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Millennials Care About Travel To Destinations Like Bali More Than Material Things

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The world is an ever-changing place. As social trends change, so do travel trends. As society’s values change, so do spending behaviors.

Trends show that the millennial generation, in comparison to the generations before them, is placing increasing value on travel expenses to destinations like Bali over building up material assets. 

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The Founder and CEO of the holiday home rental company Hireavilla & Manzil, Sagaar Panchal, has revealed why millennials are placing increasing value on experiences and travel over shopping.

This shift in mindset is having a huge impact on the travel and tourism industry, alongside the impacts of the shift towards more remote working models. 

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Dreaming Big On Social Media

It is not hard to see how millennial travelers have been inspired to explore destinations like Bali. The rise in travel influencers over the last decade has ensured that dreamy landscapes of destinations like Bali are splashed across everyone’s social media feeds. 

Tourists want to travel to Instagrammable destinations, and Bali is full of them! From the breathtaking clifftops of Nusa Penida to stunning rice terraces that surround Ubud, there are photo opportunities and travel memories to be made around every corner in Bali. 

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The rise of social media and independent travel blogging has also made information about travel ever more accessible.

With all the tips, tricks, and travel advice explorers need to feel confident about booking a trip available at their fingertips, the positive example set by travel content creators is giving millennial travelers the boost they need. 

In Bali, tourism businesses and even the local government have partnered with influencers and travel content creators to create stunning visual media that encourages travelers to choose experiences over things.

In a world where a designer handbag could cost the same amount as a 10-day trip to Bali, for many people, it’s not a hard financial decision to make. Where does the greatest value lie?

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Access Not Ownership

Panchal notes that millennials are more keen to have access to experiences, like staying in luxury villas in Bali, over investing in high-cost ownership of assets like property.

Online platforms are making it easier than ever for millennials to access high-end travel experiences without the rigmarole or risk of poverty ownership or business management. 


Climate Change and Social Responsibility

As a generation, millennials are more conscientious consumers, keen to ensure that where they spend their hard-earned money reflects their values in regard to the environment and wider communities.

Conscious consumerism and the shift towards more sustainable living are increasingly important to the millennial generation.

As such, the idea of spending money traveling to an eco-resort or having a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Bali is becoming ever more appealing rather than keeping up with the daily cycle of fast fashion, for example.

Live, Work, Play 

In light of the pandemic, many millennials have reassessed their relationship with work. Many people want to continue to work remotely and ensure that they have a better work-life balance.

This is where Bali as a destination really comes into its own. 


Tourism officials in Indonesia are working hard to promote Bali as a destination for digital nomads and high-earning remote workers, especially those who work in the tech space.

Indonesia has even created a digital nomad visa that allows remote workers to stay in destinations like Bali tax-free for up to 6 months at a time

This allows millennials to live, work and play in a way that reflects their drive to prioritize experiences and meaningful connections over material wealth.

Digital nomads in Bali can rent a luxury villa for a fraction of the costs in North America, Europe, or Australia while having access to incredible networks of international communities, amazing leisure activities, and an overall affordable cost of living. 


In fact, Indonesia is about to make it even easier for millennials to move to Bali to live out their dreams of living for experiences rather than the grind.

This month Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies announced that the country will soon launch a new Golden Visa.

The visa is rumored to be a residency-by-investment style permit that will help attract more high-earning remote workers, entrepreneurs, and business developers to the island of Bali.

The Ministry for Tourism and Department of Immigration will be announcing more details about the Golden Visa soon.

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J West

Friday 9th of June 2023

Right.... Tattooed turd, sitting at a Bali Starbucks slopping down a $7 gender neutral latte with a $1000 MAC thats covered with 'Crash Capitalism" stickers is so visionary.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 11th of June 2023

@J West, did You crash that person❗️❓🤣

Wayan Bo

Friday 9th of June 2023

Curious, there was previous indications that some of them would even exchange their parents for Apple products, especially since Apple Vision Pro is announced.

Wayan Bo

Thursday 8th of June 2023

Indonesian millennials or international millennials?


Thursday 8th of June 2023

Baby boomers have these values too... maybe more?


My motorbike coastal ride around Bali in January '23. Might be the last because of new restrictions. A pity that a few have spoilt it for the rest.


Friday 9th of June 2023

@Steve, I'm a boomer and don't have that issue, neither do my friends. Our problem are our children who didn't want to take advice and now want to move back home along with Their children who have learned their irresponsible behavior from their parents. I say to let them fend for themselves, they made their own bed, now let them lie in it. Tough love!

J West

Thursday 8th of June 2023

Mills seek oblivion more than any preceding generation. Lazy, coddled and late to mature they eschew material goods that have to be earned with work. Instead they drool over crass junk squired with parents allowances. Have you talked to a Mill? Attention span of a gnat , can’t read or do simple sums…..’M’ is for Moronic.


Friday 9th of June 2023

@J West, Couldn't have said it better myself. You forgot to mention the illegal substances used by the majority that destroyed their brain cells.