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Indonesian Football Player Mugged While Riding His Motorbike In Kuta Bali

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An Indonesian football player named Beto Goncalves was mugged while riding a motorbike in Kuta on Sunday (16/1).

Soccer player

Goncalves, who plays for the Indonesian football team Madura United, was mugged by a stranger when he rode a motorbike with his daughter in Jalan Basangkasa Legian, Kuta on Sunday evening.

His wife, Dewi Costa, shared the incident on her Instagram account to warn others to be careful when riding around the Kuta area at night.

Kuta at night

“Please be careful if you ride your motorbike at night time. Somebody on a motorbike snatched my husband’s necklace on Jalan Raya Basangkasa 30 minutes ago. But praise the Lord he wasn’t injured,” said Dewi. The victim, who was on a motorbike with his daughter, was approached by a stranger also on a motorbike.

“My husband first thought that the man was one of his friends. Then suddenly, the man grabbed Goncalves’ chest and snatched his necklace and ripped his shirt,” Dewi added. Goncalves was thankful that he managed to keep his balance on the motorbike, preventing possible injury to him and his daughter.

locals on motorbike

Meanwhile, the Head of Kuta Criminal Investigation Bureau, AKP I Nyoman Sudarma, confirmed that he hadn’t received any report concerning the incident.

“We haven’t received any report from the victim until today,” AKP Sudarma said on Monday (17/1).

police motorbikes

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J West

Wednesday 19th of January 2022

The growing meth addiction problem in Bali will make the streets even more violent. There must be no let-up in the pursuit, capture and imprisonment of drug users.

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 19th of January 2022

Now is the question when Indonesia will win world championship in football, maybe in Qatar!? - If paying peanuts, getting monkeys.


Sunday 23rd of January 2022

@Wayan Bo, Don't think the low salary level in Indomesia makes much of a difference. If there that good they can go to the uk or europe and earn millions. I think the problem is there is no real grass roots infrastructure here in indonesia. Were's all the community pitches and leagues like you get across europe and UK. It starts when their 5 or 6 years old playing competitive games once a week with training twice a week. Better coaching also is needed if you can find coaching here you have to pay for it. Its free in the hundreds of thousands of leagues across UK and europe. Maybe the indonesian FA and the goverment should invest more into pitches, leagues and facilities. I did this through my childhood and it was great to meet new friends, learn discipline, teamwork and keep the kids healthy and out of trouble.

Mike A

Tuesday 18th of January 2022

Thank the good Governor of Bali for this; he has ruined the country and devastated the economy with his ridiculous mandates. He needs to be replaced. Central American countries such as Costa Rica and Panama along with Mexico are back to normal and tourists are flooding in. This will takes decades to recover from for the good people of Bali. 😢


Thursday 20th of January 2022

@Mike A, Please keep in mind. First off it is not 100% the governors fault. The central government in Jakarta have a lot of blame. Second this country does not have the medical staff to take on covid so they are trying to keep covid out of the country. I do agree with you in many ways but putting the blame on one person is not fair. I do blame the governor for the high crime in Bali. Where are all the police here now. It all starts with little things like taking the mufflers off there bikes. Now they think they do not have to respect the law and they can do anything they want. It is high time for the police to start making Bali safe again.