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Party Island Of Bali Has The Second Highest Rates of Infection in Indonesia

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According to the latest data, Bali ranks second is Indonesia for the highest rates of HIV/AIDS rates in all of Indonesia. 

The number of people living with HIV / AIDS in Bali is estimated at 22,034 people (1987-November 2019). That translates roughly to 1 in 200 people on the island being infected. 

The only region to rank higher than Bali in HIV/AIDS rates was Papua. 

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According to the Bali Provincial Health Office, the rates of infection are high due to unsafe sexual intercourse. Of the 22,000 cases of HIV/AIDS recorded only 859 were from intravenous drug abuse.

Of those infected over 76% were heterosexuals engaging in unsafe sexual intercourse. 

With a high population of travelers, booming prostitution industry and high levels of young people partying, the trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

Source: Radar Bali

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