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Bali’s Most Iconic Village Launches Evening Dining Experience

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Bali’s most famous tourism village is launching a new kind of visitor experience. Following the pilot project’s success, Penglipuran Tourism Village will launch the Penglipuran Authentic Dinner. The program will formally launch in March in the village famed for being ranked the third cleanest village in the world. 

Local Women Walk Through Bangli Tourism Village Penglipuran Tourism Village Bali

The Manager of the Penglipuran Tourism Village, I Wayan Sumiarsa, told reports that the idea behind the evening dining program is to offer tourists a new kind of experience within the community. Diners will be invited to eat and relax at tables set up in the middle of the village. The program has been trialed with tour operators as guests since September 2022. The management team has implemented feedback from tourism specialists and has created an experience that will cater to everyone. The dinner is hosted outdoors, under the stars, though they do have other options if the weather is bad. 

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Sumiarsa told reporters that the dining expense is based on the principle of magibung, which is to share food with friends around a single table. The Penglipuran Authentic Dinner caters to a minimum of ten diners per night. The village team is keen to keep numbers low to ensure that the experience remains exclusive and intimate.

The menu features traditional local dishes prepared by chefs in the village. Sumiarsa said ‘”We focus on local menus in Penglipuran. All of these dishes are made by native residents of Penglipuran Village because the main goal is to empower local communities”. The meal costs IDR 250,000 and includes an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. 

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PENGLIPURAN VILLAGE FESTIVAL 2022 Penglipuran Village Festival 2022 is held on December, 6th till 17th located at Penglipuran Village by appearing the theme of Green Destination based on cleanliness, healthy, safety and environment (CHSE ) is carried out in collaboration with all stakeholders while adhering to health protocols. The festival presents the unique arts, culture and local wisdom of the Penglipuran Traditional Village. video credit by ig: @fajar.avianto

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The team behind the new tourism experience is hoping that the project will be ready to launch in March 2023 during the Nypei festival. Sumiarsa said, “We plan to open it for Nyepi umanis because it usually coincides with Nyepi that the number of visits increased. During the opening, there are also plans to hold tourist attractions.”

These attractions include the village itself and the bamboo forest. Sumiarsa said that the 250m of bamboo-lined pathway serves as a popular photo spot for tourists who come to visit Penglipuran Village. He confirmed that there would be futher development of stalls at the Pelipur Lara Market in the coming months. The kiosks will be built using local bamboo and sell products created in Penglipuran Village. 

 Penglipuran Tourism Village Bali Busy With Tourists.

Bookings will open in the near future, and Samiarsa and his team anticipate plenty of interest in the new dining initiative. According to TripAdvisor, Penglipuran Tourism Village is the number one tourist attraction in Bangli Regency. As a destination, Bangli is receiving an increasing amount of attention from the tourism sector.

In fact, in 2023, the district will be receiving a huge funding boost to up-skill local tourism workers as part of a bigger campaign to promote the area for tourism. Investors from across Indonesia and around the world are looking at the area’s potential as the next resort destination on the island. 


Speaking late last year, the Head of the Tourism Marketing Division of Bangli Regency, Ida Bagus Sutha Maharinaldi, shared the vision for the regency’s tourism models in the coming few years. He said that there would be a strong focus on geotourism given that the area is home to the Mount Batur Geopark. From a provincial perspective, Bali will be focusing on capitalizing on the growing demand for adventure and village tourism in 2023. 


Last week the Chairman of the Bali Tourism Village Communication Forum, shared details of upcoming development initiatives to improve tourism villages across Bali, starting in Denpasar. I Made Mendra Astawa said, “There are more and more tourists coming to Bali now, and they are looking for new things, not only phenomenal attractions, but they are looking for adventure. Then this [kind of] adventure is only in the villages. This is what the brothers in the village have developed [for themselves], which has made it a tourist village.”


He continued, “If we look at it evenly, it is clear that the tourist villages in the Ubud area, Gianyar, is the most visited, then Bangli Regency, where there are many waterfalls, then Singaraja City. That’s all foreign tourists who come, and now domestic tourists are starting to come in”.

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Wednesday 11th of January 2023

I wonder what they are doing with their plastic if that's the cleanest village. The Bali air is really polluted by people burning their plastic trash. They could be an example.

I wish it's not a other case of selling dinner, then they will sell their ancestors land and then you will have a Starbucks.


Tuesday 10th of January 2023

Good job, after canggu is overcrowded and has nothing to do with bali on to the next piece of paradise to destroy. Where will this end with this mass tourism. It won't be long before one of the last Balinese villages will be flooded with plastic and will succumb to the proposals of gentlemen never enough.