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7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Bali Frightening Tourists In Their Sleep

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In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Bali was struck by a whopping 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

While the epicenter of the earth ways was deep in the Java Sea, within the waters of North Lombok, residents and tourists across all communities in Bali felt the impact of the seismic activity with many people left frightened the earthquake would trigger more serious consequences. 

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According to the BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Center, the earthquake’s epicenter could be located at 6.94* LS: 116.57* East, or more simply 163km northeast of the island of Lombok.

The quake struck at 3.55 WITA. Despite the earthquake occurred over 150km away and at a depth of 525km below the earth’s surface, the rumbles were felt far and wide. 

The initial earthquake struck at a magnitude of 7.1, followed by aftershocks that reached a powerful M6.1 and M6.5, respectively.

According to the Head of the BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Center, Dr Daryono, the earthquake was caused by what is known as slab pull of the Australian plate. 

While the depth of the earthquake saved Bali and neighboring islands from any notable damage, the initial strength of the tremor was enough to wake people up across the island and instinctively run to safety.

It has now been confirmed that there is no tsunami risk, but people in the area must be aware of the risk of aftershocks in the coming days. 

Hotel and villa guests, as well as local residents across the island, fled from their bedrooms towards evacuation meeting points and open spaces.

Once everyone was given the all-clear from local responders and hotel safety officers, everyone returned to their beds. 

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@montanamood Nothing like a mag 7 to get the blood pumping #bali #baliearthquake ♬ original sound – Montana on Tour

Within minutes of getting the all-clear, social media was abuzz with tourists sharing their experiences of the earthquake.

The popular Facebook group Bali Bogans, a much-loved community resource by Australian holidaymakers, pinned a thread for tourists to share their experiences.

Many frequent tourists to Bali noted that the quake was the strongest they had ever felt, sharing how their whole villa or hotel room shook. The earthquake lasted for around a minute. 

Bali frequently experiences earthquakes; being situated in the volcanic region known as the Ring of Fire, the island is accustomed to tremors and quakes happening every few weeks.

Some last just a few seconds, others much longer, some are barely strong enough for people to register, and others can only be described as a full-body experience. 

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What are tourists to do if an earthquake strikes Bali or the outlying islands during their stay?

One of the most important factors to remember in the moments when you first feel an earthquake is to start counting. An earthquake of fewer than 10 seconds usually does not require any action unless you’ve heard the earth ‘roar’.


Quakes that last upwards to 10 seconds are when action needs to be taken. The first step is not to panic and remember to breathe.

As quickly and calmly as possible, move to a place of relative safety. For many people, this will be an open, outdoor space away from buildings and power lines.

For those inside unable to get outside quickly, the safest place to be as the quake is standing beneath a strong doorframe or beneath a table, away from glass.


For travelers concerned about earthquakes and tsunamis, be sure to talk with your accommodation host on arrival to be given a run down about the safety procedures at the place you are staying.

Most local people in Bali have experienced more than their fair share of earthquakes and have plenty of location-specific advice to give. 


For those staying in the Kuta, Seminyak or Legian areas there are tsunami warning alarms in place that will sound if an earthquake has triggered a tsunami risk.

The evacuation route signs can be seen throughout the area. Leaders in the Badung Regency area have committed to installing more earthquake and tsunami warning devices to help give both tourists and residents greater peace of mind. 

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Thursday 31st of August 2023

Can we have some reality. The quake was on the North side of Lombok. Yes it was felt in the southern side of Bali. But amazingly no mention of the Gili, or other places in Lombok in it's direct zone. What about Lovina, Singaraja, Tulamben, Amed....again not a mention. Tsunami? Now let me see. It would have to be one of the greatest mother......s to climb over Lombok, Rinjani, get around Agung, Abang and Batur. Over flow the Bedugal lakes, flood the flat plain areas of Karangasam, Buleling, Tabanan, Gianyar, Klung Klung..... And you're bull******* on about a potential tsunami in Kuta?


Wednesday 30th of August 2023

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake is nothing compared to an obese bogan trampling the streets of Bali.


Thursday 31st of August 2023


Wayan Bo

Wednesday 30th of August 2023

Shaking Stevens & Full Moon Party, don’t worry be happy.


Tuesday 29th of August 2023

The impact here in Denpasar was to me less than the 7 magnitude Tuban earthquake 16 April this year.

People in the low lands need to have prepared a backpack with essentials in the event of sudden evacuation due to tsunami warnings. Are all these license hotels informing their guests about evacuation routes? As an example: In Sanur it is not obvious which direction is optimum to gain significant elevation.

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 30th of August 2023

@Exp, for sure not, because tourists too scared, stay home don’t come and don’t bring money and than locals bankrupt.