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Bali Praised By Chinese Foreign Ministry For Making Tourism Accessible For Mandarin Speakers

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The Chinese Foreign Ministry has praised the Indonesian government for making leading tourist attractions accessible for Mandarin speakers. The compliments come as Bali prepares to welcome the first arrivals from mainland China since borders opened on the 8th of January. Though there are no direct flights from mainland China to Denpasar, Ministers are hopeful that many Chinese travelers will choose to celebrate the Luna New Year on the Island of the Gods.

Canang Sari offerings outside Chinese Buddhist Temple in Bali

A spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin, released a statement giving thanks to the tourism leaders across Indonesia who have learned Mandarin. Wenbin said, “Indonesia and several countries have prepared staff who can speak Mandarin to assist in several fields of work related to tourism. A number of Chinese restaurants in tourist spots such as Bali, which were closed temporarily due to Covid-19, will gradually reopen”.

He confirmed that plans are in progress for relaunching direct flights from mainland China to key tourism destinations in Indonesia. He said, “There will be various more efforts to make it easier for Chinese tourists to reach tourist attractions, including increasing direct flights. We also remind Chinese tourists to be careful and monitor their health condition so that travel abroad is smooth and enjoyable”. 

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This positive statement from officials in China will be well received by tourism authorities and businesses in Bali. Earlier this week, Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies Sandiaga Uno told reporters that he and his teams had set targets for the number of Chinese tourists they want to see come to Indonesia in 2023.

In a social media post, he wrote, “Indonesia is ready to welcome Chinese tourists. Stay vigilant, health protocol observed! Tourists must keep showing complete vaccine documents and fit and healthy body. By 2023 we are targeting 253,000 Chinese tourists who will travel #DiIndonesiaAja. Let’s use this momentum to stretch SMEs in the craft sector, opening up wider business opportunities and job opportunities”.

Chinese Tourists Take photos On Beach in Bali

When asked about health protocols regarding travelers from China, Minster Uno said that the regulations remain the same for all travelers. The USA, Japan, and South Korea have all imposed additional restrictions on travelers from China in light of the reported rising case of Covid-19 in the country.

Minister Uno said, “we convey that we welcome tourists from China. We really appreciate it, and they will definitely be very responsible in their tourism activities, especially if they feel unwell. Therefore all the provisions that will be stipulated refer to the policies that we have taken now, including those related to the health protocol.”

Chinese Tourists Stand At. Cliff Side In Bali.jpg

He added, “Stay alert. Health protocols continue to be maintained! Tourists must still show complete vaccine certificates and bodies in fit and healthy condition.”

Earlier this week, Minster Uno announced that he is calling on airlines to launch more direct flights to Indonesia’s leading tourist destinations to help recession-proof the economy. The Ministry for Tourism has set ambitious targets for 2023, and a global recession and cost of living crisis will undoubtedly have an impact on international travel. 


He told reporters at his weekly press briefing, “Of course, this will have an impact on people’s spending, especially in the tourism sector. Therefore, we immediately made adjustments in terms of focus on developing tourism and the creative economy, especially foreign tourists.”


Minister Uno continued, “there have been several foreign direct flights from Qatar and Dubai that have already delivered. We also want additions from Singapore and several ASEAN countries. This is what we are trying to do in the first quarter of this year in collaboration with airlines and the Ministry of Transportation so that the market is very this potential also includes India being served by direct flights, especially to the two leading destinations, namely Denpasar and Jakarta, maybe later it can be added to other destinations”.

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Sunday 15th of January 2023

Chinese tourists in Thailand are being treated like plague carriers, and given a wide berth. As always, Chinese are up to their old arrogant ways, maskless, grabbing things with unwashed hands. All very not-Thai at the best of times but now just totally unappreciated. So much so the the Health Minister has asked that Thai not ‘bully’ the rude Chinese visitors. You can see the shunning, it’s obvious, it’s hilarious. Thai are taking ‘safe distancing’ to heart and leaving Chinese with several meters clear in every direction. Yesterday in a Starbucks I noticed people leaving their seats and relocating if a Chinese came close. Well, I think China deserves the shaming after they’ve been lying to us egregiously about the true state of Covid in China.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 15th of January 2023

Are they sending villagers who don’t even speak English or they are preparing occupation and Mandarin have to become official language ❓❗️🤣


Sunday 15th of January 2023

There have been plenty of negative articles on western mainstream media regarding China's opening up. The following video has a different take.

INTERVIEW: Attacked for lockdowns then for lifting while ignoring #China’s world-best #Covid outcome (Youtube)

Regardless of how you may feel about the interviewer and interviewee, they have good points. The moral of the story is we shouldn't let politicians (through the media) dictate how we should think and feel. Those politicians (and their media) have their agendas - mainly to keep themselves relevant by constantly looking for enemies and instilling fear in the people. They are the most dangerous agents of social divisions we are seeing in the world today. It's time to heal fro some, if not all of us.


Saturday 14th of January 2023

Let China in and let COVID run wild in Indonesia again, smart move yer


Saturday 14th of January 2023

Of course the Chinese are happy, establishing a foothold for an eventual takeover as they are doing in African countries.


Tuesday 17th of January 2023

@Exp, "Kill the Messenger" is an old tactic they use to discredit truths. Never fall for it. We should always do our own research and think for ourselves. The signs can't be clearer.


Monday 16th of January 2023

You are quoting Muhammadu Buhari, the president of Nigeria. One of the absolute most corrupted regimes on this planet. They are big on oil but nothing back to their own citizens only into Swiss bank accounts I guess.


Sunday 15th of January 2023

@Firechef, Let Africa decide. They have been shortchanged for so long with their lose-win relationship with the west. The following is just one example:

"Don’t tell Africa that the world cannot afford the climate cost of its hydrocarbons — and then fire up coal stations whenever Europe feels an energy pinch. Don’t tell the poorest in the world that their marginal energy use will break the carbon budget — only to sign off on new domestic permits for oil and gas exploration. It gives the impression your citizens have more of a right to energy than Africans....

Western development has unleashed climate catastrophe on my continent. Now, the rich countries’ green policies dictate that Africans should remain poor for the greater good. To compound the injustice, Africa’s hydrocarbons will be exploited after all — just not for Africans....

The Western countries are unable to take politically difficult decisions that hurt domestically. Instead, they move the problem offshore, essentially dictating that the developing world must swallow the pill too bitter for their own voters’ palates. Africa didn’t cause the mess, yet we pay the price." Muhammadu Buhari, the president of Nigeria.


Sunday 15th of January 2023

@Firechef, 'Turf Wars' with the Slavic Plunderers will be inevitable.