, Surabaya and some expats who have been staying in Bali.

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Most of the tourists were traveling as families. For hotels that have around 25 rooms, usually at least 6 were filled over the long weekend. 

As an official who has been working in the tourism industry for decades, Sutrawan said that hotels need to offer great rates to entice more guest to stay at the properties.

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Many hotels were already seen giving discounts of up to 50% off rooms. The locals employed in tourism in Pemuteran were very grateful to see the increase but it should be short lived as the holiday weekend ends. 

Sutrawan explained that locals are worried COVID-19 cases could grow but officials have said that Pemuteran is safe as long as everyone continues to follow the COVID-19 health prevention protocols. 

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