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Tourism Drivers Urged To Stop Speeding In Bali Villages As Collisions Rise

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Drivers running taxi services or tours in Nusa Penida, Bali, are urged to adhere to local speed limits. Many communities in Nusa Penida have come forward to express their fear that incidents will become more regular and serious as collisions start to increase due to speeding. 

Ariel View Of Nusa Penida Coastal Village In Bali

While there have been several incidences of note that local communities have reported to the police, villagers are urging tourist drivers to slow down regardless. There are also reports of pedestrians suffering broken bones after being run off the road and motorcyclists that have had to serve to miss oncoming cars ending up in ditches and fields. 

Taxi Tourist Cars On Village Road In Nusa Penida Bali

The Head of Nusa Penida sub-district, I Komang Widyasa Putra, told reporters on Monday afternoon, 26th September, that the issue has been heard by local authorities. He said that tourism drivers have been called in to discuss the issue. The Regent of Klungkung, I Nyoman Suwirta, also confirmed reports that the problem is being taken seriously from a local government level.

Putra explained, ‘We, the leadership [team], hold meetings every quarter. We will make this issue one of the ingredients…Furthermore, I will coordinate with related parties, in this case, the police. As an evaluation, it is necessary to control the skills of the driver as well’.

Mopeds Drive Down Village Road In Nusa Penida Bali

Putra further suggested that the issue must be addressed quickly as communities fear that not doing so may impact tourism. He said, ‘It is very necessary to maintain the image of Nusa Penida, especially the drivers who carry their passengers to maintain order together. Not only serving their service users but also the safety of the community, especially road users’.

Local Community Village Market In Nusa Penida Bali

According to Putra, local residents have used social media to voice their complaints about reckless drivers. He confirmed, ‘We have trained how they [tourism drivers] can provide good service not only for tourists who use their services but also other road users’.

Despite this, the complaints have been mounting up. Putra confirmed that the local government, police, and tourism drivers will meet again and evaluate the situation. Where more training is necessary, it will be provided. He hopes that with these meetings, a ‘mutual agreement’ will be met. 

Black And Silver People Carrier SUV Cars Taxi Lined Up In Bali.jpg

Jana, a local politician from Banjar Ampel in Pejukutan Village, told reporters that there are traffic collisions almost every day on Nusa Penida. Jana acknowledged that sometimes tourist drivers were speeding to get their passengers back to the boats in time for their transfer back to mainland Bali. Nevertheless, she stated, ‘Speed cannot be used as an excuse, because comfort and safety are very important’. 


Jana warned drivers that in the ‘digital era’ they cannot get away with speeding. Her niece was recently hit by a speeding car while walking through her home village. As local residents get more annoyed and fearful of reckless driving, they are taking videos of the incidents as they occur. She said, ‘However, not all drivers are like that (reckless), many are already orderly in traffic. Let’s maintain the image of Nusa Penida tourism together’

Moped scooter drives through quiet street in Nusa pendia

Although the issue is being tackled by the local government, police, and driving association, tourists are reminded that they too can play a role in keeping the roads safer. If a driver is driving recklessly, tourists are encouraged to speak up. If they feel unable to do so and wish to report an incident, they can contact the local Nusa Penida police or their tour operator.

While the vast majority of drivers in Bali and the surrounding islands adhere to local road rules, there are dozens of reports of drivers speeding and taking reckless liberties to get their guests where they want to be in the name of ‘good service. Speed limits are in place throughout villages and rural communities in Bali and the surrounding islands to keep local people, livestock, pets, and wildlife safe.

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Thursday 29th of September 2022

As we enter a new era of many peoples bodies n minds being injected with drugs,chems, plastic and refined processed foods th mind tends to wander. Concentration lapses and as happens in western countries regularly, despite road straightening and widening etc, as everyone is consumes their supermarket fodder, driving becomes a dangerous hobby. Particular for th few who don't jab, drug or buy supermarket fodder.

Karen North

Wednesday 28th of September 2022

I wish Bali would write speed zones on the roads at each village. Something like 30km/h. I live in Buleleng region and we have the main highway go through Lovina. This is where the local market and shops are. Many times I have stood with my push-bike to buy vegetables and been horrified at the speed cars and trucks whiz past. One step out by a small child and there is no stopping. So how about zones painted on the road?


Thursday 29th of September 2022

@Karen North, arghhhh. please! Don't bring your western lifestyle to Bali. It was a beautiful place before th witeman destroyed it's culture and beauty. There enuf rules in western countries and did that improve anything? Nah. Forget th roadsigns and start depopulating. Altho I believe someone's started doing that.....


Wednesday 28th of September 2022

Well, here in South Denpasar the locals are using the winding roads of Jl Tukad Balian as their personal race track, speeding along with >100dB noise from their sports exhausts, mostly evenings but also night and day time.

One night we could hear two bikes racing at max speed. Suddenly a lot of crashing sounds, then complete silence...

There are laws and regulations regarding noise -- but complaints made via official channels to authorities are not improving anything.


Wednesday 28th of September 2022

Improving the roads on the island would help a lot though - many of them are quite narrow and have blind turns.


Thursday 29th of September 2022

@Ben, oh yeah. They bin doen dat in western countries for years and th road death rate keeps rising. Tell me another! In th 70s I can't remember seeing any road accidents except large buses in java. There were dust roads in Kutha and no lighting. I'm afraid over breeding causes th accidents. Like every problem it is WE who are to blame. We no longer concentrate due to being bombarded with junk on screens and we are under nourished from consuming over processed supermarket fodder. Bring back home made coconut oil and fresh veg. Throw th fry fry in th gutter! And stop over breeding. Ahhhhhh... Now I see an improvement.