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Bali’s Waterfalls, Pools And Seaside Resorts Are About To Get Safer For Tourists

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Tourism officials in Buleleng Regency in Bali are committing to improve tourist safety at top attractions in the area.

Buleleng Regency sits northwest of the island and is home to top destinations like West Bali National Park, Lovina Beach, and Munduk. 

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In 2024, the Buleleng Regency Tourism Office is encouraging all Tirta Tourist Attractions (DTW), including waterfalls, baths, beaches, and sea, to lifeguards on duty.

Tirta is the Balinese word for water, and DTW attractions are tourist attractions, cultural sites, and natural landscapes managed by the Tourism Office. 

This new measure ensures the safety and comfort of tourists enjoying the incredible destinations the regency has to offer.

The management of Buleleng Regency’s lifeguard units (balawista) will soon be inaugurated as a first step in improving tourism governance. 

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The Head of the Buleleng Tourism Service, Gede Dody Sukma Oktiva Askara, said, “Following Tourism Regional Regulation, the management of the DTW must guarantee the safety of tourists. So, in practice, this means that every Tirta tourist must have lifeguards on duty at all times.” 

Askara explained, “To date, what has happened in the field is that the tour guide also serves as a lifeguard. Well, this year, tourism management will be improved, and the duties of the guide and those of the lifeguard must be differentiated.” 

“Lifeguard duties will be prepared by each DTW manager according to the visitor ratio.” 


West Bali National Park

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Buleleng currently has 120 basic certified lifeguards. Their training was sponsored by the government through the Central Special Allocation Fund (DAK). However, the first lifeguard volunteers in Buleleng started as a group in Sangsit Village.

The Chairman of the Buleleng Lifeguard Team, Agus Darma, said that he is pleased the government is supporting his volunteer lifeguard unit, providing more training, and providing more jobs in the area.

He told reporters, “We already have supporting infrastructure, including rescue equipment, but only the quantity is lacking. So far, it is still stored at my house; if there are activities at the beach, I have to transport it first. “If there is a [central location], this will be easier.”

He noted that even more support is needed to help keep lifeguards on duty and to keep tourists safe, and the number of rescue call-outs is still too high. 

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Two new DTW Tirta Tourist Attractions in Buleleng Regency are Fiji Waterfall and Sekumpul Waterfall. Following a ticketing sandal in November 2023, the Buleleng Regency Tourism Office has stepped in to assist in managing the tourist attraction.

Under new management, tourists can expect there to soon be lifeguards on duty and for ticket prices to be standardized.

A travel influencer, and latterly, the Tourism Task Force, caught local guides forcing tourists into paying for guided waterfall tour packages they didn’t want or need. 


It has to be said that both Fiji Waterfall and Sekumpul Waterfall are amongst the most impressive on the island.

Dense tropical jungles surround the waterfalls and can be reached by taking an adventurous forest hike.

Tourists looking for a real Bali adventure just off the beaten track will be rewarded with magical scenes at Fiji Waterfall and Sekumpul Waterfall.


Water safety for tourists is a big theme for Bali’s tourism sector in 2024. Over on Nusa Penida, the Tourism Office has confirmed that there will be more safety information signage on Bali’s most dangerous beach.

This is in addition to lifeguards on duty and fences along the clifftop to keep tourists a safer distance from the edge.


Kelingking Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the province, but also the most deadly.

The high waves and deceptively strong undercurrent have caused countless injuries and even taken the lives of tourists on vacation. Swimming is prohibited at Kelingking Beach. 

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Thursday 18th of January 2024

Quote "Ticket prices to be standardized.": I will help to translate: Ticket prices will increase all over the place.

In Bali they do not just adjust prices in accordance to annual inflation, e.g. 5%, but rather 50% or 100% at a time.

A web page need to be set up showing entry prices for all typical tourist destinations/beaches/temples.

J West

Thursday 18th of January 2024

Are Bali jungle water falls a vector for the numbers of Japanese Encephalitis? Be safe.