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Coral Restoration Project In Bali Will Provide Income To Local Community

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A coral restoration project at Pandawa Beach in Bali will provide income to a village community while building a new sustainable tourist attraction.

Pandawa Beach has been chosen as the location to run the National Economic Recovery Program to conserve the coral called the Indonesia Coral Reef Garden (ICRF).

The Head of Kutuh Village, I Nyoman Mesir said that he is grateful his villagers have been able to get involved in the program.

“There are 1,202 residents of Kutuh Village that could receive jobs from the program and will earn additional income for 45 days. Apart from that, we will finally build the sea garden that people had been dreaming of,” Nyoman Mesir said in an interview after attending The ICRF Implementation Program on Pandawa Beach, Friday Oct 30th 2020.

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Nyoman is also planning to export the corals in the future. “I plan to reach the international market to sell our corals once we figure out how cultivate and sustain them properly” Nyoman added.

The coverage of the coral restoration area is around 7 acres on the west side of Pandawa Beach.

Nyoman said that the area will become a prime snorkeling area that will attract many tourists.

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Many residents in Kutuh Village want to be part of the coral restoration program as they will earn USD $7.50 (IDR 110,000) per day for 45 days.

Wages will automatically be deposited from the Regional Development Bank (BPD).”The money really helps our residents to survive during the Covid-19 Pandemic” Nyoman Mesir concluded.

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The village is highly optimistic that the coral restoration will help bring more tourists to the area as there will be multiple activities for visitors rather than just the beach alone. 

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