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Bali Tourists Planning Boat Trips Urged To Listen To Weather Warnings

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Weather warnings are in place across Bali for the next few days. The Center for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics in Denpasar is urging marine tourism providers and tourists to be extra cautious if they choose to head out on the waves. 

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The Head of the Center for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics in Bali, Cahyo Nugroho, has warned, “We urge the public and marine tourism practitioners to be aware of the potential for high waves of up to four meters in Bali.”

Forecasts show that high waves are anticipated southern part of the Bali Strait, the southern part of the Lombok Strait, the Badung Strait, and waters south of Bali or in the Indian Ocean region.

In short, all waters surrounding Bali and the outlying islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan.

Nugroho added, “These high waves can disrupt shipping and marine tourism activities. We also urge the public to avoid activities on the beach [and shoreline waters].“

The warning was extended to fishing crews who have been called to carefully consider their working hours over the next few days. Nugroho said, “We urge fishermen to always monitor weather conditions and sea waves before going to sea.”

Data from the BBKMG shows that wind speeds around Bali are expected to reach 21.6 knots, the equivalent of 40km per hour moving from east to southeast. 

In light of an emergency evacuation of a tourist boat over the weekend, forecasters are seriously in their pleas to the public to take the warnings to heart. On Sunday afternoon, the Gate Samudra 2 Passenger Motor Ship ran aground.

The vessel was carrying 114 passengers who were all successfully evacuated by Bali Search and Rescue teams later in the afternoon. The boat is suspected of experiencing an engine failure during the crossing from Ketapang Port, Banyuwangi, East Java, to Gilimanuk Port, Jembrana, Bali. 

The Coordinator of the Jembrana Search and Rescue Post, Dewa Putu Hendri Gunawan, told reporters that the evacuation was a joint effort between the Air Police and the Indonesian Army. Bali Search and Rescue and the Marine Police. 

The boat was carrying a total of 114 passengers, all of whom were evacuated, and consisted of 11 children, 27 foreign nationals, and 76 adults who were Indonesian citizens.

Speaking later on Sunday afternoon Gunawan told reporters, “All passengers were evacuated in a safe condition. Currently, there is only a request for evacuation from passengers. If the crew chooses to stay on the ship. But we are also on standby in Gilimanuk.”

“We remain on standby, just in case there is a request to evacuate the ship’s crew, including monitoring the situation.” The recovery of the boat itself has been put on hold after a series of failed attempts due to tidal fluctuations and high waves. 


The Coordinator of the Gilimanuk Port Service Unit (Korsatpel), I Nyoman Agus Sugiarta explained, “The plan is to be towed by another ship. But the tow will be carried out at high tide. If the current situation is sufficient for evacuation, it will be towed immediately. Hopefully, it can be done soon.”

Marine tourism is one of the biggest draws to Bali. The ocean plays such a huge role in many aspects of the tourism industry in Bali.

The fast boats ferry people from the main island of Bali to the Nusa Islands to enjoy surfing, diving, and of course swimming at the beach, the weather warnings impact almost all tourists in Bali right now in one way or another. 


It is not only the weather warnings and high wave alerts that are in place in Bali right now. Visitors to the popular resort of Sanur have been urged to keep an eye out for poisonous bluebottle jellyfish.

The Department of Fisheries and Food Security has released a public plea to be cautious in the waters off Sanur Beach. 

The Head of Denpasar City Fisheries and Food Security, Ida Bagus Mayun Suryawangsa, explained that the seasonal influx of bluebottle jellyfish is normal as they are carried on the tides, but that stings can be incredibly painful.


He told reporters, “We urge visitors to Sanur Beach to be more alert, avoid direct contact. If fishermen still find them, they can help clean the waters of Sanur Beach.”

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Thursday 21st of September 2023

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