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Bali Traveler Left Outraged After Finding Rental Villa In ‘Disgusting’ Condition

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An Australian woman on holiday in Bali has issued a stark warning to fellow travelers after arriving at her rental villa. Deb Daber took to social media on Friday, 13th January, to advise travelers not to book the same villa she had after arriving to find it in a state of disrepair. According to Daber, the villa in Seminyak is ‘in urgent need of renovation’. She claims the owners and rental agents have been unhelpful and have not done anything to improve the situation her.

Dead Cockroaches on the floor

Daber has named and shamed the villa and shared pictures of the state of the building in her post on social media. RoseDuin Villa Seminyak by Bali Prime Hospitality is listed on all the major accommodation booking sites, including Airbnb and The villa is rented out for between USD 170-270 a night and is described as a perfect place for “groups and large families who looks for both comfort within the villa yet easy to get around Seminyak.”

The accompanying images of the RoseDuin Villa make it appear high-end, with white-washed walls, wooden furniture, and a tidy garden area with a private swimming pool. Daber’s description of the villa and accompanying photos paint a very different picture. 

In her post on the Australian Bali Info for Traveling Facebook page, Daber wrote, “WARNING -Roseduin Villa Double Six. Whatever you do, do not rent this villa. It is absolutely disgusting, run down, moldy, in need of urgent renovation. It is simply a health hazard and dangerous”.

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She continued, “We arrived, and the beds appeared to be made. However, the sheets had not been changed from the previous guests. Stains all over them. One bedroom was completely unusable due to mould and paint peeling off. The bathrooms hadn’t been cleaned and the entire place smelled of urine and humidity.”

Double Six Beach in Seminyak is one of Bali’s most popular holiday resort areas, and there are dozens of rental villas located within easy reach of the hotspot’s attractions.

@horisonseminyak yang pernah ke pantai hits ini mana suaranya? #doublesixbeach #bali #balivibes #horisonseminyak #fyp ♬ original sound – Marylene

Daber said that she highlighted the issue she and her partner found with the villa owner but received little assistance. She said, “the owner… is an arrogant man who said if you don’t like it leave. He did nothing to resolve the issues and kept asking for the second week’s rent. He accused me of causing the peeling paint, although I had only been in the villa a day and suggested I put the cockroaches around the villa”.


The holidaymakers share that they have tried to find a way to make the situation better but have made no progress. Daber concluded her post by saying, “We attempted 3 times to talk and resolve the issues, and each time we were told we were the first ones to complain. There is also a villa being built in the front and the hammering and electric saw noise is continuously going from 8am to 10pm therefore absolutely no rest or peace”.


This is not the first negative review that RoseDuin Villa has received. In a review published on Airbnb in June 2022, one traveler shared her disappointment at her stay. She wrote, “Unfortunately, not what we paid for! 🙁 Mould in bathrooms. Calcium in all showers and show heads. Aircon in one room didn’t work (but was fixed). Genuinely not clean – really needs a deep clean. No pool towels. Beds not made like photos. (Some covers had rips). No tv upstairs like photos. Pool beds broken. Pool needs cleaning. Need pest management for mosquitos and cockroaches.”

The Airbnb review highlights many of the issues brought to light in Daber’s post. The reviewer continued, “We called the second day to alert them of these problems. They were quick to fix some problems, still needs some work and a deep clean, all aircons were cleaned. Good location and felt safe. Once these things are fixed, this would be a fantastic Villa!”.


Bali Prime Hospitality has not released a public statement regarding Daber’s post on Facebook. The property management company has a series of holiday rental homes in the Seminyak area. Since this story broke, Bali Prime Hospitality has closed reservations for Roseduin Villa Double Six, and Daber’s original post has been removed from the Facebook group.

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Monday 16th of January 2023

She should complain her grievances with the rental company. She aired her complaint for the whole world to know as if all rentals on Airbnb or from local real estate companies are not reliable.

They are always renters who will complain when other reviews are excellent. Motives to get money back. It happens all the times and not only in Bali.


Tuesday 17th of January 2023

She followed procedure. 1. Complain to owner. Not taken serious and nothing done. 2. Left review with AirBnb 3. Complain in social media. 4. Villa not habitable and closed.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 15th of January 2023

Anyway, even twenty bucks would be by far too much.


Sunday 15th of January 2023

Pay after the service never before, money will never given back. Buildings and maintenance are in the hand of youngsters Woking without slippers and with 0 accountability, migrants throwing their own trash in front of local neighbo, harassing and watching to break in soon after. High prices, noisy arrogant people, dangerous buildings where expats are just lemons.

Klaus Hoffmann

Sunday 15th of January 2023

Translated: The trouble starts at Bali Airport: You just can't organize it!

Nobody can enter the country who cannot show the QR CODE “Electronic Customs Declaration (E-CD)” (this puts an end to the pointless paperwork “Do you have something to declare?”).

Good idea 💡, but as always, the implementation doesn't work. Although I read "Bali Sun" online almost every day - not a single indication of this effective innovation, it would be so easy to repeatedly make the QR CODE available online for readers to scan in order to make entry easier.

I took a picture of the large QR CODE right after immigration and emailed it to my friends, it takes you directly to the Indonesian customs authority page: name, birthday, Passport number, boarding pass ... that's it, show the QR CODE and welcome!

Don't make life so difficult for us.


Schon auf dem Airport Bali beginnt der Ärger: Sie können einfach nicht organisieren!

Niemand kann einreisen, der nicht den QR-CODE "Electronic Customs Declaration (E-CD)" vorweisen kann (dadurch ist mit der sinnlosen Zettelwirtschaft Schluss "Haben Sie etwas zu verzollen?").

Gute Idee 💡, aber wie immer klappt die Umsetzung nicht. Obwohl ich fast täglich online "Bali Sun" lese - kein einziger Hinweis auf diese effektive Neuerung, dabei wäre es so einfach den QR-CODE online wiederholt den Lesern zum Scannen zur Verfügung zu stellen, um damit die Einreise zu erleichtern.

Ich habe den großen QR-CODE gleich nach der Immigration abfotografiert und meinen Freunden per Email gesendet, man wird direkt auf die indonesische Seite der Zollbehörde geleitet: Name, Geburtstag, Pass-Nummer, Bordkarte ... das war's, QR-CODE vorzeigen und herzlich willkommen!

Macht uns das Leben doch nicht so schwer.


Tuesday 17th of January 2023

@Klaus Hoffmann, A smart phone or an iPhone to begin and a good WIFI provider. Nobody had a problem to fill out personal details and show the QR code to customs officers before leaving the terminal. However the thread does not make sense, translation is lost somewhere.


Monday 16th of January 2023

@Klaus Hoffmann, you are just another maniac, your country Germany is a mess, worry about that, people do not all like telephones.


Saturday 14th of January 2023

Is this news? Got anything better?


Sunday 15th of January 2023

@Raymond, you Don't or you play?