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Bali Tourists Warned There’s Only One Official Website For Indonesian E-Visas

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In January 2023, the Indonesian government announced a new visa service that would allow tourists to the country to apply for, and renew, their visas on arrival online.

The move was hailed by many as a huge step forward, though some Australian travelers are warning other holidaymakers not to make this one costly mistake. 

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Image Courtesy Of: Indonesia Immigration

There is just one official website where tourists can apply for and extend their e-VOA (visa on arrival), and that website is However, there are dozens of websites that claim to enable tourists to apply for their visa on arrival online. 

These sites are charging tourists far more money than the official government site as most are, in fact, providing a third-party visa application service. 

Kubota Group is a global manufacturing squarespace, specializing in agriculture, water, Sales & Service Information; Kubota Group Companies.

Unfortunately for some Australian tourists, they learned their mistake too late in the process, having already paid the third-party websites for their service.

While some of the websites in question operate as genuine visa agents, providing a costly but authentic service, others are outright scams. 

Tourists who were scammed by these fake sites only learned that their e-VOA was fake when they arrived at immigration counters in Bali. This left them with no option but to pay out once again to get their visas.

The current cost for a 30-day visa on arrival in Indonesia is IDR 500,000 and is valid for a single extension of 30 days. The visa on arrival is available for citizens from 87 countries. 

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Kubota Group is a global manufacturing squarespace, specializing in agriculture, water, Sales & Service Information; Kubota Group Companies.

The 30-day tourist visa enables visitors to Bali and Indonesia’s other islands to conduct tourism activities, official government visits, business talks and meeting visits, purchase goods, and transit. 

The Indonesian Department of Immigration has issued statements about third-party scams and fake e-voa websites. Immigration officials have told the media, “Foreigners are asked to be cautious…We remind you, the only official website for e-VOA application is”

Tourists who were duped by authentic third-party websites or scam service providers have taken to social media and spoken to the press about their holiday nightmares. 

Kubota Group is a global manufacturing squarespace, specializing in agriculture, water, Sales & Service Information; Kubota Group Companies.

In a Reddit thread dedicated to the topic of distressed travelers shared his experience. He explained, “I haven’t slept all night as a family member sent us the link, and we processed several applications and hence lost a lot of [money].”

He continued to share that the email address of the correspondence raised his suspicions. So he contacted his bank to block his card. He added, “I feel ashamed, worried, and alone in all this.”

The Reddit user later confirmed that on this occasion, the website did provide genuine e-voa, but after a costly and lengthy ordeal.

Kubota Group is a global manufacturing squarespace, specializing in agriculture, water, Sales & Service Information; Kubota Group Companies.

Applying for an e-voa at is easy, efficient, and costs IDR 500,000 per person plus a small online processing fee. Once approved, a link to download the visa is sent to the applicant via email.

Do note that each traveler must have their own account, so each e-voa must be applied for individually, including for children. 


The e-voa can be applied for no later than 48 hours before traveling to Indonesia. It is also not essential to apply for the e-voa before travel.

It is still possible to obtain a visa on arrival at the immigration counter at Bali airport or if landing in Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Lombok, Batam, Medan, Manado, Tanjung Pinang, or Yogyakarta.

While the official Indonesian Immigration website is simple and straightforward to use, many travelers still prefer to obtain their visa on arrival at the Immigration counter at the airport.

The process is the same as it always has been for those paying for their visa on arrival.


Passengers disembark the plane and transit to the immigration hall at Bali Airport; they head over to the visa payment counter to pay their IDR 500,000, which is payable in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, SDG, and IDR cash or with all major credit and debit card providers. 

Once the payment is made, arrivals may join the line for the immigration counter to formally process their visa on arrival and be stamped into Indonesia. 

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Saturday 29th of July 2023

For the B211A visa, is there any site you recommend?


Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

There is NO sympathy at all for people who seek the game to enter the Indonesian immigrating system by cutting corners using other links besides that is given by the Indonesian authorities. They are shocked when it won't play along with their whims. Prepare for refusal of entry. That way you won't be disappointed or surprised when it happens.

