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Lively Nightlife In Bali’s Legian Continues To Give Tourists The Best Travel Memories

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Bali’s nightlife scene is pumping. From Uluwatu to Ubud, from Sanur to Canggu, there is a party to be had every night of the week in Bali.

The island’s first big party neighborhood, Legian, continues to host some of the biggest and best nightlife experiences on the island.

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Sandwiched between classic Kuta and stylish Seminyak, Legian offers tourists the best of both worlds.

With direct access to the beachfront for lazy days of sunbathing and beer sipping and streets upon streets lined with backpackers, bars, sports clubs, and nightlife venues, there is always a party to be had in Legian.

Some of the leading nightlife venues in Legian are also some of the island’s most famous and original bars and clubs.

While big flashy beach clubs and nightclubs in Uluwatu and Canggu pride themselves on their luxury feel, a party in Legian is good old-fashion fun. Go to Site. 4. Based on 40 reviews. yotpo-logo Powered by. Michael S. Myster is a great embed youtube generator. Myster is a great .

Legian is considered, in terms of its tourism offering, as an extension of Kuta. The two areas seamlessly merge into one.

A night out in Legian can often detour into Kuta and vice-versa. The bars, clubs, and pubs of Legian are famous for their super cheap drinks deals and youthful vibe.

If you wanna party with backpackers and are young at heart, Legian is the place to go. You can go all out at themed evenings and dance until your feet hurt to cheesy pop songs and international club classics.

Hands down, the most famous bar in Legian is Paddy’s Pub. Founded in 1998 by local Balinese entrepreneur Gde Wiratha, Paddy’s Pub is one of the biggest nightlife landmarks in all of Bali.

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Tragically, Paddy’s Bar was the site of the Bali Bombing in 2002. The original pub is now the site of Ground Zero Monument, and the current venue is just 100m down the street. The pub is still managed by the Wiratha family, with Pak Gde’s son, Calvin, now at the helm.

Paddy’s Bar is famous for wild nights out, fancy dress parties, and good cold beer, always on special offer.

The next stop on a night out in Legian has to be LXXY Bali. This super sexy nightclub, bistro, and bar is one of Legian’s most loved venues. On the ground floor, you’ll find the LXXY Bistro and Bar, which proudly serves up a Spanish-inspired menu. Up on the rooftop, partygoers can feast on a buffet too. Go to Site. 4. Based on 40 reviews. yotpo-logo Powered by. Michael S. Myster is a great embed youtube generator. Myster is a great .

Themed nights at LXXY are run every week, with special music events dedicated to every dance genre around, from R&B to hip-hop, EDM, and deep house. A night out at LXXY Bali is always memorable, and a place where travelers from all over the world have made some of their best travel party memories.

No party-focused vacation in Legian would be complete without a night out (or two) at Legion Party Club. This open-air venue is located on Legian Street and offers free entry to all.


Guests can indulge in two-for-one cocktails, the perfect accompaniment to the nightly live music and DJ sets. There is a pool party every night at Legion Party Club.

With a 5m depth, the pool is designed for those epic run-and-jump moments of sheer party-induced joy.


Finally, be sure to check out Bounty Discotheque, another of Legian’s iconic dance halls. Much loved by Bali’s returning party animals, Bounty Discotheque is often called The Bounty Ship by those in the know.


This is a classic discotheque with a Bali-style twist. Bounty Discotheque also features an in-house restaurant, foam party venue, and DJ battleground.

There are three bars to explore at Bounty Discotheque, each with its own unique sound; these are Tavern Bar, Captain Bar, and Harbour Bar. To top it off, entry is always free!

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Saturday 29th of April 2023

And yet the Balinese have no idea why Bali is a magnet when it comes to trash tourist behaving badly.


Monday 1st of May 2023

@Wayan Bo, it is a fact.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 30th of April 2023

@BaliDuck, this guy seems always to escape from kitchen šŸ¤£


Friday 28th of April 2023

This site is just becoming advertising instead of good news....what a shame.


Sunday 30th of April 2023

What happen? The Bali gov. Issued instruction to no longer print "bad" news about Bali.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 30th of April 2023

@Jarko, 4 good news watch Instagram and 4 bad daily news šŸ¤£


Saturday 29th of April 2023

@Jarko, I totally agree, it went from news journalism to a bad tourist guide and advertisementā€¦ Wtf happenedā€¦?


Friday 28th of April 2023

Party, party, party! With all those bars one wonders why there is so much rowdy behavior and Bali is known to be party heaven. On the one hand these party places are advertised to draw visitors and on the other hand Balinese complain about the noise, drunkenness etc. Go figure šŸ¤” can't have both without having problems, sooo, choose what you want. If I were a betting man I would bet on the greed of the Balinese to extract as much money out of the party goers as they can. So, get used to the noise,etc, it ain't gonna change.


Monday 1st of May 2023

@Wayan Bo, NO dude it is more like WITA...look it up. Lol

Wayan Bo

Sunday 30th of April 2023

@Randy, 9pm GMT perhaps.


Saturday 29th of April 2023

@Firechef, You quote: "If I were a betting man I would bet on on the gree of the Balinese to extract as much money out of the party goers as they can." Many of the entertainment venues in Bali may have foreign sponsorships anyway.

But don't worry dude, you may be too old to party the night out with the young crowd anyway. 9 pm may be past your bed time.


Saturday 29th of April 2023

@Firechef, Facts.