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Bali Local Loses Life After Falling From Coconut Tree

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A Bali local has died after he fell from a tree while harvesting Coconuts in Karangasem last week.

50-year-old, I Ketut Darmika fell a reported 15 meters after he allegedly slipped due to the wet tree’s surface after it had been raining on Tuesday, October 27. 

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The incident occurred at around 8:30 am at a villager’s farm.

Ketut reportedly climbed the tree with traditional equipment such as a sickle and rope. While attempting to chop coconuts, he suddenly fell from the top of the tree.

According to the information from the land owner, Ketut was immediately unconscious when he hit the ground.

Ketut’s wife, Ni Made Sukra came to the location after finding out about the incident from the land owner.

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Ketut was rushed to Bebandem clinic for medical assistance, but the doctor said that Ketut was already dead before arriving at the clinic.

A local villager, Wayan Puria told Nusa Bali that the deceased man leaves behind a wife and three children.

Head of Bebandem Village, I Gede Partadana said he felt sorry for what happened to Ketut’s family and attended the funeral on Tuesday afternoon Oct 27th 2020. The head of the village made a donation to the family to help them get through this difficult time. 

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