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Bali’s New Medical Tourism Facilities Set To Compete With World-Leading Destinations

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Bali may be a destination synonymous with sun, sea, and sand, but the island is looking to diversify and expand its tourism offerings. One way leaders are making this happen is with huge investments in the medical tourism sector. While it is niche, the market is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and Bali is positioned perfectly as a destination for world-class medical treatment and the perfect surroundings to rest and recovery.

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Bali is poised to compete with the likes of Singapore, Japan, Canada, Dubai, Costa Rica, Israel, and Abu Dhabi when it comes to medical tourism. The expansion is already underway. A new world-class medical facility is under construction in the resort town of Sanur, named the Bali International Hospital.

The project is being undertaken in partnership with the US-based Mayo Clinic to ensure that the facilities, staffing, and day-to-day management of the hospital cater to an international demographic.

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Speaking to the media this week, Indonesia’s Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, said that oncology (cancer treatment) is a key focus point for medical tourism in Bali. What is unique about medical tourism in Bali is that the tourism is both domestic and international.

Officials foresee the new facilities in Bali being able to provide incredible care to Indonesian citizens and international patients. Minster Sadikin explained, “We have many hospitals and oncologists who are ready to handle and serve. However, to this day, there are still many Indonesians who are going abroad for treatment.”

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Menurut kalian gimana gaiss ??🤩 Pembangunan rumah sakit ini bertujuan mendorong wisata kesehatan berkelas internasional di Indonesia. Dan pemerintah berharap masyarakat tak perlu lagi berobat ke luar negeri dengan adanya rumah sakit bertaraf internasional ini.

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During a panel discussion about health tourism in Bali, Tantowi Yahya, President of the United In Diversity Foundation, explained, “Bali has advantages and character that other regions do not have that make it suitable to be a center for prevention, treatment, and recovery of all diseases.”

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As more and more details about the new hospital facilities and investments come to light, it is clear that the provisions for international medical tourism in Bali will be comprehensive. In fact, building on the success of the wellness industry in Bali, the new generation of medical tourism facilities will have a strong focus on cosmetic procedures.


For many travelers, especially those from Australia, Bali is already their destination of choice for dentistry (both medical and cosmetic) and for aesthetic medical care too. In the future, medical professionals in Bali want to see the island be a leading destination for aesthetic healthcare in the eyes of global citizens.

This is part of the broader vision to position Bali as the destination of choice for medical tourists from around the world, including countries like the USA, Canada, and across Europe. With this in mind, it is not only the new hospital facility at Sanur that will provide medical tourism services but at Sanglah Hospital too.


Bali’s Sanglah Hospital is one of the most highly regarded medical facilities on the island. This year they will welcome the arrival of a brand new cosmetic surgery department that has been created with medical tourism patients from Australia in mind. The new Aesthetic Centre at Sanglah Hospital will enable the cosmetic surgery team to offer cutting-edge treatments in a state-of-the-art facility that authorities hope will be appealing to international patients.

Speaking to reporters last year, Dr. Ekker, the resident dermatologist, explained the new department will offer a comprehensive range of services. She added, “Lips, eyes, breast. All the plastic surgery. Anything you want. We want our patients to age beautifully. Healthy from the inside and outside”.


Yet, many would argue that it is away from the clinical medical facilities that Bali’s medical tourism offering really comes into a realm of its own. Bali has a rich cultural heritage, and local people have an incredible relationship with the natural world. To this day, natural medicines are prescribed for all kinds of ailments, and it has widespread access to this traditional way of healing that will help Bali make its mark in the world of medical tourism.

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Sunday 19th of March 2023

The focus on cancer....Travelling to Bali to get treatment probably wouldn't be covered by insurance as it's a pre existing condition. If you're diagnosed here as a tourist the chances are you'll be evacuated to your home country.

John Robinson

Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Bali is seeking to attract well off foreigners for long term retirement stay. The principal worry for many at the moment is the ability to get western standards of care catering for the inevitable and often chronic conditions of the elderly. Medivac or returning permanently to your home country may not be either feasible or desirable. The ability of Bali to deliver this either now or in the next few years remains unclear, at least to me.


Tuesday 14th of March 2023

Fantastic news, looking forward to it should I ever need it.


Tuesday 14th of March 2023

Lets hope for the best.

I worked as a skilled professional here for years, and as I was not fluent in the language it was not an easy task.

And mostly my duty was to train the locals and work myself out of a job.

Wayan Bo

Monday 13th of March 2023

The persons who caused Balis international popularity growth, deserve special Medal of Honor for their efforts. - It’s more than important for humanitarian society to have free Medicare on highest possible level for everybody.


Friday 17th of March 2023

@Firechef, And to add, healthcare is seen as an essential service, along with education, police enforcement, law and order and fire prevention. Labels such as social healthcare are created by medical insurance companies to brainwash the public. Only americans seem to fall for this.


Friday 17th of March 2023

@Firechef, its never free, you pay for it in taxes. National healthcare that you get in europe is of the highest standard. This notion that only private healthcare is of the highest standard is only beleived by the brainwashed americans in the western wworld. With their corrupt healthcare, medical insurance and pharmaceutical industries.


Tuesday 14th of March 2023

@Wayan Bo, high standards will not be Free, I assure you.

Julie Gilbert

Monday 13th of March 2023

Yes I have had medical procedures overseas and have been very pleased and saved tens of thousands of dollars. The behind scenes need to monitored closely as a friend has worked in a hospital overseas and says the 'presentation ' is 1st class but general cleanliness etc is not practiced to the same degree as in Australia. So Bali needs to ensure that high standards behind the professional facade are also being practiced. Well Done Bali, no doubt you will offer a good place and treatment that may be lacking in Western Australia, due to overworked and not enough personel. I for one would not hesitate to use the medical facilities in Bali. The new hospital will be world class.


Tuesday 14th of March 2023

@Julie Gilbert, Which hospital would that be that this person in the know has monitored overseas?? Bali is a province of Indonesia with limited resources and what have you. On another note, I have observed that Javanese have a more diligent work ethics, and a business concept than the rest in Bali.

The best medical care would still be in the Capital city Jakarta with greater resources and world class hospitals. They are serious in their ability to care for the patients and although it may never be up to par with Australians, it is because they have study medecine in Indonesia.

Read somewhere that Indonesia has become a top preferred destination for Indian and international students including Malaysians to pursue their medical degree courses.

I know a few bright Indonesian doctors who practiced general medecine in places more or less appealing or laid-back in Australia. They had to take few more courses, pass a general exam and another internship on top of that.