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Trends Show Travelers Are Seeking Adventure Tourism In Bali In 2023

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Travel trends in Bali are showing that tourists are looking for more adventurous experiences in 2023. In the last quarter of 2022, travel data showed that tourists to the Island of the Gods were increasingly seeking to do more than just relax by the beach.

Now it looks like the trend is here to stay, according to the Chairman of the Bali Tourism Village Communication Forum. The group sees this as positive news for small tourism ventures across Bali that focus on cultural and adventurous travel experiences.

Hikers Tourists Walk Down Mountain In Bali An Example Of Adventure Tourism

I Made Mendra Astawa, Chairman of the Bali Tourism Village Communication Forum, told reporters that his teams are finding that post-pandemic tourism trends in Bali are leaning towards more experiential and adventurous activities.

He explained, “There are more and more tourists coming to Bali now, and they are looking for new things, not only phenomenal attractions, but they are looking for adventure. Then this [kind of] adventure is only in the villages. This is what the brothers in the village have developed [for themselves] which has made it a tourist village.”

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Astawa continued, “If we look at it evenly, it is clear that the tourist villages in the Ubud area, Gianyar, is the most visited, then Bangli Regency, where there are many waterfalls, then Singaraja City. That’s all foreign tourists who come, and now domestic tourists are starting to come in”.

He shared that there are currently 238 tourist villages in Bali, with many focusing on offering experiences in the adventure tourism category. According to Astawa, 70% of the tourist villages are still in their pilot phase, with many communities coming together in the wake of the pandemic to establish new ways to generate a more secure and independent income.

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The Chairman continued to share that development is needed in these tourism villages to ensure the projects grow from the pilot phase into full and thriving tourism villages. He explained, “For example, [in some areas] there is no restaurant but there is a waterfall, or there is a place to climb but no lodging, while it is busy being visited”.

“The villages of Jatiluwih, Penglipuran, Pemuteran, and Ubud are considered independent. Ubud, if there is a ceremony or activity, the attractions are from the village. Tourism is the one that finances it, and in Jatiluwih, the profits of the visit are given to the community to plant [crops]”.

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He highlighted how moving forward, tourism villages must manage human resources effectively in order to make the most of the potential each village is currently sitting on. It is clear that tourism village experiences and the outdoor adventures that they can facilitate will be increasingly popular in 2023. Travelers are looking to hike, swim in waterfalls, cycle through villages, zipline or swing over landscapes, and learn about local cultural practices. All as a means to break away from a traditional beach vacation.


Astawa announced that his teams will be investing in coaching communities and developing three tourism villages as businesses in every district and city in Bali between the beginning of 2023 and the end of 2024.

In Denpasar Regency, the tourism villages that will be given a boost have already been identified. Astawa told reporters that Penatih Village, Kesiman Kertalangu, Sanur Kaja, Sanur, Sanur Kauh, and Serangan have all been identified as having huge potential as tourism villages.


He said, “Kesiman Kertalangu is successful, it has a large capital investment company. In Sanur, there are already many figures, so they are busy with tourism. This is the nature of building together, when people build in the village purely to do service, building a tourist village is not looking for profit first; it will work itself”.


The Head of the Denpasar City Tourism Office, Dezire Mulyani, told reporters that the plans for developing tourism villages in the regency look promising. Mulyani said, “The coaching for Kesiman Kertalangu is more about managing figures. For Serangan, it is because the potential is very promising, while for the others, actually [comprehensive training] is necessary because Denpasar has only received a little training.”

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Tuesday 10th of January 2023

"Adventure", try hiking Mt Batur. Here is a 3m old review from google: "Worst experience so far! The locals are bad and very violent. We are a group of 4 people, we read on an article and doing our survey and yeah we can do it without any guide. But the locals didn't let us enter the area and one of them starts punch me just because we refuse to do with a guide. I hope official government do something about this!"

There is a number of reviews mentioning threats of physical violence and very high "guide fees". Why is this thuggery allowed to go on?? I have told my family that Mt Batur is off limits.

In Europe you can visit large number of places without having to pay for "passing through or glancing at a scenic view". Usually pay is limited to parking, gondola or restaurants, i.e. services with added value!

In Bali extra fees are charged everywhere just for "existing or passing through" a certain location. No value is added. Just thuggery and threats of violence if not paying.

Mr. not going back

Tuesday 10th of January 2023

@Exp, I had a similar experience. I parked my rental scooter on the street for 10 minutes to buy a drink. Someone local shouted you need to pay to park your scooter. I said I'm only buying a drink and then move on. They slashed two tires.

Walked to the hotel with flat tires.

Threats of violence for making money is not the way for tourist to come back

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 10th of January 2023

@Exp, locals are just trying to save life’s of those tourists, but it isn’t easy.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 8th of January 2023

No problem, can offer them plenty of them, such swimming with hungry sharks, crocodiles in public Swimmingpools, to caress poison snakes, and much more.