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Bali’s Buleleng Regency Is Becoming More Popular With Tourists

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Bali’s northernmost regency, Buleleng, is becoming increasingly popular with tourists.

While we may think of the health crisis as being a distant memory now, the impacts of the lockdown are still being felt across Bali’s tourism sector.

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Buleleng Regency was one of the areas of Bali that were slower to bounce back from the devastation of the pandemic.

Thankfully, interest in Buleleng Regency as a tourism destination is increasing. The Head of the Buleleng Tourism Office, Gede Dody Sukma Oktiva Askara, told reporters that the Eid al-Fitr holiday was a resounding success for local tourism businesses.

He shared that he hoped the influx of domestic tourists would also help promote the area to international visitors as the 2023 high season approaches.

The Buleleng Regency Tourism Office recorded 47,754 tourists visiting during the Indonesian holiday period from April 19-25.

Domestic tourists made up the vast majority of visors, with 37,843 people recorded as staying in the regency, while foreign tourists totaled 9,911 people during the same period.

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Askara explained, “Domestic tourists are more likely to choose spiritual tourism and artificial tourism. Such as visiting DTW Pura Pulaki, Pura Jayaprana, and Layonsari.”

He added that foreign visitors tended to visit areas in Buleleing like Lovina Beach, the waterfalls, hikes, and jungle viewpoints around Sambangan and also Banyumala Waterfall.

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Notably, domestic tourists tended to stay in Buleleng for less time than forging visitors. With so much to explore in Bali’s biggest administrative region, it’s not hard to see why.

Askara said, “Indeed, local tourists from Bali and Java stay an average of 1-2 days because usually in the morning they [take] dolphin watching tours, some continue to other destinations. But the average foreign tourist stays up to 7 days,”

Aksara said that the majority of international visitors to Buleleng over the last few weeks have been from Europe. This all contributed to the average hotel occupancy in the regency increasing to 90-100%.

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If you are planning a trip to Buleleng Regency, there are three must-visit destinations that you simply can’t skip over! These are Lovina Beach, Munduk, and West Bali National Park.

Lovina is Buleleng Regency’s leading beachside resort town. This quaint, quiet, and incredibly charming fishing town is the perfect destination for a coastal retreat in northern Bali.


There are plenty of gorgeous locally run guesthouses and private villas to help you really immerse into your time in north Bali.

Tourists are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to hotels in Lovina too.

Much loved hotels that have guests returning year after year include Sunari Beach Resort, Lovina Beach Club & Resort, and Padmasari Resort.


For nature lovers, a few days in Munduk will make all your dreams come true. Munduk is the best place in Bali to go chasing waterfalls and relax in the jungle.

Some of the most incredible waterfalls in Munduk include Aling-Aling Waterfall and Jembong Waterfall.

Aling-Aling Waterfall is famous with travel content creators as, at certain points around the waterfall, it is safe to jump into the natural water pool from the jungle ridge above.


Munduk is also home to some of the most impressive rice terrace landscapes in all of Bali. Rarely visited by the big tourism crowds, if you’re looking to visit quiet, working rice fields and meet local farmers to learn about the rice growing cycle, Munduk is the place for you.

Finally, the third must-visit place on a Buleleng Bucket List is West Bali National Park. The gem of a nature reserve in Bali is little known to the average traveler.

Home to some of the most endangered wildlife in Bali, and some of the most mesmerizing diving spots in the province, West Bali National Park never fails to exceed everyone’s expectations.

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Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

Another Lovina promotion. This is overexposure and can lead to mass tourism in the North.