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Bali’s Bangli Regency Receives IDR 8 Billion To Improve Tourism Facilities In 2023

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Bali’s next biggest tourism destination, Bangli, has been allocated IDR 8 billion by the Ministry for Tourism and Creative Economies in 2023. The budget must be spent on improving the regency’s physical assets. Tourism leaders in Bangli missed out on funding in 2022 as the area was not considered a priority. However, following growing interest in the destination for investment and development of tourism businesses, the regency has won a massive funding boost.

Ulan Danu Batur Temple In Bangli Bali

The IDR 8 billion is equal to USD 527,600 and will be invested in three key projects. The first is constructing a hiking center at the Mount Batur Climbing Tour Guide Association Post. This project will receive over half the special allocated funds. The Head of the Bangli Tourism and Culture Office, I Wayan Sugiarta, told reporters that the hiking center will receive IDR 4,947,000,000 (USD 326,000) and will become a leading tourism destination in the regency. 

Sunrise Spot Viewpoint At Top of Mount Batur Bali Bangli

The other key projects include the construction of a stage at the Segara Ulun Danu Batur Temple and a gate structure at the entrance to Mount Batur Geopark. Sugiarta said that the funding has been allocated and that planning permission is already completed. He was able to confirm that the procurement and tender process is already in the pipeline, and construction will begin by the end of March, as had been requested by the Regent of Bangli. 

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The IDR 8 billion investment by the Ministry of Tourism comes in addition to another funding boost that was awarded to Bangli’s tourist sector in late 2022 for the year ahead. In November 2022, the Head of the Tourism Marketing Division of Bangli Regency, Ida Bagus Sutha Maharinaldi, confirmed that the Tourism and Culture Office had been awarded IDR 1 billion (USD 63,000) to invest in up-skilling tourism workers. The funds will be used to improve human resources and tourism management across Bangli Regency in the next 12 months.

Maharindaldi told reporters that the funding would be used to give training to tourism workers and develop the regency’s potential. He shared that the training courses and workshops will cover everything from how to run a tourism business to legal support, from digitization of tourism businesses to the development of tourism villages, increasing geotourism, and exploring the culinary potential of the area. 

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Sugiarta’s confirmation that the special allocation funds will be invested in developing Bangli’s physical assets builds on statements made by Maharindaldi in November. He said, “Training activities in 2023 will add geotourism. Geotourism is a special interest tourism utilizing the potential of natural resources such as landscape shapes, rocks, geological structures, and earth history, so it is necessary to increase insight enrichment and understanding of the processes of natural physical phenomena.”


Bangli Regency has caught the attention of investors outside of Bali. In November 2022, the Governor of West Java made a public visit to the regency. He made clear to reporters the intention of his visit. He and his teams were investigating the potential of the regency to become Bali’s next biggest resort destination. Governor Ridan Kamil said, “I have said, God willing, [I want] to bring investment to Bangli so that I can advance to class. Today we will see several locations, and investors have also come. I just connect it as a person who really loves Bali, especially Bangli Regency”.


In 2023, Bali as a province will focus on developing the potential of tourism villages and adventure tourism. Data shows that tourists across demographics wish to do more than just relax while they are on vacation. Earlier this week, I Made Mendra Astawa, Chairman of the Bali Tourism Village Communication Forum, told reporters there are 238 tourist villages in Bali, with many focusing on offering adventure tourism experiences.


He also revealed that 70% of the tourist villages are still in their pilot phase, with many communities coming together in the wake of the pandemic to establish new ways to generate a more secure and independent income. He told reporters that he and his teams would be developing tourism villages across Bali in 2023, starting with destinations in Denpasar Regency. 

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Wednesday 18th of January 2023

Mount Batur must me ashamed to have such a Marfia around. Hopefully this goes towards legalizing that.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 15th of January 2023

Finally all those beggars will obtain serious amount of funds.

Karen North

Sunday 15th of January 2023

Lovina has received absolutely no government funding, or at least none that has been seen by the traders. How about some coming this way?


Sunday 15th of January 2023

Building a "hiking center" for Mt Batur??

Currently Mt Batur is a disgrace with tourists reporting violence and aggressive locals forcing visitors to pay very high "fees" to reach Mt Batur.

Example from quick google search: "Worst experience so far! The locals are bad and very violent. We are a group of 4 people, we read on an article and doing our survey and yeah we can do it without any guide. But the locals didn't let us enter the area and one of them starts punch me just because we refuse to do with a guide. I hope official government do something about this!"

Is the "hiking center" to "legalize" the extortion of visitors who are asked to pay more than 500k/person to hike Mt Batur. A group of ten pays 5Juta for one guide!

There is more and more of this in Bali with local "gangsters" controlling entry to beaches, whole regions (Kintamani), temples and now mountains. Some are "official" fees but in reality it is the same mentality all over: Extort money in return for nothing.

Julie Gilbert

Monday 16th of January 2023


Neil gill

Sunday 15th of January 2023

Will the spending be completely transparent as large fund had been given to Bali during the pandemic and no one can justify where it all went