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Australian NGOs Support Bali’s Booster Vaccine Efforts For Locals

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As instructed by President Joko Widodo, Covid-19 Task Forces all over Indonesia are renewing efforts to roll out booster vaccines for local people. The rush to give booster vaccines comes as the government brings into place a new mandate on the 17th of July. This mandate is making the booster vaccine compulsory for Indonesian citizens if they travel by air, domestically or internationally.

Bali’s booster vaccine program has just received an injection of support from Australian-based NGOs. The Indonesian Health Security Partnership is working in collaboration with Save the Children and the IDEP Foundation to sponsor three vaccination clinics in villages in rural Buleleng, Karangasem, and Jembrana regencies.

Booster refers to the third vaccine, and renewed, boosted, efforts to get those who are yet to have any COVID-19 vaccine their immunizations as soon as possible.

During an announcement meeting titled ‘Support for the Last-Mile Delivery Vaccination COVID-19 (Vaccine) and Risk Communication and Community Engagement’ held on Tuesday afternoon, officials spoke to the press about the booster vaccine process. 

The meeting was opened by the Head of BPBD Bali Province, Made Rentin, who said that even though some COVID-19 mandates had been relaxed that the reason why progress was being made overall was due to the vaccine rollout. He impressed the importance of local people getting the booster vaccine as soon as possible.

The NGO’s involvement with the vaccine rollout is hoped to help increase the reach of the clinics. Bernando Halauwet the Quality Control Officer for the IDEP Foundation spoke at the meeting to explain how the partnership is running outreach initiatives for communities who are yet to have their vaccinations.

He said that the foundations had chosen these three areas of Bali for the booster vaccine and community program as these areas have the lowest vaccination rates. 

He went on to explain how within these three areas six villages have been identified as needing the most vaccine support. He explained how in these areas the elderly population is high and that knowledge about COVID-19 and the vaccine is still low.

According to Halauwet the booster vaccination program is planned to be carried out in two villages per district. The villages have been identified as communities with who have difficulty accessing healthcare and vulnerable groups.

Halauwet told the press that ‘From the three districts, there are 6,199 people identified as marginalized such as the elderly, disabled, and others for which we have obtained data’. He explained how these people will be assisted with receiving vaccines one, two, and their booster between July and December 2022. The program will be run with flexibility so that there is time to work with the community to reassure any concerns that they may have.

The press heard how the booster vaccine campaign in these areas will include awareness campaigns and other approaches. Teams will visit the community door to door, give mobile vaccines, deliver vaccines outside of working hours, and give vaccine education through the right cultural and religious lens. 

He closed his speech by saying ‘”We hope that the program will run well, and this program can support the local government’s target for the vaccine achievement in July 2022 on the Island of the Gods to reach 80 percent’

The Chief of the Impact Creation Save The Children Program, Rasianto Hamid, told reporters his pledge in support of the program ‘so the children have hope in the future because the Balinese economy will improve with the acceleration of the COVID-19 vaccine program’. 

The Bali Provincial Coordinator for the Indonesian Health Security Partnership, Denny Rajagukguk, closed the meeting. He said ‘Bali is indeed a great province for optimizing vaccination. But COVID-19 is not over yet, so we are committed to helping the government accelerate this COVID-19 vaccine’.

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Thursday 14th of July 2022

A few days ago, it was reported that mortality rates in England and Wales climbed despite drop in Covid deaths. It would be interesting to know if Australia releases any data on their non-covid death rate as well. Nobody knows if it's due to the vaccines, but experts in the field are calling for an investigation. Perhaps we shall never know.


Sunday 17th of July 2022

@merc, u sound like Ur a shallow hopeless and useless, non-questioning being who this scam is aimed at! Obliterate those who can't question anything for they are worthless on this earth. Pls read my reply to sanity. Mad Martina!


Sunday 17th of July 2022

@sanity, hi sanity I'm madness! Life is th blood, a group of intl medical professionals and scientists have already confirmed what this crap does to our bodies. A British givt instrumentality in crises prevention supports this finding and offers a 56page report researching each type of jab used in th UK and, in particular, it's added extras. Grapheme hydroxide has never been tested on humans for mental conditions. But all rats and mice du jected to this ingredient died before th experiment was complete. Pls check th three page attachment of th side effects of GO. you can get this information on Right Words or Wordpress as MSM has removed it from Google for scamdemic reasons. I will always tell th TRUTH no matter what is put in front of me.


Sunday 17th of July 2022

@merc, I think it's called "Google Search." I found this for you: "Non-Covid excess deaths: why are they rising?" - The Week (UK)

You're welcome.


Saturday 16th of July 2022

@sanity, dude shut up. Stop believing in conspiracy theories


Thursday 14th of July 2022

These Australian NGO's should really mind their own business. If complications arise at some point in the future which could possibly be attributed to the booster, they must be held responsible. But my guess is that they will deny and won't accept any responsibility. Reuters recently published the article "Study shows 99% on Indonesia's most populous island have COVID antibodies." The study included Bali.


Sunday 17th of July 2022

@tim, yup. All over th western world there are presently legal cases being filed by loved ones losing family members placing responsibility on government and its instrumentalities as well as employees such as drs and nurses and companies eho have for ed perfectly healthy individuals with strong immune systems and zilch wrong with their health TO JAB AND KILL THEMSELVES. Let's now STOP THIS Irresponsible AND Debilitating AND mutating behaviour! Idiots and scam/fear mongers.

Ann Ogilvie

Thursday 14th of July 2022

I have had my 4 shots but my travelling party have only had 2.We are going to Bali mid September.I hope if Australians need a 3rd shot we will be given plenty of warning


Thursday 14th of July 2022

Wonderful, so when cases of Breast Cancer spikes as has been proven, what are you gonna do?