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Bali’s Tourist Task Force Continues To Deport Foreigners Breaking The Law

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Indonesia’s Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim, has established a task force in Bali dedicated to cracking down on foreigners breaking the law and disrespecting local culture.

The Bali Becik Task Force has been out on the beat for a little over a month and has been set targets to conduct one hundred immigration control missions every month. 

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As we enter September, the Bali Becik Task Force has released more details of further deportations and ongoing investigations into foreigners who have broken the law in Bali. 

The Head of the Singaraja Immigration Office, Hendra Setiawan, spoke to reporters on Monday 4th September to reveal details of a German man who was deported after being found guilty of breaking the conditions of his visa.

The man, known by his initial MN, was deported after Singaraja Immigration found that he had given false information to obtain his visa and limited stay permit. 

MN was deported to Hamburg, Germany on Emirates Airlines flight number EK-369 from Bali’s I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport. MN paid for his deportation costs in full and was accompanied through the airport by officials from the immigration department. 

MN’s case should serve as a reminder to any and all longer-stay visitors or prospective business owners in Bali to ensure that they comply with all conditions of their visa.

MN was in Bali on a pre-investment visa. However, he had never reported any plans for investment or tax activities to the relevant authorities in Bali and had been running a company in Bali since January 2022.

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Anecdotal reports suggest that there are many people like MN operating businesses, working, or simply living the digital nomad lifestyle in Bali on a pre-investment style visa, breaking the conditions of their stay permits in more ways than one.

Setiawan said, “So MN is subject to Article 75 of Law Number 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration for not complying with applicable laws and regulations, namely providing incorrect data or information in obtaining a residence permit and residing in a place that does not match the residence address listed in residence permit” 

He added, “On this basis, MN is subject to Immigration Administrative Action (TAK) in the form of deportation.”

The Head of the Bali Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Anggiat Napitupulu, also spoke to reporters as MN was deported.

He reaffirmed that the Bali Becik Task Force is in place to follow up on the increasing number of reports of foreign tourists and long-stay visitors on the island breaking the law and/or disrespecting local customs. 

Napitupulu reiterated, “As the name suggests, the formation of the Bali Becik Task Force aims to create a better Bali. With the formation of the Bali Becik Task Force, which will serve until 31 December 2023″

“It is hoped that it can reduce the level of violations of laws and norms that apply in Bali so that it can maintain customs and traditions. Balinese culture.”


Officials from the Bali Becik Task Force are also working alongside Bali Police to deport a Croatian woman who was apprehended by authorities after walking nude through the streets around Benoa Beach late on Sunday afternoon. 


The Croatian tourist, known by her initials LS, was taken in by the authorities, but after her behavior became more erratic and distressed, police took her to the Prof Ngoerah Hospital for a mental health assessment. Shortly after she was cleared by the hospital for deportation. 

However, on the way from her hotel to the airport for her deportation flight LS is reported to have started behaving erratically once again, to such a degree that immigration officials have no option but to return her to the hospital for further treatment.


The Head of South Kuta Subdistrict, Ketut Gede Arta, told reporters the LS’s deportation has been postponed until she is safe enough to board a plane but that the Bali Becik Task Force, Bali Civil Service, local police, and immigration are all coordinating the case. 

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Thursday 7th of September 2023

Badly behaved tourists are not impacting Bali revenue it' s badly behaved authorities. Hoteliers and registered villa owners have long complained about the hundreds of privately owned villas operating as illegal rental investments . In fact there is a whole industry of agents and developers promoting villa sales based on " return on investment ". Without a proper administrative procedure it results in unknowingly or intentionally avoidance of tourism and income tax. Illegal rental is one of the reasons there is such rapid villa growth in Bali. It impacts legal occupancy rates and the income of hotel workers and long ago destroyed the possibility of home ownership for urban Balinese.

J West

Wednesday 6th of September 2023

There is a thriving real estate rental business operated by Australians and Russians. Properties are first rented by the foreigners and then advertised as AB&B and other platforms including monthlies at higher rates. One Australian on this site admitted to running 9 properties this way. Illegal businesses are common. Surf schools in Russian…no problem finding one. Drivers services to Ubud in Ukrainian…no worries.


Wednesday 6th of September 2023

Can we have some reality. Most deportations are for breaching visa regulations. Compared to other countries they're drop in the many Balinese do you know or are aware of that are supposedly studying courses they'll never finish in Australia yet working? How many on extended visitors visas working for cash money? How many sponsored for work that doesn't exist? A few antisocial or seemingly with mental problems? Read the Oz papers. The benefit of announcements like this is they can cause reduction in offence.

Molly Berg

Friday 8th of September 2023


They are only catching a drop in the bucket, there are thousands more Russians and Ukrainians here illegally and supporting themselves by illegal means. Including stealing from the stores.


Wednesday 6th of September 2023

Quote "reports suggest that there are many people like MN operating businesses, working, or simply living the digital nomad lifestyle in Bali on a pre-investment style visa, breaking the conditions of their stay permits in more ways than one"

I wonder who came up with this idea? Why not check with the Bali agents what they are "promoting" online to get around any "obstacles" foreigners might face?

Some of these Bali agents sell services like getting an Indonesian driving license (SIM) for 2.5 Juta without even having to go do the theory and driving test! Normally it cost around 250k but it is quite hard as the time limited theory test is in Indonesian language. I know as I have both SIM A & C obtained via the clean and correct procedure. When is the authorities going to crack down on the locals corrupting everything?


Friday 8th of September 2023


Also, and very simple.

'All hotels must report on every person staying with a copy of a current visa.'

Same as Thailand. Hate to see it come to this, but it's going to be the only way to weed out these rats.


Thursday 7th of September 2023


It’s very easy to head down the police station Denpasar and many touts will offer you a driver’s license with only a passport. No test, no muss, no fuss. Police are raking in millions every day from the business. Look at the cars and imported Harley Davidsons they’re driving. Or while shopping at Bintang in Ubud you can get one with only a passport. Have a coffee and get a drivers license. The corruption here is so deep and thick it will never be near controlled. When the police force is basically a bunch of armed thugs this is what you end up with.


Wednesday 6th of September 2023

There may be a whole lot more of these so-called false entitled foreign investors who break the law in Indonesia. What’s worse is avoiding paying the local tax. There may also be some foreigners who have built villas with neglecting to pay the contractors and workers even with a scheduled and payment written agreement with the local notary. Excuses are known to have risen to delay the final payment agreement. Stories like that are not new in the construction sector that also involve few local bad investors. The local construction workers need to feed their families while the entitled foreigners are living the high life in Bali. How shameful is that...

Indonesia may not be ready to handle foreign tourists with mental illnesses that may cause erratic behavior if provoked. There are different ways to handle mental illnesses in the Indonesian culture and way of life. Families are there to support with medical care rather than in the West where you have to take care of your own self (with medical or without medical assistance) and sometime without family support.

The importance of cultural awareness and sensitivity need to be followed. One must have an understanding how people acquire their cultures and culture's important role in personal identities, life ways, and mental and physical health of individuals and communities; Being conscious of one's own culturally shaped values, beliefs, perceptions, and biases. Recognition of the nuances of one's own and other cultures. The knowledge, awareness, and acceptance of other cultures and others' cultural identities may win you more local friends rather than traveling with your head high above the clouds.


Thursday 7th of September 2023


Stop drinking and writing...please