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The Government of Bali plans to regulate a new standard operating procedure for building and construction using an ecological energy source. Starting 2021, buildings, houses, restaurants, supermarkets and hotels will utilize environmentally-sound electricity.

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The official launch event for Electric Public Transportation Battery Exchange Station (SPBKLU) with National Electricity Company, Solar Power Generator Fotovoltaik and Grab Electric Vehicle took place on Thursday Nov 26th 2020 at the Governor’s Official Residence, Jayasabha Denpasar. The Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster, explained his vision about upholding the integrity of the island through this program.

Bali Governor Implements New Decree To Use Clean Energy

Koster expanded on the idea to create a balance between people and nature to establish sustainable living. He described his commitment to reduce air pollution in Bali by stating, “We have to start using cleaner and renewable energy on a daily basis, including motorcycles”. 

Due to the implementation of Governor Regulation Number 48 regarding Battery Based Vehicle Usage, Koster addressed several start-ups expressing desire to pursue their business in Bali, including Gesits, Wijaya Karya and a Pertamina subsidiary, for the use of renewable energy.

Koster added that the top university in Indonesia, Bandung Technology Institute (ITB), has sent 11 researchers to develop the renewable energy source in Bali. “This program is a reflection of our effort to keep this island clean. I believe that better air quality will positively impact our health and people will live longer” Koster concluded.

Bali Issues New Laws On Tourism To Protect Locals And The Environment

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