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Family-Friendly Travel In High Demand In Bali

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Travel trends may come and go, but in Bali, family-friendly tourism will always prevail as a mainstay of the local economy.

Easily one of the best destinations in the world for traveling as a young family, Bali is well set up to make sure that every member of the family, no matter their age, has a memorable stay on the Island of the Gods.

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From family-friendly resorts to kids clubs, from babysitting services to child-friendly attractions and kids menus at the best restaurants in town, Bali makes it easy for families to travel together and actually relax while on vacation.

Whether traveling with a nearly newborn, toddler, little one, or a little bit bigger than little ones, Bali has so much to offer families.

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It may be the case that Indonesia’s Ministry for Tourism and Creative Economies wants to focus on promoting adventure tourism, village tourism, sports and events tourism, and even wedding tourism in 2023, but family-friendly experiences will always be in high demand in Bali.

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Club Med

The international resort chain Club Med is one of the most popular family-friendly resorts in the world. Club Med Bali is no exception.

Club Med in Nusa Dua offers world-class hospitality and is designed with families in mind. Offering all-inclusive stays, the resort sits right in the Nusa Dua and has its own private stretch of beach.

The Kids Club has a full range of age-appropriate activities and play sessions. There is so much for little ones to explore, from learning about Balinese culture, sports, and even a fly-high trapeze.

For grown-ups, there is plenty to enjoy, too, the Mandara Spa has everything tried parents need to recharge, and the poolside loungers are the perfect place to relax.

Trans Resort Bali

Seminyak is one of the best destinations for a family-friendly vacation.

Sitting in the heart of the action, Seminyak serves as a great base for day trips to other parts of the island and is home to some of the best resorts in Bali. The Trans Resort Bali is a 5-star hotel that sits just off Sunset Road.

The Kids Club is the stuff of envy featuring a specialist arts and crafts area, Lego Station, ship-themed playground, library, multimedia zone complete with Wii, Xbox, Kinetic and PS4 consoles, tree house, Air Hockey table, and Baskin and Robbins ice cream counter.

The Hard Rock Hotel

Staying at The Hard Rock Hotel in Kuta really is as cool as it sounds.

Perfect for adults and children, The Hard Rock Hotel is a truly unique getaway in the heart of Bali’s most famous beachside resort.

The hotel hosts kids’ shows every Saturday and even provides little ones access to their own Boom Box recording studio.

The Hard Rock Hotel has two levels of the kids club, one for the 4-12-year-olds and another for 13-17-year-olds.

When it comes to a family vacation in Bali, it’s not just about the hotel.

Families heading on holiday to the Island of the Gods also want to make the most of their time away and experience day trips and all the must-do cultural highlights.

Fortunately, many of Bali’s most significant cultural landmarks are ideal for children.

Bali has a very family-oriented culture, and little ones are welcome pretty much everywhere. First-time travelers to Bali are often surprised to learn that eating out at restaurants with kids in Bali is far easier than at home.

On many occasions, servers in Bali have doubled to become friendly babysitters giving that loving and welcoming touch to the dining experience.


Top-rated family-friendly vacation experiences in Bali include a walk around Monkey Forest in Ubud, trying out the new skatepark in Kuta, taking an art class at Berawa Art House in Canggu, or going rafting through the jungle.

Exploring waterfalls and rice fields is all super easy with children and is an excellent opportunity to get outdoors as a family and learn about a new and exciting culture.

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Friday 7th of April 2023

Quote "Exploring waterfalls and rice fields is all super easy with children and is an excellent opportunity to get outdoors as a family and learn about a new and exciting culture."

Ok. Maybe avoid Tegenungan Waterfall: Quote from google reviews:

"Used to be beautiful until they ruined the natural beauty by putting a pool and club right next to it playing loud horrible music."

"A seedy tourist trap with an underwhelming waterfall. Every element has been opportunistically over commercialized."

Neil gill

Thursday 6th of April 2023

the Australian news today said people leaving Australia in order for Easter was 1.fiji 2 hawiia 3.bali you should take a look as this as airlfares, are more expensive


Thursday 6th of April 2023

Even for this Tourism Propaganda Magazine this is extreme. I cringe every time that I see irresponsible tourists from Europe here with young children, and particularly babies of 3 months onwards. In contrast to the assertion at the start of this article, Bali is one of the WORST places to bring young children! What is kept very quiet by the authorities on Bali is that it is actually a hotbed for some of the worst diseases in the world. Bali has one of the highest rates of Rabies on Earth and has had since 2008. The epicentre is Gianyar Regency which includes Ubud. 2 tourists were bitten by a rabid dog on Legian beach on 28th December 2022.There have been deaths of young children, eg two and a half years old in May 2022, from Rabies and it seems that news about the outbreak has been suppressed. The WHO has been trying to persuade Bali to take the obvious actions to reduce this for many years. In the wet season there is a definite Dengue fever risk in the more populated parts of Bali. There is a permanent low level risk of Malaria around Permuteran and the Reserve at North East corner of the island. The risk spreads southwards with the rains. Hepatitis is everywhere as are parasitic worm diseases. Bali, in my professional opinion, is a terrible place to bring children on holiday because their hands are likely to be dirty,they may ingest infected water (all ground water is unsafe here) and they will swallow various bacteria, viruses and parasite eggs.The claims in this article are actually dangerous.


Tuesday 11th of April 2023

@Alex, You know the potential risks. Get the shots, take antimalarials and sensible precautions.


Sunday 9th of April 2023

@Firechef, Completely agree with you. Every single feral dog should be culled immediately. The WHO has repeatedly said so. Gianyar, and other Regency's claim that they have vaccinated ridiculous numbers of dogs. Complete lies, like everything else that the Bali government says. The disease risk is high for all of us, but particularly for children. Bali is a complete mess run by unqualified fools. They are even incapable of cleaning bottles from the beaches.


Saturday 8th of April 2023

@Alex, I always said to get rid of those mongrel dogs, everything else they are sacred like those stinking monkeys and smoking mountains, etc etc. Be careful, headhunting might come into vogue again,after's SACRED!

Wayan Bo

Thursday 6th of April 2023

Anyway, Club Mediterrane in Bali was the worst ever visited, not to compare with those in Mauritius, Martinique … hopefully soon Club Med Bali one of the best.