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Bali Beach Club Launches Community Events For Local Villages

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Bali’s Atlas Beach Club has launched a series of corporate social responsibility programs for local communities. The events are catered for the elderly and young children and have been well received by communities who live in the villages surrounding Atlas Beach Club.

Atlas Beach Club hosted its first launching yoga session for elderly people on Monday 15th June. The Head of Tibubeneng Village, Made Makajaya, told local reporters ‘Yes, the elderly look very enthusiastic about participating in this yoga. The number who came this time was the highest while we were carrying out laughing yoga activities’.

Kamajaya continued to say that the community was happy about being to access the Beach Club facilities since it is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Kamajaya said ‘We were able to do yoga in an area of one of the world’s most popular places. We hope that there will be a sustainable collaboration program between Tibubeneng Village and Atlas Beach Fest’. 

Laughing yoga is a type of wellness class incorporating movement and breath work. It involves prolonged periods of voluntary laughter, that often trigger a genuine laughter response. The class normally involves a larger group of people and attendees are encouraged to make eye contact and bring a sense of playfulness to the class.

Laughing yoga is thought to be especially beneficial for elderly people as the movements are gentle and manageable. The sessions focus on social well-being as much as physical well-being which is especially important for people in later life.

The community laughing yoga session is one of many such activities Atlas Beach Club in Canggu is running to offer local people access to the facilities the venue has established.

Over the weekend Atlas Beach Club also hosted a coloring competition for children from the surrounding villages. The venue welcomed 150 children from kindergarten to primary school age for a coloring competition in one of the Beach Club’s events spaces. The activities lasted an hour and the winning child received IDR 1 million in school supplies and a new bike – a meaningful and considerate prize.

The second place winner won IDR 750,000 in-school support and a stationary set, along with IDR 500,000 in school support for the third prize.

Atlas Beach Club’s publicist told local reporters ‘We are very happy to see the interest of the children of Tibubeneng Village. They were so creative that it was difficult for us to determine the winner’. He continued to say that ‘We hope that holding this coloring competition activity can increase creativity as well as bring Atlas closer to the children of Tibubeneng Village’.

Atlas Beach Club opened its doors to the public on the 19th of July 2022 amid a blasphemy scandal from its parent company Holywings. The club swiftly opened under a new name, Atlas Beach Club, and claims to be the number one designation in Bali.

The founders have high hopes that Atlas Beach Club will become the biggest beach club in Asia and is already well on its way. They have the longest poolside in Asia and are Bali’s largest one-stop lifestyle center. 

The venue experienced a controversy of its own, however, just days after opening Atlas Beach Club was visited by Bali’s Civil Service (Saptol PP) and the local police force who were investigating the business licenses. It was found out that the venue had opened before all of their licenses were granted and therefore they were operating outside of the law. After a discussion, it was comminuted that the venue was allowed to remain open ‘in good faith’ that the paperwork was in process and soon to be completed. 

Speaking on the 27th of July, the Commission I DPRD Bali, Dewa Nyoman Rai, told reporters that ‘While it is not closed, firstly, ethically, there is good faith from investors that a permit has been issued, although it is currently being processed. If we don’t take care of the permit, we ask to close it and brush it off. If we are still in the process, we will be wise’.

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Wayan Bo

Thursday 18th of August 2022

Why are children competition prizes so modest by such expensive gastronomy pricing.


Thursday 18th of August 2022

Quote "venue [Atlas club] had opened before all of their licenses were granted and therefore they were operating outside of the law. After a discussion, it was comminuted that the venue was allowed to remain open ‘in good faith’ that the paperwork was in process and soon to be completed.

Very kind of the local authorities allowing this business to start operating without all the permits needed. Hopefully this new accommodating policy will also benefit (lets say) foreigners in their dealings with businesses and authorities here.