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Bali’s Most Popular Beaches Brace For Incoming Tide Of Plastics Waste

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Bali’s most popular beaches prepare for an onslaught of plastic pollution washing onto the shoreline. In an annual phenomenon, plastic waste, garbage, and waste from shipping vessels will be carried into land by strong winds, high tides, and driving rains. 

Plastic Pollution Washed Up On Bali Beach.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, 12th October, the Head of Kuta Beach Task Force, I Wayan Sirna, explained, ‘Since yesterday there has been an arrival of garbage, only the peak of the [waste arrival will be] at the end of November’.

Usually, the accumulation of shipping waste and ocean plastic hits Kuta Beach in November, which is poor timing, especially this year, as Bali will be hosting the G20 Summit from the 15th-16th of November, and all eyes will be on the island. This year the waste has begun to flow onto the shore earlier than expected. 

Bali Waste Management Worker Cleans Plastic Pollution From Bali Beach

Despite the plastic waste on beaches and in the water, surfers are still heading out to hit the waves off Kuta Beach. Sirna told reporters, ‘There is no effect of this garbage with the number of tourist visits because they already know about the west wind phenomenon and the intensity of rain at the end of the year which can bring garbage to this beach’. 

Plastic Waste Ad Ocean Plastic Washes Up On Bali Beach.

When asked what would be done to tackle the problem, Sirna confirmed that his teams are already working to clear the garbage from the beach. He said, ‘To overcome this problem, we usually coordinate with the relevant agencies so that the waste can be cleaned immediately. Because per day, the amount of waste can reach 8 trucks to 10 trucks’. 

Looking at the waste that has washed up, there is everything from plastic waste, fishing gear, and foamy polluted water, then coming from inland downstream towards the ocean, teams find tree branches, leaf litter, and more plastic waste that has found its way into Bali’s rivers and waterways. 

Plastic Pollution Lands On Kuta Beach In Bali

Officers from Denpasar City Council (DLHK) have confirmed that they are taking action on the plastic waste that is washing up across the southern coast. Though Kuta Beach tends to bear the brunt of the tide of trash, other cares along the southern coast, like Sanur, are also affected.

Denpasar City Council confirmed that they conducted a clean-up operation in Sanur on Tuesday, 11th October. They said that the early arrival of the waste patch was bought on by the heavy rains and strong winds that have been causing devastation across the island. 


Earlier this week, officials from the Center for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BBMKG) in Denpasar issued severe weather warnings for all areas of Bali from Monday 10th October through to the 15th, with a review to be held over the weekend. 

Speaking to reporters at the announcement of the weather warnings, the Head of the Data and Information Division for the BBMKG in Denpasar, I Nyoman Gede Wirajaya, explained what was causing such a severe weather front. He explained, ‘From the results of the latest atmospheric dynamics analysis, it shows that there is a cyclonic circulation that forms a pattern of wind bends and a slowdown in wind speed which can increase convective activity and the growth of rain clouds.


The weather front has been affecting many areas of Indonesia, with 32 regions across the archipelago receiving warnings atom the BBMKG. Drivers in Bali have been advised to proceed with extra caution, especially during heavy rains. Communities have been warned to prepare for flash flooding and falling trees. In more rural inland areas, dozens of landslides have blocked roads and even resulted in injuries for local people.


As the weekend approaches, the weather warnings remain in place. Tourists are encouraged to be extra careful when visiting Bali’s beaches and reminded that the flag system for safe swimming is not always used at public beaches. The public is warned against swimming or snorkeling in areas where there are high waves which have been predicted to hit 4m in places. 

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Saturday 22nd of October 2022

We really need to get the Balinese up to date with rubbish disposal. Still so much just gets thrown on the ground and that makes its way to the rivers then the sea.

Wayan Bo

Saturday 15th of October 2022

Message in the plastic bottle!?

Paul Morris

Monday 17th of October 2022

@Wayan Bo, Hahaha 😂 one of the best things you have said in 21/2 years .


Friday 14th of October 2022

You landscape, beaches, forests are ruined by greedy lurah selling cement. There is no more solution, Bali is compromised. Bad karma is coming.


Friday 14th of October 2022

That is the job of governor PLASTIKA. Even if you remove trash spending million dolla per year, you ruined the landscape, the forests, the beaches with cement supplied by corrupted LURAH, bad karma is there, no puja can clean your mess.

Paul Speirs

Friday 14th of October 2022

So yet again everyone is to blame for the mess on the beaches in bali except for the balinees themselves most of the rubbish is washed down from the rivers and the plastic is what the locals throw in up stream. Before it was the tourist that did it but with very little arriving he has to blame others for the problem try and educated the balinees in the first place and less rubbish will wash up.


Sunday 16th of October 2022

@Paul Speirs, Correct. I visited Kuta beach in January 2021: No tourists allowed in Bali but beach was covered in trash!


Sunday 16th of October 2022

@Paul Speirs, finally some sense!

Addressing the problem doesn't just start and end with hundreds of printed banners put up around the island with leaders 'championing' the cause. How about less printed banners and photo ops...have some actual meetings, some outcomes and get moving on a solution.

There are a number of not for profits like Sungai Watch taking the lead on trying to innovate and address the solution, why not tap into what they are doing and and amplify it!


Saturday 15th of October 2022

@Paul Speirs, because they don't have any self reflection and completely ignore all sorts of problems on the island. Blame everyone else for their problems and don't listen to any feedback, that's Balinese subconscious. Thinking they are gods on their "paradise" island and all issues are caused by outsiders. Never been or seen the outside world to have any point of reference. Living in self-fueled ignorant illusion.

Outside environments are reflections of people's inner worlds. Walled up, filled with garbage, unmaintained, broken, dirty, corrupt.