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Bali To Focus On Attracting High-Earning Chinese Tourists When Borders Open

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The Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, Tjokorda Bagus Pemayun, has told the media about the department’s plans to attract high-earning Chinese tourists when borders eventually reopen. It remains the case that citizens in mainland China remain unable to travel internationally for leisure purposes. Despite heavy restrictions in place, with no sign of them ending soon, Bali is preparing to welcome Chinese tourists as quickly as possible. 

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Pemayun told reporters that the Bali Tourism Office is planning marketing campaigns targeted at middle and high-earners in China. They believe that this is an untapped market that could generate seriously impactful profits for local businesses. Pemayun said, “This is what we are working on, because the spending money is high. Sleeping or staying overnight is definitely in expensive places. [They] spend money, and the spending is extraordinary [they] take it everywhere.” 

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The Tourism Office has reviewed the travel trends for Chinese tourists to Bali. Before the pandemic, Chinese tourists typically came from a lower socio-economic background and had an average 3-4 night stay as part of a package deal. Moving forward, the Bali Tourism Office wants to promote the island as a destination for high-spending, long-stay, independent travelers. 

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Group Of Chinese Tourists Stand At Kuta Beach Gate in Bali

When asked how Chinese tourists could access Bali or even international travel, Pemayun said this remained unclear. Noting that only China Airlines, the Taiwan-based carrier, has regular routes to Denpasar. Pemayaun did suggest that many middle and upper-class Chinese citizens are ‘fleeing’ to nearby Japan to live a less restricted life. This could be the key to Bali’s promotional strategy; target high earners residing in Japan across both the Japanese and Chinese demographics. 

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Bali is already targeting high-wealth retirees from Japan. Specifically through creating the 10-year second home visa (which is available to anyone with over USD 130k in the bank), retirement visa, and the establishment of a retirement community for Japanese citizens in Singakerta Village, close to Ubud. Progress is slow on both fronts, with direct flights from Japan to Denpasar having only resumed in the first new days of November. Nevertheless, progress is happening. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping seemed to enjoy his time in Bali during the G20 Summit. He was even seen showing a rare smile, and despite global tensions, the conference ran without any significant drama. Many have shared their hope that a positive review from the Chinese delegation may impact the strict travel restrictions. Yet, nothing has changed so far. 


In late August, Bali Governor Wayan Koster received an honorary visit from the Chinese Ambassador to ASEAN Countries, HE Deng Xijun. The meeting was regarded as another positive sign that travelers from China may be permitted to return to Indonesia.

Speaking shortly after the meeting, Governor Koster explained, “We will wait for the return of tourists from China, which before the pandemic was one of the countries from which most tourists came to Bali. I beg the Honorable Ambassador to encourage the Chinese government to allow their citizens to Bali”. 


Ambassador Xijun’s response was positive, complementing Bali on the post-pandemic tourism recovery and a nod that tourists may be back sooner rather than later. He said, “I believe that with time and recovery, Chinese tourists will come back to Bali…I also congratulate you on the post-pandemic handling and recovery, which I consider extraordinary so that now conditions are conducive [for the return of Chinese tourists]”.


So despite hints and small incremental improvements in international relations, the return of Chinese tourists to Bali appears to be a long way off. Nevertheless, the tourism sector eagerly anticipates their return and will continue to develop marketing campaigns to ensure that when tourists do return, there is plenty of opportunities to make up for lost time…and profit. 

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Monday 5th of December 2022

Thailand is flooded with Chinese ever since internal restrictions were dropped. Obviously there’s a tourism back door out of China. We watch new ones arrive everyday. However, Bali focusing on just the wealthy long stay independent wealthy Chinese is the same hunt for the unicorn every country imagines itself attracting.

Careful what you wish for. Thailand’s latest revelations are that vast numbers of criminal gangs have entered. With the King of Malaysia having denied government to the orthodox Islamists, Malaysia will likely ease travel and residence to foreigners and many will go there as that country provides much higher living standards and technology. I would imagine that Premier Ibrahim will reboot the once successful MMSH, and that’s a product far superior to anything Bali has to offer…..they collect the garbage ….as opposed to Bali.


Saturday 3rd of December 2022

High end Chinese Tourist head straight for flashy Cities, NYC, PARIS, LONDON, LA, THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED in beaches , surfing, Bintang drinkers paradise.

Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck

Saturday 3rd of December 2022

What has made Bali such an amazing place in the past 40 years that I have lived there. It did not have to do with the high rollers a Nusa Dua. What has made Bali such an amazing place is that regardless if you’re sleeping in a five dollar homes day or spending $26,000 on a villa each night the public treats everybody the same. Bali was made up by backpackers and that is where the major support is for the Balinese people. It’s very interesting that the government in Bali thinks that Bali is a place where the big high rollers Will want to come. The truth of the matter is the highrollers may come to Bali for a few days but once they see that there is no infrastructure and there is garbage everywhere all over the place and small Pecker morons Taking their mufflers off their motorcycles and revving up their engines all over the island. It is high time that the government focuses on fixing the problems of Bali before they worry about The type of customer that will visit that island


Monday 5th of December 2022

@Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck, True, wealthy people expect more. One or two days in Bali and people are already sick of the filth, quickly tire of the crap food…and ‘Oh God’ don’t start a conversation about the drunk Australians everywhere.. and leave. I can’t get my wife to even consider going back there.


Sunday 4th of December 2022

Quote "...and small Pecker morons Taking their mufflers off their motorcycles and revving up their engines all over the island."

Good observation. I tried to have a drink at a Seminyak sidewalk cafe a few weeks back: That was hell with all these motorbikes coming through with noise at 100dB. Never again.

This type of modification to motorbikes is actually a crime here and can be punished with 1 month in a (rat) infested jail. But nothing is really done. It is actually the job for the police but their focus seems to be on "other things".

Barbarian guide

Saturday 3rd of December 2022

English speaking and Chinese tour operators keep 75% of money away from poor beaches people, locals only earn the tips.. But like mining, fat politicians are happy with bribes...


Saturday 3rd of December 2022

Chinese high earners are not high spenders in Bali, they are rude and disrespectful to the Balinese. Do not encourage them.


Sunday 4th of December 2022

@Linda, what about the Russians who are already in Bali trying to cut corners to live beyond their means (most of their form of payments don't work abroad) or the right to stay may have expired.

It's a Russian culture to be stoic, reserved and not smiling because they feel it is not genuine to be outgoing until they know you well and win your trust. Ask a Russian, he or she will explain it to you.