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Major Road Closures And Diversions For G20 Begin In Bali

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As delegations, media, and representatives for the G20 Summit arrive in Bali, road closures and temporary traffic management systems are coming into place this week. Tourists are reminded that road closures, diversions, and odd-even management systems are now in place on some of the island’s key transport routes for holidaymakers. 

Traffic Police Officer Directs Mopeds And Cars On A Road In Bali

The Director of Road Traffic of the Directorate General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Cucu Mulyana, has issued a circular policy document stipulating that G20-related traffic changes can come into effect from the 11-17th November, with trial periods running from the 9th of November.

The changes have been informed by the operational needs of the G20 Summit and data collected from surveys of tourism traffic from Nusa Dua through to Bali Airport. Minister Mulyana confirmed that an odd-even traffic management system is in place on ten routes in southern Bali, with further restrictions on goods transportation throughout the area. 

The odd-even traffic management system is a method of managing traffic flow based on vehicle license plates. It is a system used in Jakarta during big international events, and it is used in some large cities like New Delhi in India to reduce both congestion and pollution. In the case of Bali’s G20 traffic changes, the odd-even system allows only certain license plates to pass on certain days. The management system reduces traffic rather than stopping it completely. 

For example, on the 15th of November, vehicles with an odd number on their license plate can pass through. Those with even numbers must follow the diversions. Similarly, on 16th November, vehicles with an even number on their license plate (e.g., DK 6774 LL) can pass through, and odd numbers will have to follow the diversion. 

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Traffic Mopeds And Car Wait At Zebra Crossing On Road In Bali

The system is on trial from 11 am – 4 pm on 9th November and 5 pm – 9 pm on 10th November. The odd-even system will run from 6 am-11 pm on 11th-17th November. The roads impacted by the odd-even system are;

  1. Simpang Pesanggara – Sanur Interchange 
  2. Simpang Kuta – Simpang Pesanggaran 
  3. Intersection Kuta – Tugu Ngurah Rai 
  4. Tugu Ngurah Rai – Nusa Dua 
  5. Simpang Pesanggaran – Benoa Gate
  6. Airport Interchange (DPS) – Ngurah Rai Monument 
  7. 042 Jimbaran – Uluwatu 
  8. Bali Mandara Toll Road 
  9. Uluwatu II Road 
  10. Udayana Campus Highway.
Traffic Mopeds Line Up To Enter The Bali Toll Road Gate

There are some exceptions to the odd-even system, including vehicles belonging to government officals, official vehicles with red plates or TNI/POLRI service numbers, fire engines, ambulances, transportation public with yellow plates, G20 Summit vehicles, electric motorized vehicles, vehicles  with disability badges and tow trucks.

The transportation of bottled drinking water, postal deliveries, transportation of cash, logistics needed for the Summit G20, and staple food supplies are not impacted by the changes in traffic regulation to ensure that life goes on as best as possible outside the G20 Bubble. 


However, this could all change instantly as security forces, the army, and the police monitor security across the island. Minister Mulyana said, ‘If there is discretion or exceptions in the event of a disaster or riot, this is something we must prepare for. The regulation of traffic through odd-even and restrictions on the transportation of goods are stated by the installation of traffic signs in accordance with applicable regulations’. 

Confusingly, in addition to the odd-even system, some full road closures will happen for short periods while heads of state travel from the airport to Nusa Dua. Due to this, a diverted route is in force for all non-G20 traffic along this route until 18th November.


This set of road closures and diversions are in place for the 12-18th of November and cover the roads from Bali Airport to the resorts in Nusa Dua. These diversions will affect all traffic in southern Bali in one way or another but will undoubtedly impact tourists and those who live and work along the route from Bali Airport to Nusa Dua. 

According to Bali Police, for traffic heading to the airport from Nusa Dua must follow the following route; Taman Satria Gatot Kaca – Simpang Tiga RS Murni Teguh – Park 23 Mall – Simpang Tiga Kubu Anyar – Harris Hotel Tuban – Rewind Access Loading Dock International Terminal – Airport.


Bali Police announced that for traffic out of the airport towards Nusa Dua the route is as follows; Airport-Toll Gate North-Harris Hotel Tuban- Simpang Empat Kubu Anyar-Park 23 Mall- Simpang Tiga Murni Teguh Hospital-Joger Kuta- Simpang Tiga Pasar Kuta-Simpang Utara Gelael.

Tourists, taxi drivers, and local residents are encouraged to allow for extra time for their road journeys for the next two weeks as G20 traffic takes priority across the island. However, it will be concentrated around Nusa Dua, Denpasar, and the airport. 

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Wednesday 9th of November 2022

In Jakarta the odd / even policy is no issue for the upper classes and the elite as they all have several cars with suitable plate numbers... I bet the affluent Balinese are set up in a similar manner.


Wednesday 9th of November 2022

Just home from nusa Dua the huge number of officials for the G20 and security is overwhelming.thoroughly recommend the KubuGardens hotel superbly managed clean villas oh and the pool is brilliant.


Wednesday 9th of November 2022

Good to know, I plan to steer completely away from that part of Bali, even if the electric scooter I'm renting is (theoretically) exempt.


Wednesday 9th of November 2022

good solution, thank you 🙏♥️