How's is it possible that there are scammers out there in Australia to feed on Australian gullible and cheap tourists. Preparation and knowledge are keys to avoid being scammed. Get scammed and ask questions later? And blame Indonesia, whatever...

A visa is a privilege and not a right. It does not matter what nationality you are from. No one is above the law and nobody should feel entitled when visiting a foreign sovereign country.

Paul Morris

Thursday 4th of May 2023

@Randy, Well what can I say you’re true to form attacking everyone for their opinions at least you haven’t changed over the last 4 years. I will be in Kuta from 6th May to 23rd Maybe if you want to catch up fro a coffee or Bintang just let me know. Cheers


Tuesday 2nd of May 2023

There is a site providing a costly but authentic service, and apparently sanctioned by the Indonesian gov?

VFS GLOBAL is marketing "Welcome to Republic of Indonesia prepayment & fast track Visa on Arrival (VOA) website". Sounds very official?

The big question is why VFS GLOBAL is allowed to sell VOA (VFS Global Express Service) that cost USD 92.5 ex. taxes when anybody can pay USD 35 for VOA upon arrival!

VFS GLOBAL was founded in Mumbai, now is Dubai based and partly owned by Blackstone (US). Why is Indonesian gov. allowing VFS GLOBAL to suck money out of unsuspecting tourists? This is a disgrace.


Thursday 4th of May 2023

VFS Global has connections with the Indonesian gov. Here from major Indian news site (TOI) only a few months ago:

"VFS Global on Monday announced its exclusive agreement with TLP, the Immigration Department for Republic of Indonesia and Bank Mandiri, to provide online pre-payment of fees, fast-track access and concierge services to to international passengers ..."

So no wonder tourists get tricked into using VFS and basically scammed to use a unnecessary and very expensive service.

So I ask again; what is the motivation for Indonesian gov. to allow this money grab to continue?


Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

@Exp, OMG, vfs global is the scumbag of the earth and yes it's Indian. Don't use them ever.


Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

@Exp, quote from Vfs: The Fast track VOA application has no connection with Indonesian Embassies or Consulates. For any questions or comments, feel free to contact the Fast track VOA application Support Desk. So ask the Vfs why that is...Indonesian govt allowed this?? Better come up with a better explanation than blaming the government. Use the designated link in this article. They have been telling everyone just that.


Tuesday 2nd of May 2023

Same with the money chargers that cheat you. Almost pick your pockets .WTF are the police doing about all the conmen in Bali and websites that cheat you. It is high time the police and the goverment pull their heads out and fix Bali. So much bad news about Bali . I just traveled to other counties and when I say Bali EVERYBODY said bad things about Indonesia. Wake the F up and fix the problems.


Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

@JR, Everybody huh? What a load of crap. Those who are complaining usually will try to cut corners and travel cheap and ended up in trouble. Then blame the locals for their own ignorance and stupidity.I Know a few like that including my own sibling. Sigh. If you say you travel much then you should know how to be prepared and not be naive. The VoA to enter Indonesia is a straight forward procedure for those who are not stupid.

Here's an example: if you could afford to travel to Japan right now (Japan is affordable if you have the means), you could wait 2 hrs in line to be inspected. Those who followed the rules and applied fast track online and those who do NOT (out of ignorance) are mixed up with those who have filled fast track ahead and received a QR code on their phones. But for some strange reason, the fast track and non fast track are in one lane at point of entry in Japan. Go figure!! To make it worse there are people who do not do their homework that Japan requires 2 vaccinations and a booster (total 3). You got those who ended up in quarantine. It happened to a friend who traveled together and had to be quarantined for 3 days. This person felt entitled and thought that 2 vaccines are required to enter Japan. Oh Well live and learn...

Wayan Bo

Monday 1st of May 2023

What for Visa 🤣only countries that don’t wish tourists ask for Visa. VOA = Voice Of America 📻