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It’s Not Worth The Risk – Don’t Swim At This Iconic Bali Beach

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Bali’s Search and Rescue teams have been called out to rescue tourists once again from what is fast becoming the province’s most dangerous beach.

Emergency rescue teams were called to save the life of a British tourist in Nusa Penida on Wednesday 12th, July.

Kelingking Beach.jpg

Kelingking Beach is easily the most recognizable vista in Bali. The beach has become one of the leading tourist attractions in the province and sees hundreds of visitors every day.

Stunning as it may be, Kelingking Beach is one of the most dangerous beaches in all of Indonesia.

The beach itself can be accessed by a steep and precarious cliffside walkway that is eroding under the pressure of the number of visitors.

Once down on the beach, the powerful waves and strong undercurrents have caused injury and even tourist deaths.

Despite a swimming ban in place and tour operators on the island committing to improving safety in the area, on Wednesday, Bali’s Search and Rescue team had to jump into action. 

The Head of Bungamekar Village, I Wayan Yasa, who oversees tourist activities at Kelingking Beach, said that the recent heavy and unseasonable rains in Nusa Penida have made the conditions at the beach even more dangerous.

Yet, according to Yasa, tourists are not put off by the conditions around them. 

Following the successful rescue of a British tourist on Wednesday afternoon, the Nusa Penida Police Chief, Kompol Ida Bagus Putra Sumerta, shared details of the operation with reporters. 

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Kompol Sumerta said a 19-year-old British man was visiting Kelingking Beach during a stay on Nusa Penida.

He said that the man, known by his initials AY, and his friend arrived at the Kelingking beach clifftop at around 12.30pm. After admiring the view, the pair started the descent down the cliffside walkway. 

Witnesses have revealed that AY entered the water as soon as he reached the beach, despite there being a swim ban and warnings not to enter the water in place.

At around 3pm, AY was smashed by a huge wave. His ankle was dislocated, and he was dragged away from the shoreline. 

@harisovaalinaa Ожидание vs Реальность 📍Kelingking Beach 🏝️ #bali #kelingkingbeach #expectationvsreality ♬ original sound – harisovaalina

Kompol Sumerta continued, “his friend sought help from local residents who happened to be at the location to get help.” The call was sent to the Nusa Penida Search and Rescue Team, who launched into action. 

The Nusa Penida SAR Alert Unit, Cakra Negara, told reporters, “We evacuated the victim by pulling them from the shoreline towards the center because during the evacuation, the waves were quite high, and the evacuation effort lasted for 1 hour.”


The crew and AY made it back to dry land around 6.15pm, where they were met by a Nusa Medika Clinic ambulance.

The rescue mission involved officers from Bali Search and Rescue, Nusa Penida Military Command, Nusa Penida Police, Nusa Medika Clinic, and Ocean Rider crew.

This is just one of many such incidents to happen at Kelingking Beach this year. In early June, two tourists died in the waters off Kelingking Beach after entering the water to take selfies.

The tourists are said to have entered the water against the guidance of their guide. Shortly after walking into the shallows, the young couple was overpowered by a surging wave and dragged out to sea


In light of the rising number of tragedies, offices in Nusa Penida have committed to ensuring greater safety in the area.

Earlier this week, the local community announced an incredible new project that will completely change the way in which tourists access Kelingking Beach. 

on kelingking beach

The Karang Dawa Traditional Banjar, in Bungamekar Village, has partnered with PT BNP (Bina Nusa Properti) to create a 182m glass elevator experience and access route to Kelingking Beach. 

Described as a Glass Elevator and Viewing Platform, the elevator is set to have stopping points and viewing stations every 20m down the cliffside so that tourists can admire the view from every angle. 

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Monday 17th of July 2023

3rd world safety standards and feckless youths - what could go wrong? I went there recently and a Indian tourist fell to his death while taking a selfie the day before.


Monday 17th of July 2023

@Peter, Search YouTube and Google. So many narcissists die because they take selfies while risking their life. Likes on social media is what they live for.


Sunday 16th of July 2023

Let them die enjoying life.

People come here because they hate the controlled strict societies where they come from.

Antony Stourac

Saturday 15th of July 2023

In light of the conditions that occur at this beach every winter if an elevator to the beach is built which will allow even more access then a safe guard should be built in to it. I suggest during the dangerous months the elevator should only be able to defend to the lowest viewing platform and not the beach itself.The old access stairs should also be removed


Thursday 20th of July 2023

@Exp, And it will look terrible and ruin the natural beauty of the place.


Sunday 16th of July 2023

@Antony Stourac, The elevator metal structure will corrode fast unless made from very expensive marine grade stainless steel. Not to mention that machinery will not last due to lack of proper maintainace in a remote location with a harsh salty environment. Bad idea.

Wayan Bo

Friday 14th of July 2023

It’s not for swimming, it’s only for looking, send a insta selfie without falling down or old fashioned post card 🤣


Friday 14th of July 2023

Make that British chump pay for the entire rescue mission, and ban him from enter Indonesia again.


Sunday 16th of July 2023

Harsh. If beach is closed for swimming then close access from top.