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Bali’s Tourist Train Line Aiming To Offer Rides Every 15-Minutes 

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It has recently been revealed that construction on the Bali Railway Network is set to start in September 2024.

The long-awaited transportation upgrades are a hot topic amongst local leaders, Balinese residents, ex-pats, and tourists.

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The Bali Railway Network will completely change the way in which people travel across the southern regions of the island.

While we know that the groundbreaking is set for September 2024 and that feasibility studies remain underway, very few other concrete details have been confirmed.

This is why some transport leaders are calling for the prospective train schedule and the ticket fees to be committed to now so that the project can be held to account. 

The Chairman of the Bali Province Transportation Society (MTI), I Made Rai Ridharta, believes that so far, the Bali Provincial Government has only conveyed that the project is at risk of still just being a feasibility test.

He regretted noting that the Bali Provincial Government had not explained in full the various preparations required leading up to the first groundbreaking.

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Ridharta told reporters that the MTI had pushed for more careful calculations before the first training was built. He has also asked for clarity on whether the construction of the LRT train in Bali is intended for commercial purposes or subsidies.

The Bali Provincial Government has previously said that it was waiting for the completion of the feasibility study process for the LRT project.

In addition to the feasibility study, the Bali Provincial Government is still waiting for the project’s confirmation of financial support.

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Ridharta’s concerns about the feasibility and funding have been echoed by the Head of the Gianyar Transportation Service, who rhetorically exclaimed, “Is the track being built really able to reduce traffic jams in Bali? Who are the LRT passengers targeted?”

Speaking seriously, the Head of the Bali Provincial Transportation Service, I, Gede Wayan Samsi Gunarta, have been able to shed a little more light on the situation for concerned local stakeholders and tourists. 


Gunarta told reporters, “We are calculating, if [the project] is financially supported properly, it will be okay; we can immediately do groundbreaking.” 

Speaking to Ridharta’s concerns about scheduling and ticketing fees, Gunarta said, “We are currently calculating the number of seats and operational times. So, how many trains will there be [we can’t yet say], but we are targeting at least every 15 minutes.”

The first railway line on the LTR system to be built will connect Bali’s I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport with the most popular vacation resorts of the south.

The train network is set to help drastically reduce the number of tourist vehicles on the roads of Badung Regency.


Badung Regency is home to the majority of Bali’s biggest tourist resorts, including Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and Canggu.

The first railway line, the line that is set to be built as of September, will feature eight stops at strategic locations in the south, including Bali Airport, Kuta Beach, Central Parking, the resort of Seminyak, and onwards to Canggu. 

While Bali lovers have everything crossed that the project will finally get underway in September, there is so much that can change between then and now.

Not only does funding have to be secured, but the new president, governor, and other political leaders coming into power following last week’s election may introduce a whole new agenda for the island’s transportation system.


Incoming Indonesian president Prabowo Subianto has expressed his desire to bring back plans to build a second international airport in the north of Bali.

Another project that has been on and off the cards for years. 

While the rail network would eventually bring relief to the island’s congested road networks, in the meantime, things could get worse before they get better.

Construction will inevitably impact Bali’s road networks, adding to congestion and existing gridlock. 

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Made BA

Thursday 29th of February 2024

Where they gonna build the parking facilities for all locals wanting to use their motorbike to go to the station? And when arriving at the destination, what motorbike they gonna use to get to their final destination?

I already can see the taxi mafia boycotting this project "because the LRT is killing our business".


Wednesday 28th of February 2024

Using jakarta as a model for Bali is wrong. All the LRTs and MRTs are along main roads with millions of workers along these roads. This is not Bali.

The idea will still be a feasability study for a long time since cities along the route have not be consulted. Above ground negotiations for land acquisition have not started. A market study has not yet been done as well : 1. Will domestic-local use it. 2. Will there be taxi points to go from station to hotel.This would be the greatest complaint if not. Having to wait in queue for a taxi at Kuta Central.The fustration of waiting. 3. Of all the tourist arriving how many will use it. Most tourist want door to door with heavy bags. of 4 with bags- no B.single with large bags and back pack no C. Grand ma or grand pa- no D. Workers- no since 90% workers will not work along the MRT route. They need to go to work...DOOR TO DOOR. WHO WOULD USE THIS TRANSPORT? 1. Probably some backpackers. 2. Some locals

Petty much like the bus transport that is mostly empty.

It is not an LRT or MRT that will reduce traffic if it doesnt consider reducing overall car and bike use from locals as well.

It takes years of study, ground survying, testing, land acquisition etc.


Tuesday 27th of February 2024

I still say that an Elevated Train (L-Train) like in Chicago is the best answer. Leaves a very small footprint on the ground and life goes on as usual underneath including rice fields and other farming. Somebody should be sent to Chicago and see firsthand how efficiently it operates. Trains every 15 minutes.


Sunday 25th of February 2024

Way overdue. Here we have trains every 4 mins. Cuts congestion significantly and the Balinese will find the majority of tourists using it instead of the congested roads and tiny lane ways that are now taking ages to get anywhere as we are used to modern transportation in metro areas.Taxis will be used as pickups from the train stations if your destination isn't in walking distance. Bali's roads aren't made for the amount of tourism it currently has, they need to get moving.


Saturday 24th of February 2024

"Is the track being built really able to reduce traffic jams in Bali? Who are the LRT passengers targeted?”

They should have answers to these questions before starting.