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Expat Accused Of Stealing Company Documents In Bali

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A 33-year-old man named Dilshold Alimov from Uzbekistan has been arrested after being accused of stealing documents from his own company.

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Dilshold’s attorneys, Sri Dharen and Togar Nainggolan, confirmed that the courthouse charged their client though the investigation conducted by the police had irregularities.

“We suspect that the police who investigated this case committed fraud as they began their investigation without a warrant,” Togar said on Thursday (24/2). He also explained that this case should’ve been dealt with under civil law, not criminal law.


Dilshold and his Indonesian partner with initial F started the company, which provides visa, accountancy, taxation, insurance, and passport services for expats in Bali. After several years of operating, Dilshold, who was the company’s commissioner, became suspicious of the recent transactions made by his partner, who acts as the director of the company.

“Dilshold contacted F, but he didn’t get any response. The last time he visited the office, his partner didn’t even show up. So he decided to take the documents himself and check if the financial statements matched with the reports he had received,” Dharen said.

man looking for documents

Strangely, Dilshold, the company founder, was sued by F for allegedly stealing an important document.

“We’ve already filed an exception as we want to seek justice for our client, and we want the Judges to be fair in their deliberation. It should be noted that in the latest audit, our client found suspicious transactions made by his partner amounting to USD $385,000 (IDR 5.5 billion),” Dharen concluded.

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Sunday 27th of February 2022

Yet another farce !!

In my mind, officers of any company are entitled to peruse any and all documentation & THEFT needs to be proven as the correct determination of theft as such, there must be "intent to permanently deprive" Maybe he's trying to get his foreign partner deported for perusing the company financials !!!

Wayan Bo

Sunday 27th of February 2022

Visa money 🤣, a “bit to much”.