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Australian Tourist Ends Up In Bali Hospital After Drinking Pool Water For Photo Prank

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An Australian holidaymaker in Bali has been hospitalized with what is suspected as a case of ‘Bali belly’. Issac Power posted on the Bali Bogan’s Facebook group a before and after photo of his friend pretending to drink water from the statue by the holiday villa’s pool. The second photo is of his friend lying on a bed, being attended by a local doctor.

The post garnered thousands of responses from fellow online citizens, with the group moderators now turning comments off. The post was accompanied by the caption ‘Shout out to doctor Ari…(he’s still alive)’. In the second photo Power’s friend can be seen with a thermometer tucked under his armpit and a pained expression on his face.

The post has gone viral in the last 24 hours, having been picked up by international and local news outlets. While ‘Bali Belly’ is not an uncommon occurrence, it is the speculation around whether the images are faked that has sparked a conversation.

Credit: Issac Power – Bali Bogans Facebook

Several commenters have noted that the first photo plays on perspectives, that the water from the foundation isn’t actually going into the tourist’s mouth. Others have noted that it looks like a different man in each photo, noting that the man in the first photo has no clear tattoo on his right arm, while the man in the second photo has a large, portrait tattoo on his upper arm.

One person commented ‘Everyone’s getting so mad about him drinking the hose water HAHAHA but it’s actually hitting the pool behind his head, he definitely isn’t drinking the water you can see if you look closely’.

Credit: Issac Power – Bali Bogans Facebook

Another commenter noted discrepancies ‘Is that the same guy drinking water from a hose and then sick in bed with the doctor looking after him, if it is it must be his first time in Bali because everyone knows that you don’t drink the water in Bali unless it is bottled water that you have opened up your self, silly man, but I don’t think it is the same guy as the guy in the pool doesn’t have a tattoo on his right arm’. While another online spectator suggested that the tattoo is blurred by the water.

The jury is out on whether the whole post is a prank. Either way, Power’s friend needed medical attention from a local tourist medic and many of the comments on the post are praising Dr. Ari and other Bali medics for their care of tourists on holiday.

Neither Powers nor his friend has commented on the post, though Power did go through comments and give reactions and likes to the most amusing comments.

The post has sparked a wider conversation around water safety in Bali. Tap water and pool water are not fit for consumption and tourists are advised to drink bottled water, or get a large gallon refill bottle that can be exchanged at corner stores for a few dollars.

Concerned parents on the post have also shared stories of ear infections and stomach bugs experienced by their kids after swimming in Bali pools.

There are dozens of social media communities that have been created for tourists to share their experiences of the Island of the Gods. Bali Bogans is one of the biggest online communities receiving hundreds of posts every day.

Last week a mother of two from Melbourne posted in another Facebook group ‘Australian Bali Info For Travelling’ about the dangers of black henna tattoos. Elena Kovalenko shared photos of the chemical burns experiences by her two young sons after receiving black henna tattoos at a night market in Nusa Dua last week.

Her post gathered support from dozens of concerned parents and other travelers who shared similar experiences of chemical burns and allergic reactions to PDD, the colorant found in black henna ink.

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Karen North

Thursday 18th of August 2022

Drinking tap water, getting henna or other tattoos, walking in cow poo, having phones stolen because they haven't taken care.....this is Bogans problems not the problems for the good tourist. Write an article on the people who have a good, safe, wonderful holiday.


Thursday 18th of August 2022

Aussies are noted for their pranks,ignore them and they'll go away 🙄