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‘LoveBali’ App Entry Requirement For Travelers Going To Bali

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The Bali provincial government will start implementing  new requirements for international visitors once the border reopens on October 14th 2021.

The Head of Bali Informatics, Communication and Statistics, I Gusti Ngurah Udiyana stated that in accordance with the latest Decree from Bali Governor Number 15243 Year 2020, each traveler is required to download the LoveBali app prior to their arrival at the Bali International Airport. “We have received instructions from the Bali Governor that all travelers are required to download and use the LoveBali app during their vacation in Bali.” Udiyana said on Friday (8/10).

Udiyana explained that this implementation was initiated by the Bali provincial government in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic started. “This application was actually prepared in 2020, but then we decided to postpone its implementation as Covid-19 transmissions kept surging, causing the central government to cancel their reopening plan for Bali.” Udiyana added.

The app was designed to help Bali’s provincial government record every visitor’s travel history during their vacation on the island.

 “We have discussed this app with the PeduliLindungi tracing app developer from the central government, as they both have some similarities, and seek for an integrated system so people won’t have to input the same data in both apps.” Udiyana concluded. 

Meanwhile, the Bali Communication and Information Agency has been preparing a payment system for travelers that will integrate the LoveBali app with the Bali Regional Development Bank (BPD) in the future.

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