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German Man Arrested In Bali For Car Theft And Reckless Driving

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A German man has been arrested in Bali after reports that he took control of his driver’s vehicle and began driving recklessly through the streets. In a series of viral videos, the middle-aged man can be seen swerving through busy streets. In one heart-stopping moment looks as though he is about to run over a moped driver. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported, and Bali police are holding him in custody pending further investigation. 

White Car And Moped On Busy Bali Street

The 56-year-old man, known by his initials CR, was arrested in front of the Buleleng Regional General Hospital on Jalan Ngurah Rai Singaraja. He had hired a local driver and his car for the day. Reports confirm that CR had hired the driver to take him from Gerokgak District in Buleleng to Serangan Island just south of Denpasar. The incident occurred late on Friday afternoon, 23rd September.

According to the Head of Buleleng Police AKP Gede Sumarajaya, CR took control of the vehicle when the driver was refueling at a gas station in Seririt District. In the viral video, it appears that the man climbs over from the passenger seat of the white Daihatsu Luxio while the driver is presumably paying for fuel. As he climbs over the seat, the driver runs to the door, pulls at the handle, and shouts, ‘come on’. 

Pertalite Gas Station In Indonesia

The German man pushed him away as the driver hits his arm, trying to prevent him from closing the door. CR can be seen pushing the driver away and slamming the door. In the final second of the clip, CR steps out of the vehicle, and the driver runs backward. The camera gets pointed at the floor and the recording cuts.

AKP Sumarajaya confirmed that CR crashed the car as he attempted to exit the gas station, causing damage to the front, rear, and left side mirrors. After the collisions, he took to the main road and raced away, driving irresponsibly for miles and miles. 

car in bali

As seen in videos recorded by eyewitnesses who followed CR as he drove through the streets of Buleleng, CR drove erratically through busy Friday afternoon traffic. The eyewitnesses followed CR and recorded the incident as they waited for police to respond and join the chase.

He could be seen swerving past mopeds and other cars. He drives fast and weaves between other road users who are driving within the law. In one part of the video, a moped driver has to kick his leg to hit the car to bang the side panel to stop CR from running over him. CR drove over 20km before being apprehended by the police.


AKP Sumarajaya spoke with reports on Monday morning, 26th September. He said, ‘On the way [to meet his friend], the perpetrator [and driver] refueled at the Banjarasem gas station, Seririt. The victim and the perpetrator had no relationship. The perpetrator only rented the car to be taken to Denpasar. The driver is the owner of the car itself’. CR was arrested at 5.30 pm, an hour after hijacking the car. 


He was immediately arrested and bought into police custody at the Buleleng Police Headquarters. As the videos of the chase circulated widely on local social media channels over the weekend, AKP Sumarajaya held a press briefing this morning to confirm the order of events. He said, ‘We have arrested the perpetrator. Regarding the motive, we are still investigating. More details will be submitted tomorrow’.


Nothing more is known about CR other than his nationality and age. There has been no speculation as to whether he is an international resident in Bali or is residing on the island on a tourist visa. AKP Sumarajaya did not suggest whether any charges have been bought against CR. These details will likely be confirmed in the more formal press conference tomorrow. He could face hefty fines, a prison sentence, deportation, or a combination of all three.

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Tuesday 27th of September 2022

Give him a long rest in jail, then deport for life


Tuesday 27th of September 2022

Sounds to me that this guy was either drunk or high on drugs. No sane person would do this and hope to get away with this, no matter what nationality.


Wednesday 28th of September 2022

@Firechef, looking at the way he's driving you're probably correct, or perhaps he doesn't have any experience driving a car, which would be very rare for a German.