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Bali Nightclub Bouncer Arrested For Selling Party Pills

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Bali Police have arrested a nightclub bouncer in Kuta during a raid on Wednesday evening. Police have confirmed the arrest of a 45-year-old doorman who was found to be distributing narcotics to party-goers. Police are carrying out a series of raids on party and entertainment venues in Bali ahead of the New Year celebrations.

Security Guard Bouncer Doorman In Bali Nightclub.

Speaking to the press shortly after the arrest, the Head of the Eradication Division for the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) in Bali, Putu Agus Arjaya, said, “The case is currently under investigation by the BNN Bali”. He confirmed that 30 pills suspected to be ecstasy had been delivered to the forensic laboratory for investigation.

Arjaya said that the doorman was caught by the BNN and police during raids on nightlife venues ahead of the 2023 New Year festivities. The raids have been conducted on venues in Kuta and Seminyak. Arjaya said, “This sweeping activity is not to frighten or disturb the public and managers and visitors to nightclubs…This is a form of the state’s presence to guard and protect society from the threat of drug abuse and illicit trafficking ahead of the new year”.

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Arjaya said that the name of the venue would remain out of the public domain as the investigation remains ongoing. Though he did say the bouncer “was caught distributing narcotics to visitors, whose case is currently under investigation at the BNNP Bali”.

He said that as Bali becomes an increasingly popular destination for New year celebrations, everything must be done to keep tourists and residents safe. One way of doing this, he explained, is by being proactive in anticipating the trafficking of drugs.

Nightclub Venue In Bali with people crowding the stage

The BNN spokesperson said, “Yes, it needs to be handled seriously and carefully. For this reason, in order to keep Bali clean from drugs ahead of Christmas and the New Year, we are holding a sweeping”. He ended his statement by calling on the public to enjoy the holidays safely.

He said, “Happy is okay, as long as you don’t use drugs. Let’s take care of ourselves and the environment from drugs for a better and healthier life without drugs”. The news of the drug bust at a Bali nightclub comes just weeks after the BNN Bali and Ngurah Rai intercepted two large shipments of drugs set for disruption around the island over the holidays of the new year.


On Friday, 25th November, Bali police arrested an ‘old player’ in the drugs scene in Bali. 40-year-old Andi Prayitno was arrested at a hotel in Legian after weeks of surveillance. They arrested him in possession of one kilogram of methamphetamine and 2,000 ecstasy pills.

Shortly after the arrest, the Head of the Denpasar Police, Kombes Pol Bambang Yugo Pamungkas, said, “Members conducted an investigation for about two weeks. It is known that this suspect was going to take items deposited at a hotel in Legian. After taking the items deposited right in the hotel lobby, members immediately ambushed him”.


Police shared that Prayitno did not put up a fight and, during interrogation, told them that he had received IDR 1 million for receiving the shipment. He informed police that he was due to be paid more once he had cut and distributed the drugs to the dealers and runners as instructed by his superiors.


On Wednesday, 7th December, Bali’s BNN successfully seized 200.76 grams of cocaine, with an estimated street value of IDR 1 billion (USD 62,000). During a press conference, Arjaya once again addressed the media. He told reporters that the cocaine was shipped to Indonesia from the UK. The BNN shared their belief that the real masterminds are operating a drug syndicate from outside of Bali, using local people as runners in return for huge salaries.

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Saturday 17th of December 2022

How can we be confident the confiscated drugs is off the streets?

Two months ago the newly appointed East Java police chief (Teddy) was arrested for drug trafficking: He allegedly sold drugs police seized and kept in evidence lockers.

Back in February this year 3 police officers were sentenced to death in North Sumatra after being found guilty of selling some of the drugs police seized and kept in evidence lockers.

Ricky Lovina

Sunday 18th of December 2022

@Exp, I think that will be classed as an Indonesian "Misunderstanding"The penalty could be as high as standing in the sun for 1 hour and signing a statement never to get caught again. Job Done.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 18th of December 2022

@Exp, Teddy would say: “If you have money, you have honey”.

Wayan Bo

Saturday 17th of December 2022

Because of such high prices for cocaine (was legal in Germany until 1930 - 1933 and available in pharmacy’s) it’s to be expected that many tourists will move to central and South American destinations where is it much cheaper.


Sunday 18th of December 2022

@Wayan Bo, Penalties for drug possession in South American countries are very harsh.

Rod Wilkinson

Saturday 17th of December 2022

No surprises here,

Ricky Lovina

Saturday 17th of December 2022

This nightclub thug would not have been operating inside the (un named) venue without management knowledge and approval,It should be in the public interest to know which venues are involved in the drug trade so decent people can avoid going there and having to mix with Junkies and the garbage people they attract. Surely the name of the drug nightclub is not being withheld because the owners might be (high class) Indonesians and the police do not wish to embarrass their family, If the BNN or Bali Gov were serious about eliminating the Bali drug business any venue that is caught with JUNK on the premises should be sealed off and closed, Any Bule caught in possession, arrest and instant deportation. Think that will happen ?? Too much money involved $$$$.


Monday 19th of December 2022

According to the gov. there is a drug emergency in Indonesia. On the other hand I never see any news regarding arrest of local drug masterminds.

Is the entire drug trade run from outside Indonesia? That I do not understand as for all other "businesses" foreigners are not allowed to run anything.