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Newly Opened Bali Cafe Shares ‘Heartbreak’ At Online Backlash Over It’s Name

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A newly opened bar and bistro in the popular area of Seminyak has faced ‘heartbreaking’ backlash, according to the owner. BB’s Bali Bogan Bar and Bistro opened its doors just before Christmas but has faced criticism for choosing to name the outlet the same as the popular Bali Bogans Facebook group. The restaurant owner took to Facebook to share the decision behind the name of their ‘Bali Dream’ business venture.

Table at Bali Cafe

In a post shared on the BB’s Bali Bogan Bar and Bistro Facebook page, the owners wrote, “It appears that some people from Bali Bogans Facebook page are not happy that we’ve called our restaurant and bar BB’s (Bali Bogans) Bar & Bistro. We did this as we ourselves, after coming to Bali every 3 to 4 times a year, are definitely Bali Bogans ourselves! We’ve had nasty comments that people will only support Balinese restaurants.”

The post went on to ‘clear some things up’ and explain their side of the story. The post continues, “We have spent over $100,000 + on renovations with more to come that have gone directly to the Balinese people. We employ over 20 Balinese people and paying them, above what other Australian businesses are paying their staff”.

“And from what we hear, we treat our staff far better than other Australian owned businesses in Bali! We also support Balinese-owned small business owners such as the suppliers we use. To be told we would be banned from Bali Bogans Facebook page is heartbreaking.”

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The post has received plenty of warm wishes of support and, in a roundabout way, has proven to be great marketing for the newly opened bar. The original post garnered over 200 comments, with many of those also responding to active members of the Bali Bogans Facebook group.

One supporter wrote, “Call your business whatever you like. Leave the group, and don’t dwell on nasty comments from trolls. Focus your attention and energy on your exciting new business and your beautiful new life. We’ll drop by sometime in the next few days.”

The new bar and bistro has had plenty of positive feedback from customers. The first review of the venue praises the business for being family-friendly and for accommodating children with a games room and TV room for kids. The reviewer said she ‘cannot fault their drinks and food’.

On Friday 6th January BB’s Bali Bogan Bar and Bistro posted another message thanking the online travel community for their support. The post reads, “so thank you everyone. My post last night wasn’t meant to put any group or people down. I’ve been pushed to breaking point in the last couple of weeks, doing this all on my own. I guess last night I used my fb post as my Dear Diary.”

“My beautiful Balinese staff have all been supportive of me while I cried, overcome with stress and no sleep. Total strangers have sent me encouraging messages to push through and hold onto my dreams. The amount of messages saying that people will come and visit has been completely overwhelming and gives me hope for our future”.


It also looks like the online saga has been put to bed, and everyone just wants to move forward. The post concludes, “I also would like to acknowledge that Bali Bogans FB page reached out to me today and explained what had happened within their group when someone posted a review about our restaurant. Thank you for your explanations, and I hold no ill feelings toward your fb page. After experiencing my own amount of messages, I honestly don’t know how anyone can handle so many people. In one group!”


The Bali Bogans Facebook group is one of the most popular and busy online communities for travelers and ex-pats in Bali. The group has over 332,000 members and receives hundreds of new posts and comments every day.

The group is primarily used to share travel tips, deals, and recommendations. However, the online community has proven to be a lifesaving resource for travelers who are injured in Bali and require blood transfusions and community support in their recovery and journey home.

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Tuesday 10th of January 2023

Bogan is a definitely an Aussie slang and not American. The daily telegraph mentioned of this bb's Bali bogan drama where that most restaurants in Bali are owned by foreigners. That assumption is not technically entirely correct.

Many local warungs (local food eatery) usually owned by Indonesians that attract backpackers and tourists alike. There are several quaint coffee shops with pastries and savory items that may be owned by locals from Java or by local Balinese business folks.

However many Restaurants that serve Western foods in particular may be in partnership with an Indonesian, an Indonesian set up registered company or a spouse of the foreigner.

A foreigner can own a property through a registered set up Indonesian company, with a local spouse or with a trusted Indonesian friend. Other foreigners may also choose instead to own a legal property under his or her name as a lease hold for a limited period.


Monday 9th of January 2023

"Bogan is Australian slang for a person whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour are considered unrefined or unsophisticated. "- Wikipedia

I can see how using the name "Bali Bogan" could be insulting to Bali/Balinese. Yes, you can still employ locals without appearing to be insulting them. There're other better names to use, but I guess this is probably to attract attention and a marketing ploy. Playing the victim card would evidently help.


Sunday 8th of January 2023

Bali doesn't need the Bogansand I'm sure you don't want tour place packed full of them, and one would hope you regard yourselfs as being better than that given you have been coming here for many years. Another name would certainly have been a smarter move.


Sunday 8th of January 2023

Is this the old double six cafe?

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 10th of January 2023

@Ray, the best ever was Blue Ocean restaurant in 1980’s.

Wayan Bo

Saturday 7th of January 2023

Any guests there❓❗️🤣