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Ambulance Driver Arrested For Causing Fatal Accident In Bali

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A Bali ambulance driver has been arrested and charged with violating traffic laws and causing a fatal accident after running a red light. On Wednesday 11th May at 2.55 pm ambulance driver Wiwin Samsul Anwar drove through a red light on Jalan Sunset in Kuta. He plowed into a motorbike rider named Pandu Wahya Prayogi who died on impact. 

Anwar is being criminally charged with breaking the traffic code and for killing Prayogi because despite driving an ambulance he was not attending an emergency. There was no reason for him to jump the red light, he did not have his lights and sirens flashing and he did not have a patient in need of treatment in the ambulance. Anwar was transporting a corpse to the hospital. 

His negligence caused him to drive straight into Prayogi’s Honda Vario. Prayogi was was driving within the rules of the road across the junction. Pandu Wahya Prayogi was 28-years-old and from Bali, police have reported that he received a fatal head injury upon impact.

Jalan Sunset is one of the busiest and most dangerous roads in Bali. The intersection is managed by traffic lights and there are lanes for each direction of traffic though this does little to prevent drivers from driving in a way that suits them.

Often scooter drivers take their chances and nip across the intersection as the lights are changing. Since Jalan Sunset is long and there are few places to turn around or go back on yourself if you have missed an exit, drivers tend to do U-turns at the intersection which is also illegal and has caused many accidents in the past. 

In Bali, just as in other parts of the world, drivers are expected to slow down and pull to the side of the road if possible when they hear an emergency services vehicle coming through. Ambulances are permitted to run red lights but the driver must only do this if lives are at stake and it is safe and clear to do so. 

As travelers return to Bali they are reminded that road safety should be their top priority, as a driver, a passenger, and a pedestrian. Always wear a helmet and keep all your attention on the road. Sadly, many accidents in Bali are caused by negligent driving, and many are caused by people not knowing the rules of the road, both written and unwritten.

Scooter accidents happen nearly every day in Bali though not all are fatal, and may result in life-changing injuries. Australian nurse and mum of two Peta Richards suffered life-changing head injuries following a hit and run scooter crash in Bali on 1st April 2022. After spending 10-days in hospital in an induced coma she was flown on a medical evacuation flight back to Melbourne for more intensive treatment.

Her family has said it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They warned of how this incident happened to Richards despite her doing ‘everything right, she wore her helmet, had her international motorbike driving license, and comprehensive driver and medical insurance. 

In January 2021 an ambulance carrying three Covid-19 patients in Bali crashed on its way to a quarantine center. On this occasion, the ambulance also ran a red light, but the driver was flashing the lights and the sirens. The liability for the crash landed with the driver of a white X-Over.

In many cases the police allow drivers to resolve minor collisions themselves, in the case of accidents that result in major injury, damage to property, or foreigners the police will intervene.

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Thursday 19th of May 2022

Maybe ambulance drivers and emergency vehicles should have technology to where they can control the traffic lights when theres an emergency. Like making traffic lights flash red. The sirens police and ambulances have are very loud which is good. I have seen alot of people run red lights in cars and motorbikes. Respect and courtesy is lacking. And why is everyone in a hurry?a friend of mine just got injured ny speeding motorbike. He lost control ran into her then,knocked to the pavement.then left her there injured. In america its called "hit and run". Lose license and go to please just slow down be safe.


Wednesday 18th of May 2022

It is a very sad incident that a young man had to die due to the car driver's negligence. He must have disobeyed the traffic rules. Here I have to blame the police in Bali for not providing enough surveillance. During the pandemic there was enough time to observe the traffic and to punish traffic offenders if they did not behave properly. When I observe police officers standing at an intersection, next to him a motorcyclist without a helmet is waiting at the red traffic light and he drives off when the traffic light turns red shortly afterwards, then I ask myself why the man is standing there and the motorcyclist does not address why he is not wearing a helmet. The police should have done more for traffic education during the pandemic.


Wednesday 18th of May 2022

Yes bali has alot of traffic problems. People driving to fast. Like on racetrack. They dont realise there are innocent people and motorbikes with families and babies and children on them. If people on motorbikes want to drive fast a dangererous and they end hurting or killing themselves. Thats their own fault. But dont they realise they might kill or hurt other innocent people. Last saturday at tirtinadi and jalan ngaih rai bypass The light had changed for us to go to turn right onto bypass heading to kuta. A few motor bikes proceeded to cross intersection. And all of a sudden a group of cars started running the red lite coming from kuta. They were at least 20 cars or more . All Volkswagon (Things.) They just kept coming right through the red light. Without any regard for anyones safety. I think they may have been one of those tourist outings. Or a car club. In america all their drivers licenses would of been suspended for wreckless driving ,fined heavily and car insurance doubled. .they realy could have killed someone. I and a few others edged our motor bikes out in front of them made them stop.after we proceeded. Then they kept running through red light intersection . I think back and i should of stopped my motor bike right in front of them . Got off stood there in front of them . And made them stop. Then directed traffic like polisi. I was pretty upset about what i saw. Just think if they would of ran someone over and killed them. I tried to contact them. But was unable to. I hope they read this. How would they feel if one of their loved ones were ran over and killed by idiot volkswagon (thing)driver intentionally driving through red lights.

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 18th of May 2022

Convertible’s are even safer than bikes, especially Cadillac for example.


Thursday 19th of May 2022

@Wayan Bo, what does thay have to do with driving through a red light. Endangering peoples lives. Yea they are safe for the people sitting in them. Think about the people on motorbikes. No protection. I


Wednesday 18th of May 2022

Totally wrong ambulance is emergency can pass red light when got lights on and all drivers must stop and slow down to 25 km Change the law !