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Australian Traveler Hospitalised After Suspected Attack During Night Out In Bali

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An Australian tourist has been left hospitalized after a violent attack in Kuta late last week. The victim, who is on vacation in Bali from his home in Perth, Western Australia, is reportedly attacked during a night out. Lachie Hunt was taken to Bali’s BIMC Hospital to receive treatment for his catastrophic injuries. 

Hospital Corridor To Ward

Hunt has been left with a broken leg, a bleed on the brain, and a suspected fractured spine. It is believed that he was mugged during a night out on the resort island. Hunt is now conscious but remembers very little of the attack. His mother has flown out to be with him in Bali as he remains under the care of hospital staff. Now his friends have set up a fundraiser to help pay for the emergency medical care

Hunt’s friend, Jarrard Visser, has set up a GoFundMe page to help his friend in his hour of need. The fundraising campaign explains, “Our little mate Lachie Hunt has had a bit of an accident sounds like he was mugged and bashed pretty good he can’t remember much. I’m in contact with his mum Mel she’s over there taking good care of him, and his injuries are potential fractured back. He has bleeding on the brain and he’s pretty banged up all round”.

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The community is looking to raise AUD 30,000 to cover the rising medical bills, with over AUD 21,000 raised so far. Visser continues, “He’s in hospital in BIMC Bali getting the best care, but the best care is bloody expensive. So asking if you are able to help out in anyway to dig deep it would go along way and mean a lot to the family. Thanks in advance Legends”. 

Hunt’s story has been widely covered by media outlets in Australia, though no local news outlets have released any coverage of the story. Over 200 people have contributed to the fundraising page, with many sharing the fundraiser on their own social media pages. 

Hunt is a regular visitor to Bali. One Instagram post is captioned ‘one day I’ll get to call this place home.’ In another post, Hunt can be seen with a cocktail at the Mrs. Sippy beach club in Seminyak in early 2020 with the caption, “miss this place already.” 

Neither Vissard nor Hunt’s mother, Melissa Hunt, have issued any updates on the fundraising page since it launched over the weekend. A nurse from BIMC Hospital was able to confirm that Hunt is conscious, though the extent of his injuries suggests that he has a long road to recovery ahead of him. 


The news of an Australian in need of community support comes just a matter of weeks since another Australian tourist needed urgent help from the international and online community after a ‘freak’ accident while on a vacation island. Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, 29-year-old Josh Ward had been in Bali for 12 hours when a freak accident led him to slip on a poolside, falling into a glass door and nearly severing his arm from his body.

Back Of Indoneisan Ambulance

In what was later described as a ‘freak accident,’ Ward severed an artery, bicep, and tricep muscles and lost near-fatal amounts of blood. In a situation that became a case of life and death, Ward’s fiancé Chantelle Gschwend took to social media to call for blood donations.

Fortunately, the online and international community sprung into action, with blood donors rushing to the hospital to make a donation. Surgeons operated on Ward for over seven hours and even had to consider the possibility that he may have to have his arm amputated. 


After a series of blood transfusions and expert medical care, Ward was permitted to leave the hospital and fly home to continue his recovery. 

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Rex Potter

Tuesday 17th of January 2023

Wow, got the go fund me page all set up already. Very resourceful.

Julie Gilbert

Tuesday 17th of January 2023

Travel insurance will cover his hospital bills?


Tuesday 17th of January 2023

3 things, travel insurance, travel insurance and travel insurance, hope he recovers


Thursday 19th of January 2023

@Phil, Exactly m8! But what I dont get is that travel insurance is compulsory these days since COVID so the question is why didnt he have any. Everyone must have COVID insurance which these days is bundled in with most travel insurance packages. Then they expect everyone to bail them out.

Bali regular

Tuesday 17th of January 2023

Awesome. That’s all we needed… not feeling safe on bali streets… not enough we all try to push the island economy for a recovery, and gotta deal with scams, greedy investors, corrupted cops, now we can’t walk alone in the night either… thanks a lot. Hope the local leaders will do something about it, because if this was reverse, hell would of broken lose…


Tuesday 17th of January 2023

Come on where are the police in Bali????? Since covid and the new governor it is like all hell breaking out and the police do nothing motorcycles taking there mufflers off making the island of the gods a F-ing joke. People getting there bags snatched and nothing is being done. So many eastern Europeans scamming on the AMTs. Not to mention all the garbage everywhere. Dogs running everywhere with rabies. Beach clubs blasting music with huge base beats lasting all night long ext ext ext. And they still want to build more. And freaking out all your retired expats with that stupid second home visa Come on Mr. President and Mr. Governor get Bali a safe and enjoyable place to visit again. I love Bali and have seen it go down hill supper fast please make it paradise again.


Wednesday 25th of January 2023

@JR, Bali is a Sh1thole.