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Bali Search And Rescue Save Two Russian Tourists Stranded By High Tide

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Search and Rescue teams in Bali Province have had a busy few months. Just three days after Nusa Penida’s SAR team saved a Russian tourist from the world-famous Kelingking Beach, teams were deployed again. This time, the Badung Search and Rescue team, also known as Tim SAR, was called to Nunggalan Beach in the Ulutwatu area. 

Nunggalan Beach in the Ulutwatu area of Bali

The Head of the Bali Search and Rescue Office, Gede Darmada, said that the two tourists are in Bali on Russian passports and are known to the media by their initials GX and IK; both are 25 years old. Darmada explained the couple was rescued from a high rock that they had managed to scramble onto after being swept away from the secluded beach by high waves and the rising tide

Darmada said, “When they were found, they were trying to survive by taking cover on a high rock. The incident occurred around 9 pm. We received information at 11 pm from a friend of the victim who asked for evacuation assistance”. A team of seven officers from Badung Search and Rescue was immediately deployed to Nunggalan Beach.

Darmada revealed that accessing the two stranded tourists was no easy feat. The team had to traverse ‘extreme terrain’ to access the pathway on the cliff’s edge. The team then had to swim across to the rock where the couple was stranded to help guide them back across the water. Darmada added, “We persuaded the victims to swim with a buoy so they could go up the path.”

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He confirmed that the mission was a success, and both tourists returned to dry land without injury. The rescue mission took 40 minutes from the moment Tim SAR arrived. Tourists are reminded that the impact of this weekend’s new supermoon is still affecting tidal patterns around Bali. 

@nunggalanbeach Salah satu Sport Foto terbaik di Nunggalan Uluwatu adalah sebuah Goa ( Cave ) yang terdapat di dekat 20 meter sebelum Pasir.Pengen tau suasana alami di Nunggala Beach ayo datang kesini #fyp #uluwatu #DidYouYawn #nunggalanbeach ♬ suara asli – Nunggalan Beach

On 21st January, the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Center (BBMKG) in Denpasar issued warnings for 26 beaches across Bali. The warnings alerted residents and tourists to the increased risk of tidal flooding, extra high tides, and violent waves. A supermoon is a term used to describe a new moon that occurs when the moon is at the closest point of its orbit of the earth. This new moon started on 21st of January, and the BBMKG has warned that tidal changes can be expected until Wednesday 25th of January. 


The Head of Data and Information for the BBMKG in Bali, Nyoman Gede Wirajaya, urged the public to take extra precautions when visiting beaches or coastal areas, regardless of whether they planned to enter the water or not. Though Nunggalan Beach was not specifically listed in the warning from the BBMKG, other beaches were closely included on the watchlist. 


On Saturday, 21st January, Search and Rescue teams in Nusa Penida successfully evacuated a Russian tourist who had been hit by strong waves on Kelingking Beach while she was taking selfies. The tourist, known only by her first initial, M, suffered a dislocated shoulder. Search and Rescue teams, along with Nusa Penida police, coordinated her rescue.

Though she was able to walk up the steep steps back up the famous cliff walk at Kelingking Beach, she was in a lot of pain, and the sun had long set. Police Chief Sumerta told reporters on Sunday, “For the evacuation of victims, the Joint SAR Team also assisted. The evacuation process was carried out until night because the terrain was quite difficult. The victim had a dislocated right shoulder. The victim will be referred to the Klungkung General Hospital.”


Tourists across Bali are reminded to exercise caution when visiting Bali’s beaches, whatever the season and whatever the weather. Though some of the island’s most popular beaches have lifeguards on duty and operate a safe-to-swim flag system, the vast majority do not. 

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Wednesday 25th of January 2023

Visitors have to pay parking and access fees to enter Kelingking Beach.

If conditions are unsafe on the beach, why are the locals "selling" access then?

If the beach is treated as a commercial venue then there must be safety procedures in place and people on standby during "opening hours". Otherwise this is just another money grab.