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Bali Bans All Tourist Activities On Mountains With Immediate Effect

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Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster has made a landmark policy announcement that will enforce, with immediate effect, a ban on all tourist activities on all of Bali’s mountains and volcanos.

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In this seismic announcement, Governor Koster has formally announced the ban of all activities on all of Bali’s mountains and volcanos.

While the ban on activities will be most felt by tourists who wish to explore the highlands, the ban also covers domestic tourists and even local people from stepping foot on the mountains.

In his statement issued to the press from Karangsem Regency in East Bali, next to the island’s biggest volcano Mount Agung, Governor Koster revealed the details of the ban.

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Koster said, “This [ban] is in effect forever and local regulations will be issued to regulate everything. [The ban is] not only for foreign tourists but is including domestic tourists and local residents.”

He confirmed that there would be only very specific circumstances whereby even local people can step foot on the mountains and volcanos.

Koster said no one can access the mountains “unless there are religious ceremonies or disaster management and special activities that are not for tourism activities.”

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The decision to legislate a blanket ban on all activities on all of Bali’s twenty-two mountains comes as a result of numerous incidences whereby foreign tourists have violated the sacred nature of the island’s holy mountains.

This has largely included public displays of nudity, though accidents resulting in the serious injury of tourists and, even in tragic cases, deaths on the mountainsides have also informed the decision to enforce the ban.

Earlier this year, in February, Governor Koster announced a prospective ban on all activities on the mountain, though at the time, it was unclear to what extent a ban would impact tourism activities.

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Speaking in February, Governor Koster said, “We [have] drafted a regional regulation specifically to make the mountain a sacred area. So that activities on the mountain can be controlled, entry is no longer free, it is [not] used as a tourist destination to go up to playing by motorbike to the top of the mountain.”

Governor Koster committed to ensuring that legislation would be drawn up in alignment with traditional Balinese customary law and values, noting that the regulations would be drafted by local leaders and the Sulinggih [High Priests] of Bali.

On the one hand, this announcement is a landmark victory for Bali lovers, locals and international visitors a like who wish to see the island’s most holy places conserved preserves and respected.


On the other, the ban on all activities on Bali’s mountains is a huge blow to tourism on the island, impacting not only adventurous tourists but also all the communities and small businesses that depend on mountain tourism activities for their income.

In the blink of an eye, mountain guides across the island will have to rethink their business models as they are immediately out of work. Mount Batur trekking and sunrise adventures are one of the most popular tourists day trips in Bali.

Anyone who has plans to experience the magical sunrise hike to Mount Batur will have to redirect their adventures to other nearby sunrise viewpoints in Kintamani.


So how can Bali tourists best experience the mountains now? Well, no one has been banned from enjoying the view!

There are plenty of incredible viewpoints around Bali’s most famous mountains, Mount Batur and Mount Agung.

Agrotourism projects in the highlands will undoubtedly receive a boost as tourists explore new ways to catch a glimpse of the mountains and enjoy time in Bali’s nature.

Interestingly, the ban on activities on Bali’s mountains comes just days after the Indonesian central government announced four new UNESCO Geoparks in the country.

UNESCO’s Mount Batur Geopark is perhaps the most internationally recognizable protected landscape in Indonesia, but just a few hours east and west of Bali’s mountains are two other incredible landmarks that adventurous tourists can still enjoy.


Just five hours drive west of central Bali is Mount Ijen which sits in the newly appointed UNESCO Ijen Global Geopark in East Java. Offering amazing hiking and lake vistas.

Just a few hours by boat and car from central Bali lies Lombok, home to the majestic Mount Rinjani.

Adventure lovers may be disappointed to miss out on their chance to experience Bali’s mountains from the summits, but Indonesia has so many more for tourists to enjoy.

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Tuesday 6th of June 2023

Always planned on climbing my Agung as a pilgrimage to the sacred Isnt that why people go to temples as well?

Already it’s virtually required to have a guide to climb Agung and Batur, why can’t the guides police respect since certainly the climb itself doesn’t demand a guide

Want to enforce respect on the island? You could ban all alcohol sales and it would be more effective

Or educate tourists as part of their visa process

There will always still be a few problems because their are humans but killing livelihood of many Balinese to prevent a few insults is insulting even more Balinese

When is the Governor up for reelection? Maybe someone with more wisdom will run

Even the motorbike ban will hurt many small businesses renting bikes or accessible by bikes and do what? Make the already bad traffic much worse

These changes affect more than just tourists


Monday 5th of June 2023

This governor has a great sense of setting priorities. The south of the island is overcrowded, going around has become a nightmare because of failed infrastructure policies, and there is polution everywhere. Lets ignore all this and foremost focus on the 0.0004% of misbehaving tourists and make scandals of these. Well done governor!


Tuesday 6th of June 2023

@Boris, actually I would say 50% of tourists have not the least respect or knowledge of Balinese culture and social norms.


Monday 5th of June 2023

That is the greatest news.Please make places of worship a no go area.Bring back Bali to how it was .


Sunday 4th of June 2023

If Bali issues VOA to the Ukrainians and Russians who arrive with no money and no means of support of course they're going to enter the illegal marketplace. How can they live otherwise?

Of course they're doing illegal things. Obviously the solution is to stop issuing VOA and only accept those whose have applied for a visa at an Indonesian consulate and and have shown proper bank statements.

2) Enforce the laws already on the books. If foreigner or Balinese is found in violation of any law, simply jail or deport them the same day.

3) Imprison any Balinese or foreigner who throws garbage into ravines to wash onto the beaches or ocean. The environment is what draws people to Bali in the first place.

4) Identify businesses that rip off tourists and shut them down. Bar and restaurant tab rip offs, mid meal price changes, shops short changing all met with harsh penalties. Make Bali respectable and trusted.


Tuesday 6th of June 2023

@West, If Koster could stop VOA being given to Russians he would immediately. But that isn't controlled by the Bali Government. Immigration is controlled by the national government in Jakarta. Widodo wants to keep Putin happy as possible (Russia has sold Indonesia more than $2.5 billion in weapons over the past 30 years, and is the largest supplier of arms in South-East Asia. While many countries have imposed sanctions, Indonesian state energy firm Pertamina is considering buying crude oil from Russia.) It is not simple.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 4th of June 2023

Also on Fuji in Japan, to many suicides.