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Australian Tourist Loses Posessions In Theft In Kuta

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An Australian man was robbed of his cell phone after bringing two local women waiting outside the club back to his hotel room in Kuta. 

The incident occurred last Thursday at 10:00pm outside a club in Legian when Australian, Reece Max Dunbier was approached by four Indonesian women. 

Dunbier briefly spoke with the women before inviting the accused 38-year-old, Rumiati Septasari from Situbondo, East Java, back to his hotel room along with one of her friends. 

bounty hotel kuta
Bounty Hotel in Legian

Upon arriving back at Dunbier’s room at the Bounty Hotel, the two women demanded money in exchange for sexual services. Dunbier asked the women to leave immediately but noticed shortly after that his iPhone XI Pro Max was missing. 

According to Kuta police, Dunbier reported that he left his phone on the table and the accused grabbed it as she exited his room. 

bounty hotel room
Bounty Hotel room where Dunbier’s phone went missing (Image: Booking)

The police launched an investigation the following day and arrested the accused woman. 

Rumiati Septasari confessed to stealing the phone worth 25 million Rupiah while Dunbier was lying in bed with her friend named Yusi.

“The perpetrator confessed to stealing the victim’s cellphone while the victim was lying in  bed with a friend of the perpetrator named Yusi. The perpetrator admitted that she recently committed an act of theft.”

-Kuta Police

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