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Bali Bomber’s Wife Reveals Dreams Of Bali Holiday After His Release

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Convicted terrorist Umar Patek has appeared in a second video interview ahead of his much-anticipated release from prison. The bomb maker hit the headlines over the weekend as he appeared in a 20-minute interview with Porong Prison Governor Jalu Yuswa Panjang.

The pair can be seen laughing and joking while walking around the prison grounds. The video was deleted shortly after the media caught on to the story. However, yesterday a second interview with Umar Patek was released by the news and social media channels of the National Counter Terrorism Agency of the Republic of Indonesia.

Then the video produced and shared by the country’s counter-terrorism department Umar Patek is joined by his wife. The pair are filmed having what appears to be a candid conversation about what they want life to be like after Patek’s release. Questions have been raised about why these interviews are being shared and why Patek is allowed to spend time with his wife before parole.

Patek has long been a poster boy for the benefits and successes of Indonesia’s deradicalization program. There is a thought that publishing interviews of Patek will help create public trust in his deradicalization and normalize his upcoming release. 

Patek has been granted parole though no date has been set for his release. Though he has been told he will walk free soon, authorities in Indonesia are believed to be conducting final paperwork and doing rigorous checks to ensure that Patek will not become a target of the terrorist organization he has denounced his affiliation with. In 2021 Patek conducted an interview for the National Counter Terrorism Program in which he also shared his regrets at his actions and his success within the national deradicalization program.

Patek was initially sentenced to 20 years behind bars for his role in the construction of the bombs used in the 2002 attacks on Sari Club and Paddy’s Bar that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians, and injured hundreds more. His sentence was halved due to good behavior and his success within the deradicalization program. Recently a further 5-months was slashed from his remaining sentence. 

In this second interview, Patek is joined by his wife. The pair appeared relaxed and enjoying each other’s company. They laugh and joke and talk about their future. The interview was also conducted within the grounds of Porong Prison. They talk about the food he likes to each, including Pakistani curries. Patek was born in Java, Indonesia but was sent to Pakistani, Afghanistan, and the Philippines during his time as an active member of the Jemaah Islamiyah. 

The terrorist organization was founded by Abu Bakar Baasyir in 1993 and is a militant extremist group dedicated to creating an Islamic State in South East Asia. They are allies of Al-Qaeda and are responsible not only for the Bali Bombings in 2002 but the Christmas Eve church bombings in Java in 2000 and other devastating attacks.

In another part of the interview, Patek’s wife describes him as ‘patient and loving and that he is a ‘romantic husband.’ She went on to share her plans of going on holiday and that Bali features on their list of options. Patek said he wants to start a family when he is out of prison. Regardless of the impacts of prison reform and the efficacy of deradicalization, these remarks published by state media, will be triggering for victims and their loved ones to hear. 

In both interviews, Patek states his regret for his actions and wants to play an active role in ensuring that vulnerable people do not get lured into terrorist organizations. In the now-deleted interview with Governor Panjang, Patek said, ‘‘I’d like to work with millennials because they’re the ones more prone to get infected by the radicalism virus… I’d like to help the government to educate people about the issue, for millennials and maybe terror inmates in prisons. I am open to help the directorate general of correctional facilities or other institutions’.

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J West

Friday 30th of September 2022

A “ poster child for deradicalization”, or a a pathetically poor act to get released from prison early and the act of release a poorly orchestrated appeasement to the monstrous radicals still lurking and surely plotting in the jungles of Sumatra? The frivolity and complete lack of remorse expressed by this monster and his playfully bizarre wife put his motivations and the motivations of his jailers and the nation in question.

What is the government saying….really? What’s the message to the thousands of sick minds who to this day refer to the act of mass murder as ‘jihad’, a righteous excusable act, rather than the cowardly act it is?

I’m reminded of the concept of Taqquiya being at play here. The righteous lie and act of deception no matter how false , immoral or foul to achieve a religious end. Mass murder is not forgivable. A society must have boundaries or life is just the madness of savages without redemption.

J West

Friday 2nd of September 2022

Psychotic serial killers ( obviously the wife/husband team show zero empathy for the victims during the recording) most often return to the scene of their grisly murders to revel in the bloody memories they have nurtured whether physically or post incarceration. Returning to Bali to walk among the victims is akin to this mass serial killer reliving and enjoying his terrible acts. I am shocked by the lack of education by Indonesian psychiatrists with this sub set of killers who are statistically certain to kill again. There is no such thing as rehabilitating a psychopath making this release a political display not a medical decision. This is just another reason never to revisit Bali. I don’t ever want to accidentally sit beside a raw killer and his soulless wife.


Thursday 1st of September 2022

Are you serious, wants to come and holiday where he killed 202 people.. 😡😡😡😡😡

J West

Friday 2nd of September 2022

@Lingus, Psychopathic or Islamic ?


Thursday 1st of September 2022

Wants to have a nice life and children, after he took part of killing hundreds of other people? You will first have to deal with hundreds of years of karma that your actions created for you, to get forgiveness from everyone involved.

To begin with, keeping yourself alive outside of the protective prison walls after release will be the first and foremost concern for the rest of this miserable life.

Dude thinks he takes part in mass murders, mulls over his life for 10 years and decides - 'naah I'm a good guy actually' and lives in kumbaya ever after, lol. Reality will come knocking on the door.


Thursday 1st of September 2022

I don't think that it would be a good idea to come back to Bali. Too many hard feelings and pain still,his life would not be worth anything.