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Hundreds Of Male Tourists Caught In Bali Beach Club Hidden Camera Scandal

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The popular beach town of Canggu has experienced one of its busiest years on record for tourism.

With hundreds of thousands of visitors exploring the beachfront and some of the world’s most highly regarded beach clubs, Canggu has rightfully earned its reputation as a top vacation destination. 

Birdeye View of Finns VIP Beach Club in Canggu Bali.jpg

Two of Bali’s most famous beach clubs and nightlife venues have been caught up in a shocking hidden camera scandal.

Hundreds, potentially thousands, of men, have been targeted by a predator.

According to Australian news outlets, a predator has been stalking men who have been using the bathrooms at Finns Beach Club and Old Mans Bar in Canggu. 

An investigation has revealed that thousands of highly graphic and obscene images of men in the bathrooms at these venues in Canggu are being distributed online.

The images are being sent via Telegram, which is an encrypted online messaging platform.

Swathes of subscribers are reportedly paying hundreds of dollars to have access to these chat groups and the unconsented-to material.

Of the blurred photos that are now circulating online, it appears the hidden cameras were placed at waist level next to communal urinals and in bathroom stalls.

When an undercover account reached out to the predator via Telegram, the person in question promoted eleven separate chat channels, which altogether contain over 8,300 images and videos gathered from inside the bathrooms at Finns Beach Club and Old Mans. 

Journalists have discovered that images of two Australian footballers are also included in the catalog of voyeuristic images.

It is believed the images and video of the men urinating were recorded during the footballer’s recent end-of-season vacations in Bali.

Their names have not yet been revealed publicly, though their clubs have been contacted for a response. 

The man who is seemingly masterminding this whole operation has been selling what he is referring to as “VIP access” to longer and uncensored content.

He charged upwards of $275 for access. These images are in high demand and comments on the content have been shared by the criminal as ‘testimonials’ to recruit more subscribers. 


Both Finns Beach Club and Old Mans have been approached for comment but have yet to respond with any public statements.

This situation is of huge concern for tourists who have visited the venues in recent months.

Both venues are especially popular with Australian tourists, many of whom are now concerned their privacy was grossly violated during their vacations. 

An official for the Australian Federal Police told reporters: “The AFP is aware of the account and has referred the matter to the Indonesian National Police. As it is an ongoing investigation no further comment will be made at this time.”


The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has confirmed it “stands ready” to provide comprehensive consular assistance to Australian tourists affected by the scandal, and any other situation they may need support with during or following a visit to Indonesia.

A spokesperson said, “The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Australian Federal Police are liaising closely with Indonesian authorities regarding this matter.”

There are fears that in addition to the violation of safety and privacy that these images enact, they could be used for even more sinister purposes.

The Telegram channels have been categorized into themes like ‘beach club patrons’, men who are defecating, ‘straight bait’, and images of social media users who have been catfished or sent nudes under false pretences. 


Prominent abuse campaigner Harrison James told reporters, “It’s absolutely devastating for these men, and the sheer scale of it only adds to that devastation.”

He added, “Given this has happened in nightclub settings, I suspect some of the men are intoxicated, adding an extra level of vulnerability. This person is preying on people in vulnerable settings. It’s disgusting.”

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Tuesday 26th of December 2023

This story reached world news. Sinister campaign to take down these partly foreign owned clubs? If the police fail to identify the masterminds then I know the answer.

Wayan Bo

Monday 25th of December 2023

🎥It’s happening over decades 🎞 that micro cameras are installed on places where they shouldn’t be. 📹Also in some places behind mirrors are hidden cams.🤳


Sunday 24th of December 2023

Canggu is a giant mental hospital. Only narcissists and x#«)"x visit that sh1th0le.

J West

Friday 22nd of December 2023

This certainly proves the Canggu Crowd to be low life. I feel blessed to never attending anywhere near that “crappy crowd”.


Friday 22nd of December 2023

Russians at work.

Wayan Bo

Monday 25th of December 2023

@Eldrige, no, it’s linked to department of venereology diseases, urology, police, …