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Bali Says World’s Biggest Beach Club Is A Positive For The Island

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As the world’s biggest beach club, Atlas Beach Fest, prepares to celebrate its one-year anniversary in Bali, local leaders have been reflecting on the impact the venue has had over the last 12 months.

Atlas Beach Fest, in Canggu, has fast become one of the islands leading entertainment venues and has made a concerted effort to bring positive benefits to communities as well as tourists.

Atlas Beach Club.jpg

According to Made Kamajaya, the Head of Tibubeneng Village, where Atlas is located, the beach club has brought about positive impacts for the community.

When the beach club was under construction during the pandemic, many people raised concerns about the impact the venue would have on the local community and environment.

Kamajaya said, “As the head of the village in Tibubeneng, where Atlas is located, we are very happy because this business that has been established in our village has become one of the best destinations in the world.”

“Atlas has indeed had a very positive impact economically, both directly and indirectly.”

The world’s biggest beach club has made a series of commitments to ensure that the business brings more opportunities into the surrounding communities and across the island.

Kamajaya continued, “Atlas’ presence has opened up opportunities for the labor industry, accommodated the community to young people in Tibubeneng to be able to jointly build a business by working.”

“Atlas has also opened a space for MSMEs (medium, small, and micro enterprises) there, making our MSMEs grow and have the opportunity to do business.”

It is a positive thing to hear a community leader speak with such delight about the impact of a business like Atlas.

The venue came under intense scrutiny just days after opening in 2022 as civil service officers revealed the business hub had opened its doors before all official permits and licenses were signed off. 

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Kamajaya told the press that he is pleased about the indirect benefits to the community that has even been created since Atlas Beach Fest opened last year.

He explained, “Indirectly, the presence of Atlas also has a multiplier effect, so it has a positive impact on the economy of our community, where the large number of visitors who come, of course, from transportation, rentals, motorcycles, bicycles, and so [money] is splashed. And also accommodations such as rooms, homestays, and guest houses are always full.”

Atlas Beach Club, known for being the world’s biggest beach club, and touted as the number one entertainment destination in Bali, has made a strong commitment to its corporate social responsibility programs.

The Atlas team comes together with the community every week to host a beach clean-up; the foundation has funded the release of over 15,000 turtle hatchings and, most notably, contributed to significant transport infrastructure improvements in Canggu.

Kamajaya shared his appreciation for Atlas Beach Club for their support in tackling the issues of traffic congestion in the Canggu area.

The venue provides a shuttle service for their guests, which helps reduce traffic on the roads, and the beach club works in partnership with local traffic authorities and village security to manage traffic during especially busy periods. 

Kamajaya noted that Atlas Beach Club has been given the seal of approval from Indonesian Minster for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno.

He concluded, “Since the beginning, his passion has been to grow together. So we are very happy and very compatible with the existence of this beach club.” 

The venue is also committed to contributing to collective efforts to improve the health of communities surrounding the beach club.

Atlas Beach Fest regularly hosts blood donation drives, as well as free health checks to local people, in addition to free events for local families. 


A spokesperson from Atlas Beach Club told reporters, “Through our activities and initiatives, we are committed to making Atlas Beach Fest a tourist destination that is not only charming but also responsible for creating eco-friendly tourist destinations and supporting the local economy.”


There is so much happening every moment of the day at the Atlas Beach Fest complex.

The huge site is home to Atlas Beach Club, as well as W Atlas Superclub, the biggest nightclub in Bali.

The club will be hosting a one-year anniversary celebration on the 5th of August. The epic party will feature a live set from Grammy-nominated rapper Tyga for his first appearance in Bali.

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Wednesday 26th of July 2023

who is "Bali"? All the locals I speak to see it as a cancer on their island. They can't even set foot in it or do business around them.


Saturday 22nd of July 2023

It seems your article has been written by the PR department of Atlas. Perhaps Balisun should put together some impact statements from those who have the unfortunate pleasure of living anywhere near Atlas. One of the best destinations in the world ! It was until Atlas was built. I have not spoken to one local who has anything positive to say about Atlas. Hey I’m all for new businesses providing jobs and being successful but not to the detriment of everyone else’s business and quality of life. Im not sure what concerted efforts they are making to bring positive benefits and to whom ? Splashing money around ? commitment to corporate and social responsibility? What are they ? I wonder how Atlas is allowed to disregard the law and play their music well above 70 decibels 7 days per week. Not only are we subjected to noise pollution between 7pm and midnight, we then have to tolerate doof doof base vibrating the walls of our villa until 4am. Im not even sure how people could talk to each other in Atlas as the music is so loud, I’m guessing as one of the personnel of Atlas said “people come here for loud music and to get drunk” like that was reason enough to play music so loud and disregard the law. My villas have had family’s with children in them for ten years, they all vacated to get away from the noise pumped out by Atlas every night, now I am unable to get any tenants because no one wants to live anywhere near Atlas, including me! We are not in the middle of a big city, this is a residential area where people live. Even short term holiday makers don’t want to be around here anymore, everyone wants to be in a quiet area. Show some respect Atlas


Monday 10th of July 2023

So the Bali Sun does another bit of puffery on another blot on the landscape of Bali that should never have been built. It is an appalling project, the only locals that like it I suspect are those being paid to say so. Try reading the reviews. I fear Bali is being totally ruined.


Saturday 8th of July 2023

ATLAS is a disgrace on Bali and anyone saying otherwise has been paid to say so.


Sunday 9th of July 2023


"Disgrace" is the word. What a shlthole.


Friday 7th of July 2023

Huuu ... who needs a hedonistic place like that ... all the Balines Gods must cry their hearts out .. well, all these junkies in one place is maybe not a bad idea after all .. what fantastic "business opportunities" for village leaders and police ...


Monday 10th of July 2023

@Benito, Obviously patronage answers you question. The cost/benefit analysis is totally up to the Balinese. What we reminiscing expats think has no bearing or validity. Their country and they've the absolute right to run it the way they see fit. So they make mistakes. So what? Let them recognise problems and deal with it in their own way. Name me any European country that after centuries of colonialism, and 75 years of independence has achieved what RI has? Reading many comments it seems a form of colonialism is still alive.