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Australian Tourist’s Claim Of Attack In Bali Revealed To Be Motorcycle Crash

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In a shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that an Australian tourist, who was taken to the hospital with severe injuries after a suspected violent attack, had actually experienced a motorcycle crash as a result of drunk driving. Friends of Lachlan’ Lachie’ Hunt had set up a fundraiser to help cover his rising medical bills and communicated to his community online that he had been attacked. However, a statement issued by Bali Police, accompanied by an apology video from Hunt himself, has set the record straight. 

Honda Vario Moped 
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As was communicated by a friend of Hunt, Jarrard Visser, on a GoFundMe page that raised over AUD 20,000, “Our little mate Lachie Hunt has had a bit of an accident sounds like he was mugged and bashed pretty good he can’t remember much. I’m in contact with his mum Mel she’s over there taking good care of him, and his injuries are potential fractured back. He has bleeding on the brain and he’s pretty banged up all round”.

Hunt regained consciousness and, during his recovery from his concussion, was better able to articulate for himself the incident that resulted in his hospitalization. Though his initial version of events was also disproven by police. Bali Police have investigated the case and have eyewitness testimonies to back up their findings.

The Head of Public Relations of the Bali Police, Kombes Pol. Stefanus Satake Bayu Setiato, has spoken to the media regarding the false claims of a violent attack. He confirmed that based on the results of the investigation, Hunt is believed to have been driving under the influence of alcohol at around 4 am on 13th January 2023. 

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An eyewitness testimony reveals that they saw Hunt driving a Honda Vario moped at high speeds through the beachside holiday destination of Kuta. The eye witness recalls seeing Hunt hit a speed bump at high speed, losing control of his moped, overturning the bike, and losing consciousness on impact. Reports suggest that Hunt was unconscious for around 30 minutes before waking up with his face covered in blood.

Moped Damaged After Crash.

Hunt has issued a statement himself. He shared that he was in a coma in a hospital at the time the fundraiser was launched, recovering from his extensive injuries. Police have stated that once Hunt regained consciousness in the hospital that he told police thought he had been ‘pushed by an unknown person’ after he dropped his phone. However, police have found no evidence of a violent attack against Hunt. 


Hunt was able to confirm to police that he left his accommodation, the Masa Inn Bali Hotel on Jalan Poppies 1, at around 10 pm on 12th January. He then drove himself on his rented Honda Vario to the Engine Room to have drinks with friends; he left the venue at around 3.30 am on 13th January.

In the video statement from Hunt, recorded at a local police station where he is accompanied by his mother, Hunt said, “‘I had an incident in Bali due to falling from a motorcycle…I had lost my memory for two days due to concussion, I was in the hospital for six days due to the injuries I suffered from”.


He continued, “The reason the GoFundMe was made was for friends and family to help pay the hospital bill. In no way did I have any intention for this to go viral and be taken over by the Australian media”. He confirmed that he declined the opportunity to speak directly to media outlets in Australia “because Bali is my second home, I did not want to put a bad name on Bali”. 


Setiato told reporters, “We hope that the Balinese and tourists will use social media wisely and not easily believe hoax news that can give a negative image of Bali.” He added, “the Bali Police guarantee the safety of tourists so that tourists feel safe and comfortable visiting the island of Bali that we love.” 

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Thursday 26th of January 2023

I thought that was a little fast to get a 'Go Fund Me' page going. Wonder if anyone will get their money back from the slime bag?


Thursday 26th of January 2023

So the money raised was for a drunken fool, hope he is forced to pay it all boack

Christopher Ellis

Thursday 26th of January 2023

Another idiot who thinks of no body but himself. The gofund should be refunded.

Karen North

Thursday 26th of January 2023


Scott Jackson

Thursday 26th of January 2023

Lachlan Lachlie Hunt is a Liaring SCUMBAG.He new he crashed his moped whilst driving it drunk, He new his insurance would be invalid so tried to make out he was bashed (the impling it was done by a Balinese) he should be stripped of his go fund me money and barred from Bali for 10yrs. His friends who set up the page would of known he drove home from there drinking session pissed and on a moped. There first question should of been wheres ya moped Lachlan, then the truth would of unravelled, then Their Colluding/Fabrication of their story was formed to make Bali an u safe place and get Lachlan a small fortune. The money should l d be stripped from him and giving to various Balinese Charities....Lachlan Lachlie Hunt is a Liaringnpiece of dog$h!t who has given Australians more of a bad name, his Mother should be Ashamed of him.


Saturday 28th of January 2023

"The money should l d be stripped from him and giving to various Balinese Charities"

Do not worry; I'm quite sure the hospital have taken care of all the donated cash. Emergency treatment in a private hospital here is far from cheap!

In 2020 an Australian had a motorbike accident in Bali and was charged AUD 3000/day plus cost of surgery around AUD 20,000. He had travel insurance and was sober, but insurance company denied to cover the bill as he was driving 125cc motorbike, while policy was valid only for <50cc! Caveat emptor.