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New Traffic Management in Bali System Receives Mixed Reviews

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Canggu, Bali is trailing a series of new traffic management systems. The new systems are receiving mixed reviews from locals in the area. While some have welcomed any effort to tackle the traffic congestion issue in Canggu, others are skeptical that the systems that are being trailed will make enough of a difference. 

Mopeds In Bali In Traffic Jam At Stop Light

Officials in Canggu are working on diverting traffic through different routes, starting at five of the tourist hotspot’s busiest areas. The aim is to divert traffic flow across more roads, easing congestion and making a difference in travel times. The situation has received a mixed response from local residents and tourists. 

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The issue of traffic congestion in Canggu has been hitting the headlines and going viral on social media for months. The issue was formally tabled by a Bali Senator back in June, and this is the first of hopefully many changes that will make a difference to the issue of traffic in the super popular beachside resort village.

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As in any new system, some drivers willingly obey the new rules, and others are frustrated at the changes. Some who disobeyed the new rules have claimed that they were unaware that change had been put in place. Somewhat ironically and certainly frustratingly for many other drivers, these incidences and the confusion on the roads have added to the traffic in some areas for short periods.

One local driver, Nengah Mahayasa, told reporters that he welcomed the new traffic rules in Canggu. He explained that as a tourist taxi driver, something had to be done to address the now infamous traffic of ‘the ‘Gu’. He told reporters, ‘yes, I think this is good for breaking down congestion in this area. The problem is that I often get stuck in traffic when I enter and exit Tibubeneng and Canggu’.

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Reporters also chatted with a Russian tourist staying in Canggu, who disagreed with Mahayana. 48-year-old Ivan told reports that the new diverted routes were ‘unpleasant’. He said, ‘I’ve only been staying in Canggu for two months, and I think this traffic jam is not good and not fun’. 

Road users are being warned that the new rules are simply a trial and that there may be confusion as the drivers adjust to the new system. There are three main changes to be aware of, mainly through Tibubeneng heading towards Canggu. 


If arriving in Tibubeneng passing the Tandeg Cemetery at the Jalan Semat Sari t-junction, cars and other four-wheeled vehicles must turn left towards Jalan Pantai Berawa, towards Banjar Pelambingan. According to local reports, mopeds and motorbikes can follow either route into Canggu at that same junction. 

Similarly, reports from Canggu state that at the Jalan Subak Sari junction, cars must now turn right only, and motorbikes and mopeds can turn in either direction. 


Finally, cars entering the Canggu Permai housing complex from Berawa Beach will be directed to Plambingan and Jalan Raya Semat and then to the Tibubeneng Village Office, heading northbound. Motorbikes and mopeds, in theory, are allowed to continue their road use as before. The intention is to create more free-flowing traffic for both cars and two-wheelers, making the roads a little safer for all. 

The Head of Tibubeneng Village Administration, I Ketut Sudenia, confirmed ‘If a big bus comes from the direction of Banjar Berawa, it must still enter Jalan Pantai Berawa…but cannot enter Jalan Karang Suwung’. 


Traffic officers and Pecalang are out on the streets, redirecting traffic and supervising the new system. Satellite navigation may still direct drivers down routes that are now not passable; drivers are being reminded to add a little more time to their journey to factor in any possible diversion.

Over the next few weeks, there will be further road closures and diversions caused by the G20 Summit. While most traffic-related issues will be concentrated in Nusa Dua, locals and tourists in Bali are being reminded that the G20 traffic will take priority for the duration of the event. 

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Tuesday 1st of November 2022

SIMPLE FIX The traffic issue in the Canggu area is fixed simply by restricting the hours for which cars and trucks can travel on the rice field road. By making it easier and quicker for Moter bikes, it will relieve the traffic burden on the main roads and as a result more people on moter bikes will travel the rice field road relieving the congestion on the main roads which makes it faster for cars. Everybody wins traffic both faster.


Tuesday 1st of November 2022

Congratulations to the ever greedy imbeciles who turned within 5 years (including almost 2 years without tourists) an area of Badung that used to be such a refreshing place to go and get out of the bustle of Kuta-Legian-Seminyak. It's pathetic.