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Chinese Company To Finance Development Of North Bali Airport

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A Chinese State-Owned Enterprise is expected to finance the development of the North Bali Airport.

Bali airport

The North Bali Airport is slated to be an alternative solution for the expected influx of tourists once the pandemic ends. It will be developed by two different corporations: PT Panji Sakti (PT BIBU) and China Construction First Group Corp.Ltd (CCFG), a Chinese state-owned enterprise.

The President of PT BIBU, Erwanto Sad Adiatmoko Hariwibowo, confirmed that both corporations signed an MoU regarding the construction of North Bali Airport in Kubutambahan, Buleleng.

Airport construction

“We signed an agreement that CCFG will be the main contractor of this project. It is expected to finish by 2024,” Hariwibowo said on Thursday (6/1).

He also explained that this project was initiated in anticipation of the surge of international flights post-pandemic, as the existing airport located in southern Bali only has one available runway.

Bali terminal waiting

Meanwhile, the Chief Representative of CCFG for Indonesia, Sun Kelin, stated that the project would be financed with a turn-key scheme. “We’re ready to realize the airport people in northern Bali have been dreaming of,” Kelin said.

Following Presidential Decree Number 109/2020, North Bali International Airport is appointed as one of the National Strategic Projects to revive Bali tourism.

North Bali

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Saturday 15th of January 2022

A highway is needed to connect from the Northern point to the Southern point of Bali where most of the action is. Regarding the Chinese involvement in this airport project it remains to be seen.


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Bali Sun News won't publish my comment regarding a YouTube video on China financing airports. Go to YouTube and search: Why China Is in Africa - If You Don’t Know, Now You Know | The Daily Show


Tuesday 11th of January 2022

“We’re ready to realize the airport people in northern Bali have been dreaming of,” Kelin said.

Yes we are dreaming about the new airport in Bali, but only in our nightmares.


Tuesday 11th of January 2022

China lends the money at 8% interest, the money is then given straight back to state owned chinese commpanies to complete the work. These companies bring there own workers from china and make huge profits from the contracts. When the loan is not paid back they sieze assets. Interest keeps piling up and the debt just keeps growing. I know developing countries need investment but they shouldn't agree to everything on china's terms. They need to stand firm and at least insist on a large part of the workforce to be locals. Longer payback loans at a level they can actually afford is a must also.


Monday 10th of January 2022

Very sorry for Balinese people, they have no power to say anything. Also they are very ambitious to have the have the Airport build in North of Bali, maybe just not thinking what will can happen in the future.