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British Woman Assaulted In Bali By Man Posing A Moped Taxi Driver

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A British woman in Bali was assaulted by a Balinese man posing as a taxi driver. In the targeted attack, the British tourist was offered a cheap moped taxi ride to a nightclub close to her accommodation after her attacker overheard her decline a more expensive ride. Police have arrested the attacker, and he now faces nine years behind bars. 

The incident occurred at around 10 pm on Saturday, 1st October 2022. The victim, known as CMP, was walking from her hotel a short distance to La Favela nightclub in Seminyak. She had walked not 50m from her hotel when a man on a moped offered her a cheap ride to the club. She took him up on the offer but kept her phone open with GoogleMaps tracking the route. 


According to local reports, it immediately became clear to the victim that the driver was not taking her to La Favela. His route did not match that of Google Maps, and he was speeding through the streets. Police have told reporters that the attacker tried to rip CMP’s phone from her hands while he was driving as she protested the route he was driving. 

Speaking to the media, Denpasar Police Chief Kombes Pol Bambang Yugo Pamungkas explained, ‘The suspect continued to drive his motorcycle to a quiet and dark place and then stopped’. Once they had pulled over, the attacker grabbed CMP by her arms and threw her to the ground. Since the attacker had driven her to a quiet street, no one heard her calls for help. 

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Google Maps Route On A Mobile Cell Phone At Night time

Police have confirmed that the attacker is I Made Some, known locally as Dek Mi. During a police press conference on Tuesday 18th, October, police described the attack in detail. Out of respect for CMP, The Bali Sun has decided not to share quotes from Police Officers from this part of their speech. 

Police reported that Dek Mi then ripped CMP’s gold necklace around her neck and fled the scene, leaving her alone and bleeding on Jalan Sri Kresna in Legian. During questioning, it was confirmed that Dek Mi pawned the gold necklace shortly after the attack for just IDR 500,000 (USD 32).

Dark Street At Night In Urban Area

Dek Mi, originally from Tianyar Tengah Village in Karangasem Regency, East Bali, was arrested on Friday 14th October, following a police manhunt. Dek Mi is reported to have resisted arrest when police raided his home, and so they used ‘decisive action’ to bring him under control. Police shot him in both his legs. He has been charged with violent theft, but nothing else, and faces a maximum of nine years in prison.

Prison Cell Corridor In A Jail.jpg

Dek Mi was not registered with any online or local taxi company. He has served time in prison before for theft. It has been alleged that this was not the first attack like this that Dek Mi has conducted but that other incidences have gone unreported. He is believed to pose as a moped taxi driver and randomly pick up victims. 


A local taxi driver has expressed his concern over the case to The Bali Sun. While the driver wishes to remain anonymous, he is concerned that this kind of attack is becoming a trend. He explained, ‘I warn all the female tourists to be extra cautious. I worry sometimes they are too trusting, thinking that Bali’s streets are always safe.”


Travelers to Bali are advised about precautions to take when hailing a ride, either in a moped or a car; not only to ensure drivers are legitimate but to protect against unfair tariffs. The advice is to always book with a local or online registered taxi driver or book a driver who comes with a personal recommendation from a fellow traveler, hotel, or other accommodation. 

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Peter davies

Tuesday 25th of October 2022

Women should never get a lift off a unlicensed man,it's guaranteed trouble. One man arrested had 18 stolen phones. Bali is going through a crime pandemic at the moment. Jughead all the Pps available. The police have issued warnings. StY sage


Thursday 20th of October 2022

Why people cut corners and get in trouble...use a valid app ride or call blue bird taxi.

I have been asked a couple of times by unlicensed rides at CDG Paris airport. As you exited the customs area and you are walking toward the trains, there could be some scammers dressed very nicely loitering about looking for clueless tourists offering rides into Paris.


Wednesday 19th of October 2022

And this is why people use Gojek and Grab, not scummy local drivers from the streets.