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Innovative New Bali Coffee Shop Brings Tourists To Island’s Capital

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Coffee lovers unite! The Island of the Gods is welcoming a new coffee shop in Denpasar, and this one is not to be missed.

For many Bali lovers, the provincial capital is a functional place to do visa extensions and life admin, but there is so much to explore. The coffee culture is just the start.

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Ask any Bali lover about Denpasar, and the likely answer is that they avoid it at all costs, only venturing to the island’s biggest city for essential reasons.

Yet, the city is safe, busy, and bustling. There is always something happening, whether it be live music, sports, or cultural events. Tourists are seriously missing out by overlooking the modern and happening culture of Denpasar.

The arrival of Kopi Nako is a prime example of this. Now opening its 45th outlet in Indonesia, the new Kopi Nako cafe in Denpasar is designed and furnished with almost exclusively recycled materials.

Speaking to reporters, Veronica, manager of Kopi Nako Denpasar, said, “This is the first Kopi Nako in Bali and our 45th outlet. The concept of Kopi Nako Denpasar is very different from other branches.”

“Our founder saw that because we were founded in Bali, we wanted to highlight a very Balinese architectural concept by using red bricks and a typical Balinese gate.”

Kopi Nako Denpasar is more than just a coffee shop; it has a hidden gem behind the shopfront for travelers to explore.

The Slow Bar and Garden is a little oasis in the heart of Denpasar. All the coffee on the menu is sourced from Kopi Neko’s own production line. 

The cafe has used recycled materials everywhere, from the making of tables and wall panels to the special cabin that is entirely made from used Nako Coffee cups, called Cabin Daur Baur.

The cabin enclave in the cafe used over 400kg of recycled coffee cups and is a cute little journaling and coffee nook.

Veronica added, “Our founders are very open to collaboration. This is a form of our responsibility towards plastic waste, especially the cups we use. Finally, we collaborated with the Robries Community from Surabaya.” 

Of course, no Bali cafe would be complete without a few iconic photo spots. Kopi Nako is no exception.

Veronica said, “As for photo spots, actually, all of our spots have their own charm. Visitors are very interested in Daur Baur Cabin. Maybe because of its unique color and its location right in front of the entrance.”

Veronica and the team are excited to welcome everyone through the door. They want Kopi Nako Denpasar to be a place for everyone to enjoy.

She noted that the cafe is perfectly set up for digital nomads, with reliable WiFi and plug sockets to keep workers powered up throughout the day.

Young Asian man using laptop

She said that they also want the cafe to be a community space, especially for locals and tourists, digital nomads and expats to come together.

Veronica noted that on weekdays, the cafe is perfect for mum and baby dates. 

Veronica told reporters, “We also have supporting activities here. For young mothers who want to hang out with their children, we provide coloring activities here. We give pictures and provide coloring tools. So mothers can hang out with their children.”


While tourists tend to explore the coffee shops of Ubud, Canggu, Uluwatu, and Seminyak, real coffee lovers know that Denpasar and Kintamani are the true coffee capitals of the island.

For tourists looking to sip coffee from the source, a visit to Kintamani is in order. 


In 2023, South East Asia’s biggest coffee shop opened in Kintamani. Balinese-owned and operated Pahdi Speciality Coffee offers world-class coffee experiences and incredible views of sacred Mount Batur and Lake Batur below.  

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J West

Monday 22nd of January 2024

Not even a suggestion of decaffeinated coffee being served? “Dr. Livingston I presume?”

Wayan Bo

Monday 22nd of January 2024

Hopefully it’s copy of A’dam’s coffee shop. - Word „kopi“ mean in Dutch language “coffee”, with good coffee a good manali joint, like in Amsterdam’s coffee shops.

James Bond

Wednesday 24th of January 2024

@Wayan Bo, correction, the word "kopi" is Bahasa for coffee. The word for coffee in Dutch is "koffie".