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Bali Teenager Killed In Moped Crash With Dutch Tourist

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Police have reported that a young Balinese man has been killed in a traffic collision with a tourist in northern Bali. The collision happened on Wednesday 4th January, at around 6 pm. The police have confirmed that the teenager, a 16-year-old with the initials GRDP, died on the scene. The Dutch tourist has been taken to hospital for treatment.

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The collision happened at the four-way intersection in Kerobokan Village on Jalan WR Supratman. According to police reports, the GRDP arrived at the junction and intended to turn northwards towards Kerobokan Beach. He was on his way to the beach to celebrate his father’s birthday with his family. Police have said that as he turned at the junction, he was hit by a Dutch tourist, 33, who police are referring to by his initial, B. The tourist drove his moped across the four-way junction from Singaraja toward Sangsit. 

Police had said that GRDP suffered severe head injuries and died within minutes of the collision, before medical teams reached the scene. B is said to have suffered head injuries, a broken nose, and black eyes. He has been taken to the Kertha Usada Singaraja Hospital for treatment.

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The Head of Public Relations of Buleleng Police, AKP Gede Sumarjaya, confirmed that police have investigated the incident and have logged it as an accident. Sumarjaya said, “As a result of this accident, one motorcyclist died. Meanwhile, the foreigner was injured and was hospitalized. The accident case is still being handled by the Buleleng Police Traffic Unit. Currently, the person concerned is conscious and still being treated at the Kertha Usada Singaraja Hospital.”


He continued, “It is suspected that he [GRDP] did not see the DK 3600 FBQ motorcyclist coming from the west to the east, so there was an accident”. Police have not suggested that any criminal charges have been lodged against B, though the investigation remains ongoing.

Police have described the incident as ‘inevitable’ and suggested that as GRDP did not see the other moped coming that there were no other influencing factors. Despite heavy rains and high wind speeds across Bali over the last week, at the time of the incident, there were no extreme weather events in Kerobokan Village.


On Friday afternoon, AKP Sumarjaya and his teams revisited the collision site. he toldrepoerters “This case we are still doing a re-examination in order to determine who is guilty and how the cause of this traffic accident must be”.

In October 2022, a Spanish tourist was arrested in connection with a fatal moped crash on the Bali provincial island of Nusa Penida. The collision happened Tuesday, 11th October, at 10.30 am in Batukandik Village. While the Spanish citizen is believed to have escaped the crash without serious injury, a 52-year-old local man died at the scene. 


The incident in Kerobokan Village appears to be very similar to that of Batukandik Village in October. Both cases have been described by authorities as unavoidable and inevitable due to drivers misjudging the traffic junctions. In the investigation of the collision in October, Nusa Penida Police assigned the case to the Klungkung Regency Police Traffic Unit. 

The victim was later named as Bendesa Adat Kertabuana (Traditional Village Leader), I Nengah Merta Gunada. According to local reports, at the time, the Spanish citizen, known as 34-year-old RA, was driving his moped with his partner riding as a passenger. The couple was driving towards Buyuk Harbor when he turned right at a T-junction. At the same time, Bendesa Adat Kertabuana was approaching the junction from the west.


The news came as communities in Nusa Penida had called on tourism drivers to slow down while driving through villages and rural communities. Leaders told the press how speeding and careless drivers had caused dozens of collisions with local moped drivers, pedestrians, livestock, and pets. Councilors met with the local taxi association to discuss the situation and agreed to adhere to speed limits at all times. 

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van houten

Sunday 8th of January 2023

Dutch family prepare a large check no matter the right. Ambulance takes average 45 minutes, but that is not a decisive factor.


Sunday 8th of January 2023


This is a major issue here. Children driving around on motorbikes too young for a license and without wearing a helmet. The adults appears not caring at all and police is not enforcing the law. Come to think about it, the police are only seen in the tourist areas. Wonder why.